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Discovery Middle School

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Discovery Middle School. Faculty Meeting November 13, 2013. What is Close Readi ng?. “an intensive analysis of a text in order to come to terms with what it says, how it says it, and what it means .” Tim Shanahan. How To Do a Close Reading.

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discovery middle school

Discovery Middle School

Faculty Meeting

November 13, 2013

what is close readi ng
What is Close Reading?

“an intensive analysis of a text in order to come to terms with what it says, how it says it, and what it means.”

Tim Shanahan

how to do a close reading
How To Do a Close Reading

Read with a pencil in hand; annotate the text. Mark the big ideas and skills.

Reread to look for patterns in the things you’ve noticed about the text – repetitions, contradictions, similarities. Find the commonalities.

Ask and/or answer questions about the patterns you’ve noticed – how and why are these patterns important to the overall text?

what is a close read
What is a Close Read?
  • We are going to do a close read of “Love” by William Maxwell.
  • On the first read, read with pencil in hand.
  • Focus: Main ideas and supporting details
  • Now read again.
  • Focus: Foreshadowing
  • What clues did Maxwell give us that the teacher would die?
a different kind of reading
A Different Kind of Reading
  • A close reading of text is a rereadingof a small slice of a story (or something that is short to begin with, like a poem or an essay)—perhaps rereading it many times.
  • Then, through careful inspection of words, sentences, paragraphs, and the way they work as parts and together as a whole, the teacher leads the students to discern the author’s meaning. 
  • Students are guidedto provide “textual evidence”that the author’s meaning is what it is. They can’t guess, based only their prior knowledge and a cursory look at the words on the page, what the author intends.  This means, practically, that a Cliff Note’s acquaintanceship with the text won’t cut it.

where does close reading appear in the college and career ready standards
Where does Close Reading appear in the College and Career Ready Standards?

Anchor Standards for Reading

R.1: Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text.