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AIAA Student Briefing

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AIAA Student Briefing

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AIAA Student Briefing

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  1. AIAA Student Briefing A Guide to Programs available to AIAA Students

  2. Dayton/Cincinnati Section • Award winning Section • Over 1300 members • 8 Student Chapters • Over 700 professional members • Various activities throughout the year

  3. Dayton/Cincinnati Section

  4. What is an Association? • a group of individuals who voluntarily enter into an agreement to form a body (or organization) to accomplish a purpose. • Started as guilds in Europe during the Middle Ages • Over 1.8 million associations in the U.S • Benefits to members and society at large • There is an association for almost everything!

  5. Examples of Associations • Making reservations for your next AIAA conference experience? • Going out to a Happy Hour and wondering about your beer selection • Ordering your favorite burger and deciding what cheese to get on the burger • Texting your friends to tell them about the great cheeseburger you just had at Happy Hour while attending that AIAA conference at the Hyatt.

  6. Some Types of Associations • Professional Associations • Scientific Associations or Societies • Charitable Associations • Service Associations • Trade Associations • Sports Associations • Political Associations • Clubs and Societies of common interests • Associations of Associations

  7. What Do They Do? • Publish Books, Journals • Hold Conferences or Trade Shows • Provide continuing education • Create Standards • Monitor the industry; collect statistics • Provide information for legislation/lobby • Inform the public • Give assistance during emergencies and crises • Serve as a bridge between government and industry • Networking; bringing people together, helping people make connections

  8. What About This Association? • Started out as two societies in the 1930s • American Rocket Society 1930 • Science fiction writers and editors • Performed own experiments • Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences 1932 • Scholars and professionals • Amazing library/collection • Merged in 1963 to form AIAA • 30,000 professional members in 85 countries • Over 7,000 student members in over 150 student branches worldwide • 20 technical conferences, 8000 papers per year • Hundreds of books • 7 technical journals • Short courses, standards, public policy • Electronic library of all papers and journal articles since 1963; some back to 1930 • Foundation

  9. ARS Members, 1934

  10. So, what can this organization do for you?

  11. AIAA Student Membership • Student Membership Dues are $25.00 per year Membership expires one year from date joined • Membership Includes the Following Benefits • Aerospace America (On-line digital version) • Great discounts on AIAA publications • Student rates to attend AIAA Conferences and Technical Meetings • Design Competition eligibility • Participation in Regional Student Conferences • Scholarships and Awards • Eligible for Student member to Professional member upgrade at discounted rate • AIAA Career Center

  12. Student Branch AIAA currently has over 190 student branches throughout the world, with a total active membership of over 7,000 students. Your student branch is your base of operations in AIAA during your college years, and it’s an open door to professional activities, recognition, and contacts that would otherwise be unavailable to students.

  13. Benefits of Forming a Student Branch • Distinguished Lecturer / Speaker Expense Reimbursement Program • Listing on the AIAA Web Site with link to the Student Branch Web site

  14. Student Programs-Recognition • Local Awards • Outstanding Achievement Certificate* • Branch Chair Certificate* • Branch Lecture Certificate* • Faculty Advisor of the Year Award • Nominations Due 1 June to HQ *Refer to Student Branch manual for certificate order form

  15. AIAA Foundation • Established to ensure enduring focus on education of practicing and future aerospace professionals • Allows AIAA to enhance and guarantee the existence of current programs and to create new ones • Concentrates on three areas of student programs • Design Competitions • Scholarships • Student Conferences

  16. Design Competitions • Five undergraduate competitions (deadline June) • One graduate competition (deadline June) • One undergraduate/graduate Design, Build and Fly competition (LOI deadline 31 October) • Individual and team competitions sponsored by AIAA Foundation • Prize money available

  17. Scholarships and Awards - Undergraduate Undergraduate scholarships awarded each year and sponsored by AIAA Foundation • Deadline 31 January • Scholarship can be applied for annually • Based on academic performance, references, essay, and work experience/extra curricular activities

