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English for Business Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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English for Business Communication

English for Business Communication

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English for Business Communication

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  1. English for Business Communication DLVTC XU MEIRONG

  2. English for Business Communication Third Edition Xu Meirong from Department of Int’l Business Communication of Dalian Vocational & Technical Collage

  3. Learning Objectives • Be able to write letters of advice of establishment of an L/C • Be able to write letters of urging the establishment of an L/C • Be able to write letters of extension of an L/C • Be able to write letters of amendment to the L/C

  4. Main & Difficult Points • Basic contents of a L/C • All parties concerned • The kinds of L/Cs • Urging Establishment of a L/C • Advising the establishment of a L/C • Asking for extension of the L/C • Asking for amendment to the L/C • How to check up a L/C

  5. Key Words & Expressions • Kinds of L/C sight L/C term L/C establish the L/C amend amendment to the L/C extension of the L/C discrepancy • Check the L/C with the terms of contract

  6. Key Words & Expressions • Identifying the reference of your letter • Referring to the 5,000 pieces of Poplin under our Sales Contract No. 518, we wish to call your attention to the fact that the date of delivery is drawing near, but up till now, we have not received the covering Letter of Credit. • Thank you for your L/C No.312 for the captioned goods. On perusal, we find that partial shipment and transshipment are prohibited. • On 3 April, we sent you an irrevocable letter of credit which expires on 30 June. • If you do not open the L/C in time, you will be responsible for the loss resulting from the delay.

  7. Key Words & Expressions • (2) stating the main idea of your letter • a. Please do your utmost to expedite L/C, so that shipment would be effected in time. • b. We regret to say that, owing to a delay on the part of our suppliers, we will not be able to get the shipment ready before the end of this month. • c. Owing to the late arrival of the steamer ,we would appreciate your extending the shipment date and the validity of your L/C to Oct. 15 and Oct.30 respectively. • d. We are pleased to inform you that the L/C covering the above goods has been opened in your favor today. • e. We have received your L/C No.345, but we find it contains the following discrepancies:….We would request you make necessary amendment to your L/C. • f. Please delete the word “about” before the quantity in your L/C. • g. Please amend your L/C to read“partial shipment and transshipment allowed”. • i. Please amend your L/C No.7869 as follows:1) Amount to be increased up to US$120.000. 2) Validity to be extended to May 30.

  8. Key Words & Expressions • (3) Endings • a. Looking forward to receiving your L/C. • b. Thank you for your cooperation in extending the L/C. • c. Please make necessary amendment to your L/C so as enable us to make shipment smoothly. • d. Thank you in advance for your close cooperation.

  9. Task 1 • Warming-up Discussion • Suppose you ,China National Garments Imp. & Exp. Corporation, have signed sales contract with the buyer (Fashion Trading Company in U.K.). According to the S/C, you have got the goods ready for shipment, but you still have not received the relevant L/C from the buyer. What will you write to the buyer?

  10. Writing Steps for reference • identifying the reference of the letter • stating the reasons for urging the establishment of the L/C • requesting for immediate establishment of the L/C • Endings

  11. Specimen Letters for Analysis (1)

  12. Language Points refer to 查看;提及;提交 • 有争议的问题须提交仲裁人处理。 The matter of difference shall be referred to arbitrators. • The technical specifications referred to herein is the documents prepared for this project. 这里提及的技术规格说明书是本项目的文件。 • 请你方查阅我方二零零三年五月七日的去函。 We refer to our letter dated May 7,2003. • 你方关于真丝女衫的询价已转交我方处理。 Your enquiry for silk blouses has been referred to us for attention.

  13. Language Points • expedite v. 加快(进程等);促进(措施等);迅速处理(事务) • 请尽力加快有关信用证的开立。 Please try your best to expedite the establishment of the relative L/C. • delivery date 交货期 • Deliver v. 交付 • delivery n. 交货 • symbolic delivery 象征性交货 • physical delivery 实际交货 • The quantity to be delivered each month must not be less than 30 metric tons. 每月应交的数量不得少于三十公吨。 • 单据已交银行议付。 The documents have already been delivered to the bank for negotiation.

  14. Language Points • execute v. 执行 • 没有详细说明,我们无法执行你方订单。 We cannot execute your order for lack of particulars. • All disputes in connection with this Contract or the execution thereof should be settled amicably by negotiation. 涉及本合同的争执或执行本合同中所发生的一切争执应通过友好协商予以解决。 • 我们始终是竭尽全力全面执行合同的。 We always do our best to execute our contracts to the full. • prescribe v 规定 • 请查阅你方第2003号信用证,该信用证规定不允许转船。 We refer you to your L/C No.2003 which prescribes that transshipment is not allowed. • 我们相信你方会在规定的时间内装运我方订货。 We trust you will ship our order within the time prescribed.

