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We are DB Schenker Sweden

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We are DB Schenker Sweden - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are DB Schenker Sweden. Overview. Deutsche Bahn – Facts about Deutsche Bahn Schenker around the world

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We are DB Schenker Sweden

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    1. We are DB Schenker Sweden

    2. Overview • Deutsche Bahn– Facts about Deutsche Bahn • Schenker around the world • DB Schenker Sweden– DB Schenker in Sweden– Our Business Concept and Vision – Why we are market leaders – Our view of quality – Our view of environmental work • DB Schenker Sweden’s customer offering– Our customer offering – Land transport– Air and sea transport – Contract logistics– Other services DB Schenker Sweden

    3. The Deutsche Bahn Group DB Schenker Sweden

    4. In 2012 DB Schenker contributed 20,3 billion eurosto the Group's turnover EBIT 2012 in € millions Revenues 2012 in € millions v 4 074 364 DB Bahn Long Distance 882 DB Bahn Regional 8 907 DB Arriva1) 238 3 757 4 709 894 DB Netze Track 230 1 102 DB Netze Stations DB Netze Energy 2 832 91 4 925 87 DB Schenker Rail 15 389 418 DB Schenker Logistics DB Services 1 413 84 2) 2 708 39 296 1) Fully consolidated as of Sept. 1, 2010 (excluding Arriva Germany); 2) Difference between total for divisions and DB Group due to other activities/consolidation 4

    5. DB Schenker around the world DB Schenker Sweden

    6. DB Schenker offers customers integrated logistics chains from a single source VAS1 VAS1 Door-to-door solutions, track-and-trace Supply chain management Key account management 1 Value added services DB Schenker Sweden 6

    7. DB Schenker locations and employees Employees according to BU Europe (incl. Russia) approx. 74 800 employees 32% 68% America approx. 9 100 employees DB Schenker Logistics DB Schenker Rail Asia-Pacific approx. 13 800 employees Near Middle East/Africa approx. 1 000 employees Own locations Partners Today around 100 000 employees represent DB Schenker worldwide in 130 countries Date: 01.10. 2013 DB Schenker Sweden 7

    8. DB Schenker Logistics is one of the world's leading providers of logistics services Market position worldwide 2012, revenuein € bn. DHL1 29.2 DB SL 15.4 Kühne+Nagel 14.2 Nippon Express2 10.9 C.H. Robinson3 9.7 Ceva 7.2 Geodis 7.1 UPS4 7.1 DSV 6.0 Panalpina 5.5 DB Schenker Sweden

    9. DB Schenker Logistics has the world's leading transport and logistics network Own sites Partners DB Schenker's worldwide network Land transport, No. 1 in Europe 95 m shipments in 2012 Rail, No. 1 in Europa 106 bn tkm 2012 Air freight, No. 2 in the world 1.1 m tons in 2011 Ocean freight, No. 3 in the world 1.8 m TEU in 2011 Contract logistics/SCM, No. 5 in the world 6.0 million m2 warehousing space in 2012 DB Schenker Sweden

    10. Schenker has been part of the railway in Germany – with one brief interruption – for the past 80 years The history of Deutsche Bahn and Schenker START: railway line between Nuremberg and Fürth Foundation Deutsche Bahn AG Split into Bundesbahn and Reichsbahn 1835 1994 1931 1949 1991 2002 TODAY Deutsche Reichsbahn buys Schenker 1872 Foundation Schenker Majority of Schenker sold to Stinnes AG Acquisition of Stinnes AG incl. Schenker Source: DB ML AG History of Deutsche Bahn History of Schenker (outside DB) DB Schenker Sweden

    11. DB Schenker Sweden DB Schenker Sweden 11

    12. DB Schenker Sweden • Turnover SEK 14,5 billion • 3,792 employees • 4,000 load-carriers • 300 associated haulage companies with 6,000 employees • Approximately 17.4 million freight and parcel consignments per year (around 66,000 consignments per day) • Handles 83,600 air and sea consignments per year • Specialised in services within third-party logistics • Customised transport networks for customers with special needs • Consulting activities for logistics on a tactical and strategic level (Year 2011) DB Schenker Sweden

    13. DB Schenker Sweden– Business Concept • Business Concept • DB Schenker in Sweden shall provide the best logistic and transport services on the market, meeting customer demands regarding quality, efficiency, simplicity and environmental responsibility. DB Schenker Sweden

    14. DB Schenker Sweden– Why we are market leaders • We are ”glocal”.Global: Access to a worldwide network.Local: We operate at 50 locations in Sweden.Close contact with our customers. • Long experience and broad competence. • Advanced logistics services: – third and fourth party logistics– flow logistics – emission calculation • – consulting activities • Concentration on quality – our units are ISO 9001 certified. • An active environmental effort – our units are ISO 14001 certified. DB Schenker Sweden

    15. DB Schenker Sweden– Our view of quality • We maintain a constant focus on quality to cultivate and maintain a quality culture. • We endeavour to achieve 100% delivery reliability in all links in the chain. • ISO 9001 Quality Management System. • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. • Central objectives for:– motivated personnel– high quality– reduced environmental impact– cost efficiency– satisfied customers– growth and profitability DB Schenker Sweden

    16. Our ambitionTo use all the means available to DB Schenker to become the most environmentally sustainable logistics provider in the world. • Overall environmental objective: • Reduce our carbon dioxide emissions in every transport assignment by 50% through to 2020. The base year is 2005. • through: • driver behaviour – eco driving / correct speed • modernisation of our vehicle fleet • better fuels • combining different modes of • transport • optimisation of vehicle combinations • higher filling levels/freight public • transport • smarter urban logistics 2020 2040 2010 Transport growth CO2 from transports DB Schenker Sweden

