Will we miss the panda bear
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Will we miss the Panda Bear???. Will we miss the Panda?? By: Taylor The Panda is endangered because bamboo destroyed by development, it can leave the pandas with nothing to eat when the bamboo in blooming and if they don’t eat the will starve to death.

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Will we miss the panda bear
Will we miss the Panda Bear???

Will we miss the Panda?? By: Taylor

The Panda is endangered because bamboo destroyed by development, it can leave the pandas with nothing to eat when the bamboo in blooming and if they don’t eat the will starve to death.

The males panda weigh up to 250 pounds. The females rarely reach 220 pounds.

The pandas diet is mostly bamboo but they will also eat rodents and birds.

Pandas live in broadleaf and coniferous forests at the high of 5,000 and 10,000 feet

Look at a panda, you may think that it is a bear; however, there are differences in skull structure, teeth and behavior that makes the panda unique from a bear.

How do we save the panda bears ? We can adopt pandas. Adopting a panda does not mean you keep a panda in your house you would send money to feed it and visit it but you would not keep it with you.







Will We Miss The Canada Lynx

The Canada lynx use their ears and nose to hunt their prey from far distastes .they eat every other day. The Canada lynx lives almost all of Canada and Alaska. The Canada lynx also lives in the united states. You would find a Canada lynx most likely deep in forests rocky and swampy area. about ¾ of its diet is the snowshoe hare the rest is made up of birds deer and caribou the mother and children often hunt together it hunts at night and waits in a tree for passing prey. They are fully weaned at 3 moths and after they are able to survive by them selves their mother leaves them after their mom leaves the kittens usually stay together with their brothers and sisters for about a year. The Canada lynx is at risk of hunters that set special traps just to catch a lynx.

Eric F.


<Canada lynx

These are the ranges of the Canada Lynx

Will we Miss the Black-footed-ferret???

By: Sasha

Some Black footed ferrets eat Prairie dogs.

Black footed ferrets are 18 to 24 inches.

They are also 1.5 and 2.5 pounds.

Black footed ferrets habitat is under ground burrows. Black-footed ferrets once numbered in the tens of thousands, but were brought to the brink of extinction by the 1960s. Although still endangered, they are starting to make a comeback, and Defenders of Wildlife is pleased to be helping achieve this remarkable wildlife success story.

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Will we miss the bornen orangutans
Will we miss the Bornen orangutans

Z Bornen orangutans Are about 200 lbs they

eat fruit, bark ,flowers, and insects.

They live southeast of Asia island of Borneo.

They live 35-45 years of age.

Why they are in danger

Many Indonesians turned to eating there meat.

People capture babies and use them for

Pet trade . And natural forest fires

What you can do to help

Try to not buy tropical plywood or hardwood.

palm oil based products or rayon viscose clothing.

And try to use less paper or tree less paper.


By :Meighan Lindstrom

http://fun facts on grey wolves for kids - Google Search

Will We Miss the grey Wolf


wolves are endangered because hunters kill the wolves and take their pellet. Wolves attack hunters when hunters try and shoot them. Wolves would loose this battle because hunters can use their guns.

We can help by joining the Siberia club. The siberia club helps the grey wolves from hunters like the hunters that want the pellet from wolves. Or we can help by cleaning up their home.

  • Wolves just don’t howl they also weep, whine, growl and bark . Wolves use their excellent sense to smell, and they use their nose to smell by their bodies to talk to each other. Their nose also has a sent called urine. They use it to mark their territory so wolves that are not in their pack know they’re intruding, and own pack where they are.

  • Fun Facts

  • Why they are endangered

  • How we can help them


Don’t let the name Red Panda deceive you. The red Panda looks more like a raccoon. They are called Red Panda because they eat bamboo, like pandas do. Red pandas usually live in the forests and mountains, where climates are always cool and rainy all throughout the year. The red panda is endangered because of people destroying their natural habitat and also hunting. Currently, they are now extinct in many countries. You can help the Red Panda by refusing to buy things made from there furs.

The Red Panda is about the size of a raccoon and weighs 7 to 14 pounds. They are about 20 to 26 inches long with their tail an additional 12 to 20 inches.

