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Biography of Sameer Albert,Chairman Unibell Holdings Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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Biography of Sameer Albert,Chairman Unibell Holdings Europe

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Biography of Sameer Albert,Chairman Unibell Holdings Europe

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Biography of Sameer Albert,Chairman Unibell Holdings Europe

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  1. Biography of Mr. Sameer Albert, Chairman Unibell Holdings Europe About Owner Sameer Albert (Russian:С??ир А?ь?ерт; born 19th May 1983) is a Young businessman, investor, philanthropist, Social activist, photographer and politician. He is the main owner of the Unibell Group Europe. He is best known as the owner of Unibell Group founded by him in his early 20s and residing in Bulgaria, Russia, India and some other parts of Europe and Asia. Business career Albert started his multi-million-dollar business during his young period of life. He first worked as a call center executive with small salary of 62 US$ per month. At the peak, Albert started plastic business from a very small town. He built his wealth through plastics and agriculture operations and is the majority shareholder of Unibell, a Bulgarian industrial conglomerate. He started his career from a very grass low level and made Unibell popular in Europe and Asia. Albert founded seven companies and 4 subsidiaries that conducted resale, produced consumer goods, and acted as intermediaries, eventually specializing in the trading of plastics, fisheries, education, agriculture, consultancy, spices and textbooks. He owns the Hoffmann Publishing House. He owns 100% stake in Unibell Corp in Europe, 75% stakes in Russian company and 70% stake in Asia for his group of companies. He is also popular as Plastic Man and Liquor Baron. His company is Europe leading wine and spirits distributor worldwide. Currently his company is going to set up educational schools and resorts in countries like Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbia, Romania and Macedonia. At the age of 30, Albert had become so rich and politically well-connected that he had become close to many businessman and political leaders of world. As stated by him?Bring me hard working men and I will bring revolution in Country’s economy?.

  2. Personal life His family is Roman Catholic. Parent is also engaged with their business professions and Political leader. Albert is a President of the Catholic Youth from his Diocese. Albert is unmarried and most eligible bachelor. Wealth According to Net worth of his own, as of March 2015 he is multimillion dollar man. Prior to the financial crisis, he was considered to be the youngest richest person living within the Asia and Europe. Early in 2009, The Company estimated that due to the global economic crisis he has lost multimillion dollar wealth. Charitable donations Albert donates more money to charity than any other Asian and European. He helps the helpless of helpless and poor of poor and mostly focused on children education. As stated by him “Every child must get educated and left to be educated.? Other interests and activities A pet lover and Social Activist, saving animal’s life and natural species. He is a liker of well Known Hollywood Actor, Sylvester Stallone. He is fond of music and preferably listens to American rock band Metallica and Irish Band Cranberries. As a Businessman, he consider himself as one of the follower of Oil and Steel tycoon of Russia, Roman Abramovich, Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov and Viktor Vekselberg and believes them as his mentor and business idol and acknowledge to have business with them. He is also a professional photographer and author, who write education textbooks for children going to school from Preparatory to K12. He is non smoker and teetotaler and seen in many campaign for saving wild life and natures. He is not social media friendly and discards use of social media websites online. He loves soccer and Formula one race and his favourite sports personalities are Lionel Messi and Late Formula One driver, Ayrton Senna. English football club Chelsea is his favourite team.