    17. The seven-point programme Estimated total CO2 savings potential in % through to 2020 Activity Start, 2006 Status, 2011 DB Schenker Sweden

    18. DB Schenker Sweden– Our customer offering DB Schenker Sweden

    19. DB Schenker Sweden- Our customer offering DB SCHENKER IN SWEDEN LAND TRANSPORT LOGISTICS AIR & OCEAN OTHER SERVICES DB SCHENKERair DB SCHENKERsystem DB SCHENKERparcel Schenker Consulting AB DB SCHENKERlogistics Schenker Dedicated Services AB DB SCHENKERprivpak DB SCHENKERdirect DB SCHENKERocean DB SCHENKERrailog DB SCHENKERskybridge DB SCHENKERconcepts Schenker Privpak AB DB SCHENKERhangartner DB SCHENKERcoldsped DB SCHENKERfairs& exhibitions DB SCHENKERcoldsped DB SCHENKERprojects DB Schenker Sweden 19

    20. Our customer offering– Land transport DB Schenker Sweden

    21. Our customer offering– Land transport Land transport is the backbone of DB Schenker Sweden. Land transport has a wide range of services and products, both road and rail, from small, single-parcel deliveries to complex, customised transport solutions. We cover the whole of Sweden and deliver 66,000 consignments each day. We offer transport and logistics solutions for: – Domestic freight and parcels – International freight and parcels – Temperature-controlled goods DB Schenker Sweden

    22. Our customer offering– Land transport on road • DB SCHENKERparcel • Our worldwide service for parcels up to 30 kg per package and 99 kg per consignment. Equally efficient in Sweden and abroad. • DB SCHENKERsystem • Land transport of consignments under 2,500 kg in Europe and under 1,000 kg in Sweden. A simple, cost-effective alternative with a high service frequency. An environmentally adapted transport solution through the use of groupage. • DB SCHENKERdirectLand transport of consignments over 2,500 kg in Europe and 1,000 kg in Sweden. The shortest route to consignees in Sweden and throughout the rest of Europe. Collection and delivery times are customised to each individual assignment. DB SCHENKERcoldspedSpecialises in the transport of refrigerated and frozen products. The network covers both Sweden and Europe. DB SCHENKERconceptsSpecially designed land transport of goods in Europe. Customised transport solutions where strict demands are made regarding lead times but, where at the same time transport costs need to be kept to a minimum. DB SCHENKERprivpakComplete delivery solutions for e-business. Includes both distribution and Internet payment. Deliveries are made via agents or to the consignee’s home or work. DB Schenker Sweden

    23. Our customer offering– Land transport on railway DB SCHENKERrailogComplete, rail-based logistics solutions that can include collection, distribution and storage as well as other information- and transport-related services. . . DB SCHENKERhangartnerOur own product for combined transportation of road-rail. With personal block trains and own terminals, we combine the environmental advantages of rail transport with the flexibility of road transport. the flexibility of road transport. DB Schenker Sweden 23 23

    24. Our customer offering– Air and sea transports DB Schenker Sweden

    25. GOT LON HAM RTM BUS MSL MIL TYO NYC SHA LAX KEE MIA HKG DXB SIN Our customer offering– Air and sea transports The Air & Ocean Division takes care of your air and sea freight consignments throughout the whole world. We are represented at 800 locations in approximately 130 countries. • Strong in the Far East – more than 20 A-licensed offices in China. • Groupage/LCL and FCL to the Far East every week. • Direct air routes to the USA and Asia via a hub in Frankfurt. • Efficient services for tracking, planning, surveillance, clearance etc. • Third-country transports. • E-services for transport administration. International hub National gateway DB Schenker Sweden

    26. Our customer offering– Air and sea transports • DB SCHENKERoceanSea freight around the world. General cargo groupage alternatives with weekly departures and full container transport worldwide. • DB SCHENKERsky • Air freight worldwide. Five different service alternatives for air freight with different transit times around the world. • DB SCHENKERskybridge • A combination of flight speed and the lower price of ocean. • DB SCHENKERprojects, fairs & exhibitions Projects, fairs and exhibitions transport all over the world. DB Schenker Sweden

    27. Our customer offering– Contract logistics DB Schenker Sweden

    28. Our customer offering– Contract logistics • DB Schenker Logistics • Third-party logistics solutions for customers in the Nordic market. • Integrated concepts for sectors such as: • - Consumer • - Retail/Fashion • - Automotive • - Technology • - Health Care • Warehousing, distribution, integrated supply chain • solutions and production logistics. • DB Schenker Logistics Business Park: • Stockholm 31,000 m2 • Göteborg 31,000 m2 • Jönköping 55,000 m2 • Nässjö 40,000 m2 DB Schenker Sweden

    29. Our customer offering– Other services DB Schenker Sweden

    30. Our customer offering– Other services Schenker Dedicated Services AB • An independent company offering customised transport networks for customers with special needs. • Services are customer-driven using Control Towers and include everything from needs analyses and contract preparation to financial responsibility for the transport assignments. • The customer has only one contact, who has control of the whole logistics process. Schenker Consulting AB • A consultancy company that develops optimal logistics solutions for customers. • The company works on both the strategic and the tactical level in the following areas: – Supply chain management – Warehousing – Logistics and cost analyses – Transportation – IT – Environmental and traffic safety – Training and project management • We always deliver reality-based competence in order to develop realisable solutions. Schenker Privpak AB • Schenker has developed a concept with smart, customised services for e-business companies distributing packages to private persons. • Ready-made solutions for booking, payment and tracking. • Private persons can use the network to send packages via some 1,600 agents throughout Sweden. DB Schenker Sweden