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Innovate . Implement . Impact

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Innovate . Implement . Impact - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A PRESENTATION ON. Total Unity for Livelihood, Innovation & Production (TULIP). Work shop on Lab to Land Initiative. By CEO, Davangere ZP & EO, Harihara TP Srinagar. 5 th to 7 th JULY 2011. Innovate . Implement . Impact. ACTIVITIES PLANNED BY 31/03/2011

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Total Unity for Livelihood, Innovation & Production (TULIP)

Work shop on

Lab to Land Initiative

By CEO, Davangere ZP & EO, Harihara TP

Srinagar. 5th to 7th JULY 2011

Innovate. Implement. Impact



  • Printing & Distribution of Schemes’ Literature
  • Printing and distribution of pamphlets of schemes and programs in
  • kannada are in progress. Wall paintings have been done.
  • Street plays/singing songs by BNVs & social workers ( ISHTA troops of
  • artists). Street plays/songs are regarding MGNREGS & other Govt schemes,
  • problems of rural area, housing, Gram sabhas & role of PRIs and public to
  • control mis-utilization of grants/schemes etc.,
  • Training Newly Elected PRI Representatives & BNVs
  • Trainings have been organized for elected PRI of GP/TP/ZP in Taluka
  • Panchayat, Grama Panchayats and SIRD.
  • 3 days training during Aug 2010,Jan2011 to Gp members
  • one day training on 18/4/2011 to TP & ZP members
  • 2 one Day training programs to President/Vice presidents of Gps during
  • April 2011.
  • Interaction meeting of TP/ZP members with officials regarding programmes
  • on 29/6/2011
  • Regular meetings of BNVs at Taluk level

Innovate. Implement. Impact


Special Ward/Gram Sabhas

  • Special ward Sabhas/Gram sabhas have been organized on 24th April 2011
  • to create awareness about Panchayat raj System, schemes and social
  • problems in TP & all GPs
  • Safe Drinking Water to all Villages
  • River Water is being supplied to 60 villages in Taluka under Rajiv Gandhi
  • submission scheme on trial basis and will be regularized by 10th July 2011.
  • The cost of the project is 50.61 Crores.
  • Readying 19 GPs for NGP
  • Toilet construction are in progress in all GPs. BNVs are involved in the campaign programs. 1810 BPL families out of 20527 families and 3313 APL families out of 20741 families have to construct toilets.
  • Construction of RGBNSKs in all GPs
  • Construction of RGBNSKs are in progress in 6 GPs(Banuvalli, Kondajji, Belludi, Nandigavi,Rajanahalli & Salakatte)and will be commenced in other GPs by July end. Also estimate have been prepared and land ear marked for construction of RGBNSKs at taluk level.

Innovate. Implement. Impact


Installation of Solar Water Heaters & Cookers in all Govt Hostels

  • Solar water heaters have been installed in 3 out of 5 BCM hostels. Finalization of formalities for purchase and installation of solar cookers is in progress as per transparency act.
  • Panchatantra Software in all GPs
  • Panchatantra is a scheme in Gram panchayat in which village wise details of all GPs regarding PRI details, staff details, property details of public & tax details , assets of panchayat, Details of PD system, details of ongoing works including expenditures, details of Gram Sabhas/Ward sabhas held in GP etc., are fed.
  • Installation has been done and Details have been entered in Panchatantra in all GPs.
  • GP Automation in select 5 GPs on Pilot Basis
  • Action has been taken to implement automation during current financial year.

Innovate. Implement. Impact


Telemedicine in 24/7 PHCs

  • Equipment Installation in 5 PHCs (Kondajji, K.Bevinahalli, DB.Kere,
  • Hole Sirigere, Nandigudi) is in progress and will be implemented shortly.
  • Eradication of Blindness in the Block
  • Testing and ascertaining the reasons for blindness is in progress.
  • Completion of Job Cards’ Validation under MGNREGS Completion of Job Cards’ Validation under MGNREGS
  • More than 80% job cards have been validated and balance cards will be validated by july15.
  • Enhanced GP Tax Recovery
  • Tax recovery have been accelerated and 100% recovery will be done in at least 10 GPs.
  • Improved SSLC Results
  • SSLC results have raised from 57 to 77%