  18. Scholarships and Awards - Graduate Graduate awards presented each year and sponsored by AIAA Foundation • Deadline 31 January • Based on academic performance, research outline, references, essay, and work experience/extra curricular activities • Travel to an AIAA meeting paid for by the Foundation

  19. Distinguished Achievement Award Abe M. Zarem Award for Distinguished Achievement sponsored by the AIAA Foundation • Master's level • Aeronautics and astronautics divisions • International conference participation • Faculty Advisor recognition • Deadline 30 April

  20. Regional Student Paper Conferences • Seven regional U.S. conferences and two international • Meet members from other branches • Exchange ideas • Technical presentation experience • Improve skills while learning from research of others • Interact with professional members who serve as judges • Minimal costs involved for student to attend • Money awarded for best papers in various categories Winners compete in AIAA Foundation International Student Conference in conjunction with the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (ASM) • Airfare and hotel expense covered by AIAA Foundation • First Place winners receive $1,000 in prize money • Paper is published as part of ASM proceedings

  21. Let Us Know What You Want! • Did you know...AIAA has a Student Member Liaison to the AIAA Board of Directors? • Help him be your advocate by contacting him with your ideas, questions or concerns. • Matthew S. Cannella:

  22. Student Member to Professional Member Upgrade Continue your AIAA membership as a Professional after graduation. Students that are active members at graduation can receive a discount on Professional member dues for 3 years after graduation.* Benefits of AIAA Professional Membership • Be Part of a Network of Colleagues • Advance Your Career and Professional Development • Stay Connected with the Community • Attend AIAA Technical Conferences at discounted rates • Aerospace America in print Student to Professional Member Upgrade

  23. Young Professional Member Opportunities • Participate in your local section by • Networking — Meet people who can help you in your career • Keeping abreast of the latest aerospace developments • Information sharing with other AIAA members • Promoting the profession through educational outreach activities • Developing leadership skills by serving as a section officer

  24. Young Professional Member Opportunities • Associate Technical Committee Membership • one of the best ways to meet new faces, network with colleagues, forge professional relationships, and access the very latest technical knowledge • Young Professional Receptions at National Conferences • often attended by key AIAA leadership and industry professionals, providing young professionals with valuable networking opportunities. Receptions are also a great time to network with your peers and find out what other young professionals are up to • Young Professional of the Year Award • Each year, AIAA presents the prestigious Lawrence Sperry Award to a young professional member for notable achievement in the advancement of aeronautics and astronautics. Many of the biggest names in the industry started out as AIAA young professionals. And as a Lawrence Sperry Award winner, you could add your name to one of the most elite groups in aerospace Young Professional Committee Web site

  25. Young Professional Member Opportunities • Participate at the national level as a member of an AIAA Standing Committee • Emerging Technologies • International Activities • Membership • K-12 STEM Outreach • Public Policy • Student Activities • Young Professional • Career & Workforce Development

  26. Let Us Know What You Want! • Did you know...AIAA has a Young Professional Liaison to the AIAA Board of Directors? • Help him be your advocate when you become a professional member by contacting him with your ideas, questions or concerns. • Darin Haudrich:

  27. People You Should Know • Deputy Directors of Education • Region I-Norman Wereley • Region II-Cassey Delinger • Region III-Suresh Aggarwal • Region IV-Gary Turner • Region V-Martiqua Post • Region VI-Oleg Yakimenko • Region VII (Australia)-Cees Bil • Region VII (Europe)-Franco Bernelli

  28. AIAA Student Programs Contacts • Stephen Brock Manager, Student Programs (703) 264-7536 • Rachel Andino Coordinator , Student Programs (703) 264-7577 • For membership inquiries, renewals, and address changes: • MY AIAA on the Web at • AIAA Customer Service at 800/639-AIAA (703-639-2422)

  29. Graduation Stoles • Graduation Stoles are available for purchase. Contact Rachel Andino: for details.