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BIOMED MIC. Community Identity Card Members, objectives, planning and main subjects. Biomed ID Card. Animator. Presentation: The BIOMed Community comprises those activities devoted to biosciences / biotechnology / biomedicine.

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Community Identity Card

Members, objectives, planning and main subjects

Biomed id card

Biomed ID Card



The BIOMed Community comprises those activities devoted to biosciences / biotechnology / biomedicine.

It can include research groups, research centres, scientific and technological parks, public institutions,

clusters, SMEs, large companies and all any other type or organization working or performing research,

development and/or innovation in the mentioned fields. Projects in the bio fields are usually complex and

require synergies among different institutions and companies in order to achieve the optimal results.

The MIC called BIOMed will aim to promote these links among entities and enhance cooperation among

them to perform projects and share good practices models and experience.

  • Objectives:

  • Identify key partners and facilitate collaboration between them

  • Identify new projects that could be launched

  • Facilitate networking

Registered members: 26

Ricard Esparza

Subjects suggestions:

Medical tools / Biomedicines

2. Different themes related to pharmaceutics

-> The Barcelona event will allow to involve the MIC partners and to identify the most relevant subjects for them

Biomed planning

Biomed planning

Mid-june: end of the period to be analysed

Mid-march: first conversations on the platform








Interview the animator

Define the objectives


Evaluate the platform

Create the community

Produce the user guides

Prepare some content


Train members

Animate a workshop

Profile contributors

Facilitate interactions

Moderate conversations

Follow activity


Measure and analyse

Evaluate and recommand

Biomed animator s actions

Biomed Animator’s actions

  • Send the questionnaire to all MIC registered user (answers collected until march the 12th)

  • Define a final list of 2 to 3 animators for the MIC

  • Pre-identify 10 trusted partners (local) for the alpha campaign (from march the 13th to march the 20th)

  • Prepare an introduction post of the 3 to 4 main themes to be proposed in the MIC

  • Diffuse to all alpha participants:

    • - User guides

    • - “Champions roadmap”

    • - The introduction post

  • Define the planning main steps (until june 2013)

  • Run the alpha phase

  • Prepare and publish the same introduction post in the MIC (subjects, objectives, expected contents…)

  • Make sure each participant filled in his profile

  • Call for participation to all MIC registered users

  • General opening of the community (March the 25th, external communication and new members proactive recruitment

  • Weekly improvements and key indicators statistics follow-up