Innovate. Implement. Impact


Completion of Ration Cards’ Distribution

  • Ration card Survey and entering the ration card details in Panchatantra is in progress & this will help in identification of duplicate cards. Issue of ration cards to card less families is in progress
  • Introduction of Bio-metric System in PDS
  • In process
  • Setting up of Toll Free Help lines
  • In process
  • Robust and Participative O & M of MVS
  • In process
  • Effective disposal of RTI applications
  • Public grievances are being attended quickly.
  • Reduction in IMR and MMR
  • IMR reduced from17to 14.4 & MMR from 127 to 98

Innovate. Implement. Impact



Declaring the Block as NGP Block

Toilet construction is in progress. BNVs are involved in the campaign programs. 1810 BPL families out of 20527 families and 3313 APL families out of 20741 families have to construct toilets.

GP Automation in all GPs

Will be implemented during current year

Declaring the Block as Hut-less Block

Hut survey has been conducted in the block and about 2500 huts has been identified and construction of 2000 houses is in progress.

Uninterrupted Power Supply in all GPs

Nirantara Jyothi Scheme is in progress to have uninterrupted power supply.

Installation of Water Meters in all GPs

Water meters will be installed immediately after implementation of Rajiv Gandhi submission scheme.

Innovate. Implement. Impact


Afforestation along roads and canals

  • Planting trees is in progress in about 40kms along roads and canals. It is proposed to plant trees in about 50kms this year.
  • Under MGNREGS about 3 lakh plants have been grown and planted along border of cultivable fields during 2010-11 and it is proposed to plant about 2 lakh plants this year also. Expenditure incurred is only for seedlings grown and expenditure incurred regarding planting and maintenance is very less. Farmers have planted Teak, rose wood, Jack fruit , trees useful for Bio Diesel generation with their own interest. This has created asset to farmers in addition to contribution to environment.
  • Uninterrupted connectivity between villages during calamities
  • Improvement to roads is in progress by PWD & PRED under state and Central grants.

Innovate. Implement. Impact



  • Street plays and meetings are being held in villages by trained BNVS to create awareness about Govt schemes and panchayat raj system
  • Meetings are being held regularly at TP level with BNVs. BNVs are being invited to gram sabhas & Gp meetings and development programs are made known to them.
  • Direct Appointment of 8 PDOs/ 3graduate Secretaries, promotion of 10 secretaries to PDO post, and training to existing secretaries has improved administration in GPs. There are sufficient number of bill collectors, waterman and sweepers and this has assisted in solving public grievances.
  • Due to effective implementation of programmes as per govt norms there are no complaints in the block from public regarding MGNREGS’ & other schemes.
  • Appointment of ASHAs is assisting in taking care of rural women.
  • 2 Hobli level & 1 Taluka level co-oridnators have been appointed for testing quality of drinking water and to assist in improving village sanitation system.

Innovate. Implement. Impact


Special committees of elected TP members have been formed to examine progress & performance of different departments.

  • Elected representatives of GP/TP/ZP/state Legislature/Loksabha have visited schools on 5/7/ 2011 & have observed performance of schools right from prayers and upto the end of the school timings including Mid Day Meals and have given suggestions to school authorities and children. Also they have understood the performance of teachers, children and lack of facilities in the schools. This adds to planning of schedules regarding education and improvements.
  • Housing Scheme for flood affected persons “ASARE” scheme is nearing completion and about 150 people will be benefited by the scheme.
  • IAY, Ashraya, Ambedkar, Basava Vasathi & other housing schemes are helping to provide sites and houses to 11336 houseless, 4158 site less, 3056 hut dwelling people in providing housing facility. Also it is proposed to reconstruct 944 dilapidated houses.
  • Under “SUVARNA BHUMI”, Subsidy @ rate of Rs5000/- per acre is being paid to 2354 medium & marginal farmers for growing Crops / Gardens / Sericulture & other agricultural activities. Selection process is in progress.
  • By special grant of Rs 2.5 crore by Chief Minister, Rejuvenation of 3 tanks in Taluka is in progress.
  • Block level society formulated by SHGs of the block has been awarded as best Society of the district.

Innovate. Implement. Impact