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Workplace Communications

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Workplace Communications. Susan McGinley (603) 801-8382. What? Why employees leave companies. The most popular employee complaint. The most important management skill. “Communication” is …. Communications Basics. Listening Skills GroupThink vs. Employee Engagement

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workplace communications

Workplace Communications

Susan McGinley

(603) 801-8382

communication is

Why employees leave companies.

The most popular employee complaint.

The most important management skill.

“Communication” is …

Susan McGinley

communications basics
Communications Basics
  • Listening Skills
  • GroupThink vs. Employee Engagement
  • Corporate Culture

Susan McGinley

listening skills
Listening Skills
  • Natural Instinct is to Not Listen
  • Listening is Active Participation
  • “Good Listeners” do the following:1
    • Think ahead of talker;
    • Weigh evidence presented;
    • Periodically review/summarize points presented; &
    • Listen between the lines.

1 Ralph G. Nichols & Leonard A. Stevens; Listening to People; Harvard Business School Press; 1999

Susan McGinley

employee engagement
Employee Engagement

“The Road to Abilene” Story2

2 Jerry B. Harvey; The Abilene Paradox: The Management of Agreement; 1974

  • Avoid GroupThink
  • Encourage Participation

Susan McGinley

corporate culture effective communication loop
Corporate Culture –Effective Communication Loop

Good Listeners Build Trust & Desire To Share Information

Accurate Information & Constructive Feedback is Communicated

People Talk Candidly without Fear of Reprisal or Judgment

Susan McGinley

corporate culture ineffective communication loop
Corporate Culture –Ineffective Communication Loop

Communication Barriers

(Inconsistency, Punishment, Poor Listening, Unrealistic Expectations)

Distorted Messages Communicated to Meet Perceived Expectations

People Hoard Information & Only Present Good Results

Susan McGinley

communication methods
Communication Methods
  • Management Meetings
    • Skip Level
    • Town Hall
    • Business Reviews
  • Cascading Information
  • Newsletters (emails, postings, etc.)
  • Informal (water cooler, rumors, etc.)

Susan McGinley

communications survey
Communications Survey

RATE THE FOLLOWING (see handout)…

  • Where is your company going?
  • Who is responsible for doing what?
  • How do you do your job?
  • How is your performance?

Susan McGinley

communications for success
Communications for Success


  • Applicable to All Organizational Levels
  • For Immediate Implementation

Susan McGinley