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  1. Biography of BEAST Made by Sue Hwang

  2. The Member of Beast Rapper Vocalist Vocalist GiKwang Lee JoonHyung Yong Hyun Seung Jang

  3. The Member of Beast MainVocalist Leader tVocalist & Vocalist Dong Woon Son YoSeop Yang Doo Joon Yoon

  4. (What)Who Is Beast? BEASTis a boygroupfrom Korea, which consists of six members (GiKwang Lee, June Hyung Yong, Hyun Seung Jang, Dong Woon Son, YoSeop Yang, Doo Joon Yoon)under Cube Entertainment Group. Their name was originally known as B2ST(=Beast) an acronym for Boys to find the top, but the name was changed to the BEAST (Boys in the East Stand Tall).

  5. In the late 2009 : Debut News stories began to surface on the net about Cube Entertainment's new group BEAST in October, 16, 2009.

  6. Beast is the B2ST Beast didn’t win the first prize in this first mini album. Bad Girl 아직은 Mystery They made their live debut on KBS Music Bank with his debut song "Bad Girl“. Oasis The group's first mini-album has sold a further 40,000 copies. The group became popular after the onset of various commercial calls from companies around Asia.

  7. Just Before Shock Shock 내 여자친구를 부탁해(Say no) Special Easy Group's second mini-album <Shock Of The New Era> was supposed to be released March 2, 2010 but it was submitted one day and released in March, 1, 2010. In March 10, 2010, they had won the first prize in only one week after releasing the second mini-album. In March 25, 2010, BEAST sang an orchestral version of the sad ballad "Despite Holding On" by Noel, which once attracted popularity because they recognized the boy group’s singing ability. All their songs have grown up on various music charts and has already sold about 40,000 copies so far.

  8. Master Mind V.I.U ( Very Important U ) 주먹을 꽉 쥐고 Break Down The 3rd mini album was released in September 30, 2010 and they won the second prize in October, 8, 2010. The first track ‘Mastermind’ contains the string sound with a powerful beat that makes you yearn for the first performance. The song title ‘Breath’ is the secret weapon title song that will upgrade a level. Composed by Shinsadaong Tiger and ChoiGyusung, and lyrics written by Rado and June hyungyong, the song has a strong reef and drum sounds that shows off high quality. The 3rd mini album has sold about over 40,000.

  9. Lately.. The 4th mini album was released in November 9, 2010 and now, they are preparing for the next album. It can be the first complete album or the 5th mini album. Recently, JoonHyung and Hyun Seung doesn’t appear in the television. Doo Joon appears in the sitcom “몽땅내사랑”. GiKwang appears in the Comedy program “승승장구” and the music program “SBS인기가요”. Yoseob appears in the Comedy program “백점만점”.

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