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To go along with our presentation of

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a christmas carol
“A Christmas Carol”

Join us for a holiday classic: Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” starring George C. Scott as Scrooge and David Warner as Bob Cratchitt.

This 1984 film version of Dickens’ beloved story runs 100 minutes. A discussion of the story, the Victorian era in which Dickens lived, and why Dickens felt he had to write this story will provide an informative backdrop for students before viewing the film. Once students have seen the story, they will fill in answers for comprehension questions (See other attachment.).

To go along with our presentation of “A Christmas Carol”, our December booktalk will be about one of our new books, a biography of Charles Dickens.

We will learn about the author’s childhood in London, his early career, his performances, and more importantly, the social and political issues of the time which served as the focus of so much of his work.


  • Comprehension Questions


  • Booktalk
  • Discussion
  • Film

4 to 5 Class Periods

and from pat and me a holiday wish to all of you whichever holiday you celebrate
…and from Pat and me,a holiday wish to all of you,whichever holiday you celebrate…