Their other names include: Bear-cat, Bright Panda, Cat-bear, Fire Fox, Lesser Panda, Petit Panda and Poonya.

Their claws are retractable. They have an longer bone which is like a “thumb.” Red pandas live 12 to 14 years.

This is

A baby red panda




Will we miss the tree kangaroo?

By: Lily Auten

  • The Tree Kangaroo

Tree Kangaroos are unique animals that have adapted a life to trees. Unlike the regular kangaroo their legs and arms are made for their unique habitat. The tree kangaroos are at risk of extinction because their habitats are being torn down. Many organizations like World Wildlife Federation are trying everything they can do to stop their extinction. WWF has an organization where they are stopping not only poachers (people who kill animals for their beautiful fur or tusks), but deforestation on their homes.

Resources: wwf.panda.org/,


Will we miss the Great White Shark?

The Great white shark lives In the ocean. The shark eats small fish up to a seal or dolphin. I like the sharks because they look good. Why do you like the sharks? There are very special because the keep things away from us like fish we don’t want they eat them up. Why should we kill sharks they are apart of this earth right?

We are losing great whites because people want to kill them for their teeth. They can also be caught in nets or things that barricade small beaches so animals cant get in or out. What will you do to help them?

The great whit shark is amazing did you know it has over 3,000 teeth. Sadly people think that its ok to trap them in nets. Their are amazing things sharks do. The sight of them are just awesome. So why are the also all gone?

I want you to save the sharks. I want you to do it now!

Joshua Wallington

  • The white tiger is a rare form of the Bengal tiger. White tigers are gorgeous with their blue eyes and white fur. They can be found in Asia and Indiain grasslands, forest and swamps. They can grow over 500 pounds. This is not only beautiful but huge! The white tiger’s diet can consist of wild pig, wild cattle and several species of deer. White tigers can eat as much as 40 pounds of meat at one time. The tiger will not eat again for several days. Unlike some big cats like lions, adult tigers like to live alone (except for mother tigers with cubs) because it’s easier to sneak up on prey with only one tiger instead of a group. The white tiger can be found in Asia and India. White tigers are endangered for many reasons. An example is because they are getting poached for their rare and unique fur. Another reason is because their habitats are getting destroyed. Ways to help them is by refusing to by clothing made from the fur or donating money to an organizations that supports them.

Will we miss the white tiger?By: Mecca Terrell

The scientific name for the white tiger is Panthera tigris .

White tigers can run up to 40 miles per hour and jump 16 feet high.

A white tigers roar can be heard over 2 miles away.

White tigers like to hunt at night.  They have excellent eyesight for catching prey.

  • This is a baby tiger

  • White tigers are known for their beautiful and unique fur.

  • White tigers are very good swimmers

Will WE Miss The African Elephant tigers are gorgeous with their blue eyes and white fur. They can be found in Asia and India

African Elephant are the elephants of the genus loxodonta.

The African elephant can live up too 70 years. Most of the African elephants get killed by hunters for they’re ivory. People use the ivory to make jewelry and weapons. People also kill the elephants to see if they can cure people and eat them. The African elephant is important because they are good they don’t bother us the help us with this world they take care of everyone so will you miss the African elephant.

Fun Facts

Ryan P.

Resources tigers are gorgeous with their blue eyes and white fur. They can be found in Asia and Indiahttps://worldwildlife.org/

Will We Miss the Leatherback turtle by Walter

The Length of a leatherback is 55-63 inches the Weight is 600-1500 pounds the Habitat of an leatherback is the Oceans they eat jellyfish. Leather backs got their names because they have shells that feel like leather in stead of hard shells like others. Leather back are the largest sea turtle they’re also one of the most that migrate traveling through the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Recently leatherbacks are decreasing during the last 10 years because of fisheries. Leather backs are Marine turtles they represent a group of reptiles that has existed on Earth and travelled our seas for the last 100 million years. Leatherback turtles consume large numbers of jellyfish which helps to keep populations of these creatures in check.

W tigers are gorgeous with their blue eyes and white fur. They can be found in Asia and Indiaill we miss the cougar

Cougars normal live in western America ,south America, and piece of Florida.

