Implementation of the 2008 sna
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Agenda item 1. REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA STATE STATISTICAL OFFICE. Implementation of the 2008 SNA. Meetings of the Groups of Experts on National Accounts (organized jointly with Eurostat and OECD), 26 – 29 April 2010, Geneva. REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA STATE STATISTICAL OFFICE. Principles

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Implementation of the 2008 sna

Agenda item 1



Implementation of the 2008 SNA

Meetings of the Groups of Experts on National Accounts (organized jointly with Eurostat and OECD), 26 – 29 April 2010, Geneva




The strategy is a long term effort with its implementation proceeding in stages that will have development of the topic

The strategy should be considered to be a living

document to be updated when needed to reflect current situations

This requires data to monitor and evaluate indicators about all phases of the development process from planning to implementation to completion



The strategy will be linked with

Revising of data

Back casting of the series

Lobbing between users and data providers

Dissemination to be adjusted or developed

New users should be identified

Data transmission to be followed

More involved in the system SSO , NB, Ministries, AgenciesTherefore, a framework to determine the additional data requirements and level of detail required at the national level in addition to the core set is providedTrough official programming the timing and obligations of implementation of SNA should be incorporatedResources should be adequately distributed (staff , surveys)

Same current activities are precondition for implementation work process:

-NACE REV 2 (preparation of existing data accordingly, beck casting of the series of data , work in 2010,2011)

-improvement of some data (allocation of FISIM Regulation 448 is applied, back casting of the series, work in 2010,2011

Imputed rents (Regulation applied)-back casting of the series,work in 2010,2011

-still weaknesses in some areas (GNI,R&D)-work in 2010,2011 ,work on the Survey, sources

Activities on implementation of SNA 2008 by kind work process:

Methodological work between staff-internal coordination training

trough working meetings

Visibility of the actions between SSO department trough work on annual and multy-annual planning and meetings

Work with other bodies for activities related implementation –meetings,common trainings

Presentation to the users and discussion regularly-trough special meetings

Activities that could be undertaken trough NA work work process:

Examination of the data available on R&D trough existing surveys ( Investment survey and rehears end development annual survey in SSO ),example

Examination of available sources on database –new data collection should be organized,new sources

Examination of sources of data on private public partnership-register , balance sheets special data sets for SSO

Activities that could be applied trough trainings –support

Private pension funds and insurance

Investment funds

Financial instruments

Unincorporated sector,cooperatives and mutual –social economy

Treatment of GFCf of water , mineral exploration

Non market –government services

Activities undertaken by SSO –plan –support

Implementation of SNA 2008 is part of the NP for harmonization of statistics (CH 18 of Acquie)-Different activities related to implementation

SSO made agreement for translation of the SNA 2008 in Macedonian

SSO had established a WG with members of SSO,NB, MOF and persons from the universities for permanent discussions on implementation of SNA 2008 .This Group will prepare proposals for implementation ( different aspects ) for adoption by Statistical Council

SSO put in IIQ 2010 in the framework of IPA National project one seminar to be held on SNA 2008 with the participants from different institutions, universities and users –basic methodological principles and changes