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Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Baby Gear

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Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Baby Gear - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Baby Gear

By Jenifer J. Michaud


It’s true that babies are small but take up a lot of space. Between baby clothes, cribs and all the

other baby gear you will need, it all adds up. Once you realize how many different baby gear items your

baby will need, you might feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, we are here to help you overcome all the

obstacles you might face.


Different Types of Baby Gear


strollers or even umbrella strollers, you can choose which one works best for your family. For more

information about top rated strollers, visit

There are so many kinds of strollers out there to choose from. From double strollers, to jogging

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are usually more lightweight and compact. They are called umbrella strollers

because their handles look just like an umbrella handle. They are typically easier to fold and cheaper

than other strollers. Many umbrella strollers advise you not to use them until your baby is at least six

months old and can sit up unassisted.

features. Most of them come with brakes for the back wheels. But you can also find some with canopies

and baskets underneath for storage. A canopy is good for a stroller so you can keep the sun out of your

baby’s eyes.

Although many umbrella strollers are just simple strollers, you can find some with added

Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are a good choice for long distance walks. They are also good for parents that

are trying to get back into shape. Typically, these strollers have three wheels, one large in the front and

two in the back. The front wheel is usually able to be locked, so that you don’t have to worry about it

wobbling while you are jogging or walking.

maintaining a smooth ride. Most jogging strollers come with a canopy and under basket storage. You

can also find one with a built-in speaker so you can listen to music while you exercise. If you plan on

using it all year, you might want to buy a rain cover for the stroller. A rain cover will cover the entire

stroller, blocking rain from getting on your precious baby.

Jogging strollers are also great for all terrains; you can take your child on uneven payment while

Double Strollers

Double strollers are great for parents with twins or two small children. You can choose from a

side by side double stroller or one with a front seat and a back seat. For twins, side by side usually work

the best. If you have children that are two different ages, a front and back seat might work better for

you. You can place the younger child in the back so you can see them much easier.

to store them. If you choose a side by side model, you might have difficulties fitting through some

doorways as well. With double strollers, you want the basket underneath for storage. You can even buy

a double jogging or umbrella stroller!

Double strollers aren’t usually easy to fold. They also take up a lot of space when you are trying

Other Things to Look Out For

It’s a great idea to find a stroller that has been safety tested. If you need to, research a brand

before you finally choose a stroller. If you’re buying online, try and find the stroller in a store and walk

with the floor model so you can see how it feels to push. It’s also nice to have a stroller that has a child’s

tray with a cup holder as well as an adult’s tray for you.


that are tall. If you can find a canopy that adjusts one hundred and eighty degrees, that’s another bonus.

Strollers that are easy to fold and unfold can be a huge convenience.

Adjustable handles are also great for parents that have a significant height difference or parents

Car Seats

going to be in a car at some point. You want the safest car seat you can possibly have for your baby.

You’ll want to find a car seat that also has been side crash tested. Canopies are great to have on a car

seat as well as a comfortable handle for when you are carrying your baby. For more information, visit

Car seats are essential for every baby. Even if you don’t drive, your baby is more than likely

your baby is still small. Many car seats come with a base, but if yours doesn’t, you might want to find

another car seat. Car seat bases can range from thirty to sixty dollars sometimes. Always check height

and weight limits before choosing a car seat; you’ll want to make sure you get as much use out of it as

you can.

If you have a stroller that has a children’s tray, you’ll want a car seat that is compatible for when

typical car seat, you can use many until your child is out of car and booster seats completely. Most

convertible car seats can be used from birth to fifty pounds. You can use them rear and front facing.

Many also have removable backs so you can use it when your child no longer needs a booster seat with

a back.

You can even choose a convertible car seat. Although convertible car seats cost more than just a

Travel Systems

Travel systems can also be a great choice to buy. Most travel systems include a stroller, a car

seat and the base for a car seat. This way, your whole travel system matches perfectly. You can also save

a lot of money with a travel system. Many are available for a lower price than just a stroller. You want to

follow the same guidelines that are above when choosing a travel system.

Baby Carriers

Baby wearing is becoming more and more popular; it also is great for mothers who breastfeed.

There are different kinds of baby carriers to choose from including; wraps, slings and convertible



out at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be like second nature. Wraps are great because they

hold your baby close to you. They also make it so you can cuddle your child while being hands free so

you can do other things as well.

Baby wraps are a great choice for when your baby is still small. They might be difficult to figure


fabric; it can get hot while baby wearing. You’ll also want to find one that has a good weight limit on it

so you can use it for a longer time. There are many great brands out there to choose from.

When choosing a wrap, you’ll want to choose a good fabric. You’ll want a breathable lightweight


and still hold your baby nice and close to you. Slings are great for breastfeeding moms; you can feed

without holding your baby. With a sling, you’ll still want a lightweight and breathable fabric so that you

don’t overheat yourself or the baby. Many slings will support a child up to about forty pounds.

Slings are a lot like a baby wrap, but easier to put on. They usually just go over your shoulder

Convertible Carriers

Baby carriers are great once your child is at least four months old. You can use a regular carrier

before they are four months. If you plan on using a carrier with a newborn, make sure you find one that

is made for newborns as well. Newborns need to be facing towards you with their legs a certain way.