Cougars like areas with canyons and dry weather. But they can also tolerate cold weather.

Cougars normally feast on animals such as deer, mountain goat, coyote and moose. An average cougar can go 10 days without eating. After killing a large animal, a cougar hides the carcass and eats in the coming days

Cougars can also climb with ease and leap over 6 m (20 ft. female cougars can birth up to 5-10 children. Cougars have three calls. A mating call, warning call and help call.

Cougars are endangered because their Manley hunted for their furs. They’ve lost lots of land and have been pushed west because of farming. Some people kill them and send them to butcher shops to have them skinned. And some are hunted for their tough teeth.

by: Robert

Will we miss the Polar Bear? tigers are gorgeous with their blue eyes and white fur. They can be found in Asia and India







By: Meredith Messinger

The Polar bear is endangered because of the global warming, the polar bear gets all of its

Food from the arctic sea, and when the sea ice melts it makes it hard to get their food.

Because The polar bear walk on the sea ice to find their prey which are seals. Some polar bears

have been seen hundreds of miles from shore just to get food. Ways we can help the polar bear

is we can rescue polar bears and bring them to places where they have better global warming

and weather for the polar bear so they can live a longer life.

The polar bear’s main prey is seals, polar bears also eat beluga whales, walruses, narwhals, and bowhead whales. Polar bears live in throughout the circumpolar arctic, the polar bears are usually found along or near coasts, on islands and seen most on sea ice.

What makes the polar bear unique is that the polar bears skin is actually black, polar bears are also great swimmers they use their swimming skills to go from ice floe to ice floe.

Will we miss the San Joaquin Kit Fox? tigers are gorgeous with their blue eyes and white fur. They can be found in Asia and India

The San Joaquin Kit Fox is a small, furry animal living in Central Valley, California. They were thriving in the 1930s, but in 1967, the federal government listed them as endangered, and in 1971, California did the same. The SJ kit fox eats insects, rodents, and rabbits, but will also take advantage of garbage and/or pet food. They have established in cities in California, including Bakersfield, Taft and Coalinga.

No one knows how many SJ kit foxes are left. There are estimated around 7,000 left (2007), but that number is declining more every moment. Farmers are destroying their dens for more land for orchards and farms, and companies are doing the same thing by building houses and apartment complexes.

We can help, though. Because of their small size, some SJ kit foxes get tangled up in soccer, tennis, and volleyball nets. If we take these down, we would spare more kit foxes form injury.

And don’t feed them pet food! Keep your pet food inside, so the kit foxes won’t get sick if they find some in your trash.

Help The SJ Kit Foxes!! 

By Lily S

Will we miss the San Joaquin Kit Fox?




Will we miss the whooping crane

Did you know the graceful whooping crane tigers are gorgeous with their blue eyes and white fur. They can be found in Asia and India

is the tallest bird of North America is also

a symbol of conservation? But there are

about 600 today. Maybe even more.

These cranes are omnivores. That means

they meat and plants.

Will we miss the Whooping Crane

  • In 1941 only 16 lovely whooping cranes remained. But the whooping crane has move a couple of months back from being extinct. The number of cranes has gone up to 200.Whooping cranes are endangered because hunters hunt them. They are rarely seen now. We need your help to save the whooping crane.

  • You can help by stopping the hunters from killing the pretty birds. Write it in a newspaper if you have to. Whooping cranes are special. I love them, how about you. If you are a bird lover you can help save them. You know what's right!! 




Will we miss the fennec fox tigers are gorgeous with their blue eyes and white fur. They can be found in Asia and India

The Fennec Fox, native to North Africa and the Middle East. It is endangered because hunters get it for their rich fur. They also suffer from habitat loss. It’s huge ears are useful for hunting at night. A regular fennec fox is 6 inches. Fennec foxes dwell in the sandy Sahara and elsewhere in North Africa. Their nocturnal habits help them deal with the searing heat of the desert environment, and some physical adaptations help as well. 2.2 to 3.3 lbs the fennec fox is one of the instinct animals. This animal is an omnivore it eats meat like a regular fox. We can help the fennec fox by not buying their fur.

Click these two picture on slideshow to learn more about this endangered fox.