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SMILE. AUTHOR: Raina Telgemeier Published in 2010 By: B rianna M usgrave. SETTING. The story takes place mainly at school. It also takes place at home. Raina’s house is a two story house. She lives in a big neighborhood. In this time she is in the 6 th grade. . CHARACTERS.

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Published in 2010

By: Brianna Musgrave

  • The story takes place mainly at school. It also takes place at home. Raina’s house is a two story house. She lives in a big neighborhood. In this time she is in the 6th grade.
  • Raina- she is going through drama with her teeth and cute guys.
  • Sammy- he has a sensitive side when he is around Raina because he is in love.
  • Rainas’ friends- they mess with Raina but deep down they love her.
  • Raina’s description- tall, curly red hair, nice, plays flute.
  • Sammy’s description- tall, black straight short hair, kind, plays flute.
  • The problem of the story is that Raina has to deal with getting the work done on her teeth, all her friends, and deciding between two boys that she likes, Sammy and Sean.
plot resolution
PLOT (Resolution)
  • At the end of the story, Raina got her braces off and her teeth are now nice and straight. So now she can make a big smile.
  • My thought of the book was that is was a really good book. It told a lot of detail about the things she has to deal with in school. It showed a lot of thought, feeling, and expression. I think it had everything a good book needs.
about the author
  • RainaTelgemeier grew up in San Francisco. After a while she moved to New York City. There she went to Visual Arts School. Her comics were nominated for IgnatzCubil. Also she illustrated Babysitters Club.
  • Bay bridge->
5 questions
  • 1) How did Raina feel about getting her teeth worked on?
  • 2) What instrument does Raina play?
  • 3) Did she change her look in any way?
  • 4) How does she feel about Sean?
  • 5) What happened at the end of the story?

Raina is a 6th grade girl. Her and her friends are in girl scouts. Her and two of her friends were racing to her door. On the way, Raina tripped and fell. Her two front teeth were missing. One was broken out and the other was pushed up. She had to go to the orthodontist. The dentist did a lot of work on her. During all this, at school she met a guy named Sammy. Later on she met a guy named Sean. She cant decide who she likes. She went through a few years and now she is in high school. All her teeth are fixed and now she can….. SMILE!