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impact of wind on navigation PowerPoint Presentation
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impact of wind on navigation

impact of wind on navigation

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impact of wind on navigation

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  1. impact of wind on navigation Don By : sarahsaif 11.57

  2. Navigation Navigation is the science and technical guidance of ships or airplanes from place to place and locate. It represents the process of planning, recording and control the movement of boats on the go. Ancient navigators followed the visible signs on the coasts and studied to determine the wind direction of navigation. Use the Phoenicians and Alpaulinisien stars to find out ways Mlaanhm. Within the General 1100 the Chinese invented the compass, one of the oldest navigational tools used by the crew, although the accuracy were not significant, especially in the deep sea.

  3. Navigation Of guiding the vehicle (aircraft - ships - cars) from one place to another and the ability to locate them at any time. History First to discover the science of navigation are the Phoenicians and navigator means master of the ship navigation and the word navigation is derived from a Latin word meaning a navis ship and agree the word and its meaning draw.

  4. Types of navigation 1. Navigation wilderness: and are used in race cars in the desert and during the fishing trips and explorations of the wilderness. 2. Freedom of navigation: used with naval units to guide them from one place to another. 3. Aviation: the science of guiding the aircraft from one place to another and the ability to locate them at any time during the flight is the most difficult types of navigation.

  5. Shipping routes :- 1 - coastal navigation. 2 - Allaketronah navigation. 3 - astronautics.

  6. Air navigation When flying from one point to another or from one place to another, we need: Knowledge of our place but there is no signs or any one in order to ask him about the way we use this knowledge called science of navigation. But the difference between the air traffic navigation and any other that you fly at very high speeds can not be stopped in the air and want to know your place for this, it is very difficult and very important.

  7. 1 - navigation vision: One method of navigation that use vision as to be considered for landscape features and comparison between the map and I know my situation, including: 2 - Estimated shipping: will making earlier in short: * When moving your car at 100 km / h for a distance of 50 km - What is the time it will takes to go the distance? Half an hour * When flying from one place to another there is wind affect you and cause your deviation This will be flying skewed in the opposite direction in order to follow the same itinerary for the place-bound to .

  8. 3 - a radio navigation beacon for wireless location is known and to know that I am I for her. I am on the direction of 270o and a distance of 25 km from the lighthouse wireless and this I know my situation. 4 - astronomical navigation: And are made using the stars in the sky that appear at a specific time in a year and I set my situation to them such as the use Polaris to determine the direction of north.

  9. 5 - Using satellite navigation: There is a systems that use satellite GPS is what you know about this system? Is a system that consists of 24 satellites revolve around the earth is to know the place using 4 satellites at least by knowing the coordinates. The scholars divided the land to the length of lines and circles to facilitate the display to know where you are. There are 360 ​​and 180 along the lines of latitude.

  10. How time varies from one place to another? The length of each line is different from the one prepared by the 4-minute time difference: 24 hours × 60 minutes / 360 minutes = 4 Egypt on the line along the 30 states that the time difference between Egypt and England, two hours and when we see this time in GMT 12:00 television, so the time in Egypt 02:00 This is the reason for the different time.