real time operating systems overview n.
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Real-Time Operating Systems Overview. Andrew Landoch. Real-Time OS defined Real-Time OS Characteristics Examples of Real-Time Operating Systems Applications. Introduction. Real-Time operating system is:

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Real-Time OS defined

Real-Time OS Characteristics

Examples of Real-Time Operating Systems


real time os definition

Real-Time operating system is:

    • “one whose correctness involves both the logical correctness of the outputs and their timeliness”.
  • Practical Example
Real-Time OS Definition
real time os definition1

Hard Real-Time OS

Firm Real-Time OS

Soft Real-Time OS

Real-Time OS Definition
real time os characteristics

Must handle multiple threads

  • Must be able to prioritize tasks
  • Must be able to schedule based on priorities
  • Produce results in predictable timeframe
Real-Time OS Characteristics
real time os characteristics1

Admission Control

Resource Reservation

Hard/Soft Real-Time Guarantees

Real-Time OS Characteristics
real time os examples

Small, Proprietary Kernels

Quality of Service Kernels

Real-Time Extensions of Commercial Operating Systems

Real-Time OS Examples
real time os applications


    • Flight Control Systems
    • Maintenance Diagnostics
  • Automotive
    • Control and Monitoring Systems
    • Safety Critical Systems
  • Android
    • ????????
Real-Time OS Applications


Hard Real-Time OS

Safety Critical Applications were results are time critical


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