  15. Language Points • fall due 到期(应付给,应偿付) • due to do 定于(某时做某事) • due for 应该得到 • due to 由于(作状语);应属于,应给予(作表语或定语) • 汇票到期了。 due adj. 应得的;适当的;到期的;应支付的;定于(到达) The bill is due. • 航班预计中午到达上海。 The flight is due in Shanghai at noon. • 双方定于下周签订合同。 Both sides are due to sign a contract in the next week. • 明年我们的薪水等级应该修改。 Our salary scales are due for revision next year.

  16. Language Points • shipping company 轮船公司 • shipping agent 货运代理人 • shipping instruction 装运指示;装运须知 • shipping advice 装运通知 • shipping documents 装运单据 • shipping mark 装运标志 • shipping container 船运集装箱 • shipping order 装货纸;装货单 • shipping space 舱位;船位 • shipping date 装船日期 • shipping day 开船日期 • steamer ship 蒸汽机轮船 • motor vessel 内燃机轮船 shipping 装运;运输

  17. Language Points • Please see to it that the stipulations in the L/C should be in strict accordance with those of the contract. 务请你方做到信用证的条款要与合同的条款完全一致。 • Please see to it that the L/C is timed to reach here before the end of this month. see to it that 要注意使…;务必使…;保证使… 请注意安排使信用证在月内到达这里。 • Please see to it that the L/C is opened 30 days before the time of shipment. 请确保信用证在装运期前三十天开出。 • subsequent amendments 随后的修改

  18. Language Points • be in strict conformity with 与…严格一致 • Be in exact accordance with sth • Be in conformity with / to sth • to open an L/C with the bank 由…银行开出信用证(直接) • to open an L/C through the bank 通过…银行开出信用证(间接) • to establish an L/C • to issue an LC

  19. Chinese version of Letter 1 执事先生: 事由:我方第518号销售合同 关于我方第518号销售合同项下的3000打真丝衬衫,交货期日益逼近而有关的信用证尚未收到,这一事实提请你方予以注意。请立即赶开该信用证以便使此订单得以顺利执行。 顺便告知,根据此地船运公司计划,“和平”轮预计下月中旬驶往贵港。如能在本月底前收到你方的信用证,我们则可能赶上这一班轮。 为避免随后的修证,请务必做到信用证的条款与合同条款完全一致。 期待佳音。 谨上,

  20. Task 2 • Warming-up Discussion • Suppose you are China National Garments Imp. & Exp. Corporation, and have signed Purchase Contract with the seller (Fashion Trading Company in U.K.). According to the S/C, you have applied to the opening bank for establishment of the relevant L/C. What will you write to the seller?

  21. Writing Steps for reference • 1.identifying the reference of the letter • 2.informing the seller of the establishment of the L/C • 3.requesting for punctual shipment • 4.Endings

  22. Specimen Letters for Analysis (2)

  23. Language Points • draw one’s attention to 请…注意;提请…注意 • Similar Expressions • invite one’s attention to • call one’s attention to • direct one’s attention to • bring one’s attention to • We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the validity of the L/C is drawing near. Please do your utmost to effect shipment without further delay. 请你方注意这样一个事实,信用证的有效期已临近。请尽力完成装运不得有进一步的延误。 • 提请你方注意信用证的有效期。 We would like to call your attention to the quality of the goods .

  24. Language Points expire v. 期满 信用证于五月十五日期满。 The L/C expires on May 15. • 这批货物必须在许可证期满前运到。 expiration n. 期满;终止 expiry n. 期满;截止日期 The shipment must arrive here before the expiration of the license. • 信用证的截止日期是五月十五日。 The date of expiry of the L/C is May 15. • busy season 销售旺季 • selling season

  25. Language Points • involve us in problem with buyers使我方(在向客户交货方面)陷入困境 Your delay in shipment will undoubtedly involve us in no small difficulty. • be in urgent need of sth. 急需 • be in need of sth 需要 • be badly in need of sth 急需 • be in dire need of sth 急需 • be in great need of sth 急需 你方在装运方面的延误,使我方陷入极大的困境中。 • 请尽快装运我方所订购货物,因为我方买主急需该货。 Please do your utmost to expedite the shipment of our order as our buyers are in urgent need of the gods.

  26. Chinese version of Letter 2 执事先生: 我们想提请你方注意我方第321号订单订购的500匹纯毛兰哔叽呢。 我方已于4月3日寄给你们不可撤销的信用证,该信用证有效期截止为6月30日。 现在正值销售旺季,我们的客户急需此货。因此希望尽快装运。 我们必须重申在装运我订单货物方面的任何延误都将使我方陷入困境,也会影响我们双方未来的交易。 如蒙早复将不胜感激。 谨上,

  27. Specimen Letters for Analysis (3)

  28. Task 3 • Warming-up Discussion • Suppose you ,China National Garments Imp. & Exp. Corporation, have signed sales contract with the buyer (Fashion Trading Company in U.K.). According to usual practice, you have received the relative L/C and found that everything in the L/C is in good order. Then you should make shipment accordingly, but owing to the delay on the part of your suppliers, you cannot ship the goods in time. What will you write to the buyer?