Many convertible carriers will allow you to carry your baby facing towards you, forward facing and wear

it like a backpack. Same as with other carriers, find one that has breathable fabric and has a higher

weight limit.

Baby Monitors

A baby monitor is a great thing to have. You can leave your baby alone for a moment and keep

an eye on them with a monitor. You can usually choose between just audio monitors and video

monitors. Video monitors are great if your baby sleeps in their own room, you can look at the screen

and see how they are sleeping. Audio monitors are good if you are just leaving your baby for a moment.

one. Also, many parental units can either be plugged in or use batteries. The option to choose is helpful

so that you can carry your unit around with you. Plugging in is good for when you are going to bed at

night and your baby is sleeping in their room.

It’s also a good idea to find a monitor that has two parental units, just in case you lose or break

Breast Pumps

If you are breastfeeding or plan on breastfeeding, you will need a breast pump. There are so

many to choose from. You can get a single or double pump in either electric or manual. For more

selection, please visit


different. A lot of single electric pumps can also take batteries just in case you are nowhere near a wall

outlet when it’s time to pump. Double electric pumps are helpful for mothers who are exclusively

pumping or are going back to work. With double pumps, you can also usually buy a special bra to insert

your flanges into. With single electric pumps, you typically must hold the pump while in use.

Electric pumps typically work faster than manual pumps; although everyone’s pump response is


since you can control the suctioning power. There are also manual pumps that you just suction onto

your breast and you don’t have to hold it; which can be very helpful in many situations.

Manual pumps require no batteries or electrical outlets. Some women prefer manual pumps

of extra milk, bags might be the better option. You can freeze the bags in the back of your freezer, lying

flat, saving you more space than using the bottles. If you choose a pump that has the storage bottles,

you can always buy bags and transfer your milk after every session.

Pumps either come with bags or bottles to store your milk into. If you’re trying to build a stash


for your baby before your baby is born. You can choose cloth diapers. Cloth diapers save you money and

your baby usually won’t suffer from diaper rash. Cloth diapers also prevent blow out diapers from

happening if you choose the wick away diapers. Plus, you can choose different design and colored

diapers for your baby.

Diapers are an absolute necessity with babies. It can be difficult to choose which ones are best

every baby is different, just because your first child did great with one brand doesn’t mean they will

work with your second or third child. If you are trying to create a diaper stock pile before your baby

arrives, you should buy multiple brands and kinds. This way, if one brand doesn’t work, you will have

back up diapers.

Disposable diapers are more common, but there are so many sizes and brands out there. And


you get some housework done. Many playpens are easy to store and fold. A lot of playpens now come

with a bassinet or a changing table that is removable. If you wanted to place your baby into a bassinet

for the first couple of months, a playpen with a bassinet would be a good idea. This way, you could use

the bassinet portion while they are still so young and then use the playpen part when they get older.

Playpens are great for babies. You can place them inside their playpen for a nap, or to play while

having to worry about them roaming around. You could also take your playpen with you if you visit a

friend or family members house. If you take it with you while traveling, it will ensure your baby has

somewhere to sleep or play. You can also use a playpen to keep animals away from your baby.

You could place your child in their playpen to play or nap while you get housework done without

Baby Swings

find a high-quality swing at a reasonable price. If you plan to use the swing for naps or just play time,

you can find one that has a mobile on top and plays soothing music. Many parents like to use swings to

place their child in when they need to do something else. The calming music and rocking motion

typically puts many babies to sleep. If you could find a swing that swings from side to side and front to

back would be a good option.

Baby swings are very soothing for babies and usually helpful for parents as well. You can usually



bed. You’ll want to choose a durable and safe crib for your baby. It’s also a bonus if you find a crib that

will turn into a toddler bed and then a full. You could get years of use out of a durable convertible crib.

You could also find one that has a changing table attached. Although you could change your baby on a

pad anywhere, changing tables are helpful for those late-night changings. Plus, the changing table

portion usually has drawers and shelves, which can add storage room for diapers, wipes, and clothes.

Cribs are essential, unless you plan on bed sharing until your child is big enough for a toddler

High Chairs

chair that stands on its own, you’ll want one that has a removable tray. The removable tray will help you

with putting the baby in and taking the baby out. You’ll also want to make sure it has a three-point

harness buckle so that your child can’t climb out of the high chair. You can also choose a high chair that

just connects to a regular kitchen chair. These kinds of high chairs are great for traveling, going to

restaurants and visiting family.

High chairs are great when your baby is big enough to start eating solids. If you choose a high


or maybe you’ve seen a picture of yourself as a baby in one. Many bouncers can also be called walkers

as well. If you choose to buy a bouncer for your child, make sure that they have full control of their head

before you place them in one. If you can find one that has toys attached, or lights up or plays music,

your baby will love to play with it. Bouncers are used for play time and help to strengthen their leg

muscles so that they can start crawling and walking.

You might remember that your parents put your siblings in a jumper that hung on the doorway,

Diaper Bags

massive diaper bag; it’ll make it harder to fit into strollers and a hassle to carry. An ideal diaper bag will

have plenty of compartments inside, pockets on the outside, and two compartments on each side of the

outside. If you can find one that has a compartment that is insulated, that would be helpful for bottles.

Some diaper bags will even come with a changing pad, which is great for when you are on the go.

Diaper bags can be helpful but also stressful. To help lessen the stressful part, don’t buy a