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Entering Marking Period Grades Elementary

Entering Marking Period Grades Elementary. 131 West Broad Street ▪ Rochester, New York 14614 Tel: (585) 262-8559 ▪ Fax: (585) 262-8684. Power Teacher Home Page. This is the screen you will see when you log on.

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Entering Marking Period Grades Elementary

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  1. Entering Marking Period GradesElementary 131 West Broad Street ▪ Rochester, New York 14614 Tel: (585) 262-8559 ▪ Fax: (585) 262-8684

  2. Power Teacher Home Page • This is the screen you will see when you log on. • Notice that you are in assignment mode. You will have to click Final Grade Mode to begin to enter grades. • If you do not see all of your classes Change Classes option to 2010-2012 Office of Accountability

  3. Step 1 - Entering marking period grades • Click the reporting term drop down box and make sure you choose the appropriate marking period. • Then click the final grades mode. It will turn blue. Office of Accountability

  4. Step 2 - Choosing report card section • In the classes pane, choose which section of the report card you are going to fill in first. • Under the 1st administration column, right click an empty cell to get a menu. • Left click on Show Score inspector Office of Accountability

  5. Step 3 - Moving to the Next Student • Using the score inspector’s grade drop down box, select your students formative assessment grade. • Then click on the student down arrow to move on to next student. Office of Accountability

  6. Step 4 - Submitting final grades • Once you enter all your grades for this section, click save at the bottom right. • Then click on Report Card in progress. • This box will pop up. • Click the Final grades complete box. • Click ok on the Report Card Final Grades Completion Status window. Office of Accountability

  7. Step 5 - Sending Grades to Chancery • The window will disappear and the Report Card Grade button will turn green with a checkmark. • This tells you that your grades for your selected assessment item is ready to be imported into Chancery. Office of Accountability

  8. Repeat steps 2-5 for each assessment item You have to enter scores for each assessment area under classes Office of Accountability

  9. Using Fill Score option • Select a new report card category in the classes pane. • To use the fill score option, right click an empty cell in the column you are grading. Example shows ESOL column highlighted. • Left click the fill score option. • Click one of the two options • Choose your grade and click OK Office of Accountability

  10. Entering the Narrative Comment -AIS • Double click in empty cell for 1st Quarter Goal • Then copy and paste or type your AIS goal in the Narrative Comment pop up window. • Do this for each student. You will see a blue letter C when you have entered the comment. • When you finish with all students click close. Office of Accountability

  11. Narrative Continued • Double click on the 1st quarter summary of progress column to add narrative for this section • Each marking period has two narrative spots for Math and ELA • You can go up and down between students by clicking on Arrows. • Don’t forget to Click on Report Card in Pro… and Check Final Grades Complete box. Office of Accountability

  12. Overall Comment Repeat the steps that you did for AIS comments in the Overall Comment section. Yes, this does have a spell checker. Office of Accountability

  13. Final Steps • Final Steps - Double check all assessment categories have a Green Check mark indicating that Final Grades Are Complete. • After the import process into Chancery, you are able to View/Print the RCSD Elementary Report Card for your Students in the Report Section of Chancery. Office of Accountability

  14. If you have any questions, please call your Zone Data Management Specialist. • (NW zone) Jeff Rogers @ 262 – 8342 • (NE zone) Joanne Bakeman @ 262 – 8290 • (South zone) Keith Kaufmann @ 262 – 8345 Office of Accountability

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