  29. Writing Steps for reference • 1.identifying the reference of the letter • 2.stating the reasons for extension to the L/C • 3.requesting for extension to the L/C • 4.tending apologies, • 5.expressing your good will to make prompt shipment

  30. Language Points • on one’s part 就…而言;在…方面 • on the part of sb 就…而言;在…方面 • 这是轮船公司方面的错误。 The fault is on the part of the shipping company. • 就我们这方面来说,一贯遵守诺言。 On our part, we always keep to our promise. on the part of our suppliers 就…而言;在…方面 • 很遗憾,由于我供货商的延误,我方无法在本月底前将货物备妥。 We are sorry that owing to some delay on the part of our suppliers, we are unable to get the goods ready before the end of this month. • 我方同意自负费用,向你方提供试用打字机,你方不承担任何责任。 We should be pleased to send you any of our typewriters on approval at our own expense, and without any obligation on your part.

  31. Language Points • in the mid-May 五月中旬 • late in May 五月下旬 • ultimo 简写ult. means last month 上个月 • instant 简写inst. means this month 本月 • proximo 简写prox. means next month 下个月 in the early part of May 五月初;五月上旬 • extend v. 展期;扩展;给予 • extension n. 展期 • 我们希望与你方扩大这一领域的业务。 We would like to extend our business with you in this line.

  32. Language Points • to this effect • to the above effect • 上周我们给你去信大意是说我们正在检查这批货物。 We wrote you last week to the effect that we were inspecting the goods. to that effect 就…意思 • 我们按这个意思传真给你方。 We are faxing you to this effect. • 展证信的由来: 造成出口人要求展证的原因是多方面的:主观上——货源不足,生产事故,运输脱节等;客观上——自然灾害,社会动乱或进口人未能在合同规定的期限内把信用证开到等等。

  33. Language Points • 展证信的要点: 根据责任的不同,采取相应的措辞和语气。但目的都是促使进口人同意展证,从而保证合同的顺利执行。 展证信涉及到两个期限:装运期和有效期。 • 展证信的中心内容:提出具体的展证要求,即要求展延多少天或展延到具体某一天,同时一定要充分说明原因和理由。

  34. Chinese version of Letter 3 执事先生: 有关2000打男式衬衫订单的信用证已收悉,谢谢。 然而,我们深感抱歉由于供货商方面的延误致使我方未能在本月底前将货物备妥。因此,今日早些时候我方就此意传真告知你方。 预计货物将于9月初备妥,并准备安排装运到9月3日从大连启航的“五月花”轮上。 期待早日收到对上述信用证的传真修改书以便于我方完成装运。 本公司就此次延误深感歉意,不便之处,敬请原谅。 谨上,

  35. Task 4 • Warming-up Discussion • Suppose you,China National Garments Imp. & Exp. Corporation, have signed sales contract with the buyer (Fashion Trading Company in U.K.). According to usual practice, you have received the relative L/C, but after checking the L/C with your S/C, you found something wrong or not in agreement with the stipulations of your S/C. What will you write to the buyer?

  36. Writing Steps for reference • 1.identifying the reference of the letter • 2.pointing out the discrepancies between the L/C and the S/C • 3.requesting for immediate amendment to the L/C • 4.endings

  37. Basic knowledge of an L/C • 1. the parties concerned • 2.the contents of an L/C • 3.the kinds of L/Cs • 4.the usual procedures for checking an L/C

  38. 1.The parties concerned in an L/C • 开证行 issuing/opening bank • 通知行 advising/notifying bank • 受益人 beneficiary • 保兑行confirming bank:根据开证行的要求,在信用证上加具保兑的银行。保兑行 在信用证加具保兑后,必须承担付款或议付的责任。 • 议付行negotiating bank:应信用证受益人的请求,依据信用证规定条款,审核无误后予以议付,然后将单据寄给开证行或指定银行,收回垫款的银行。 • 转递行transmitting bank:将开证行开立的信用证原件转给受益人的银行。 • 付款行 paying bank:在收到开证行的信用证后,以自己的通知书格式照录后通知受益人。 • 偿付行reimbursing bank:指接受开证行的委托,代开证行偿还议付垫款的银行。 开证申请人 applicant

  39. 2.Basic Contents of an L/C 开证行名: 开证地点和日期。 出口方名称: 地址或通知行名称。 信用证的性质/号码 开证文句:开证说明受何进口商的委托开立信用证。 汇票文句:受益人应凭汇票取款,汇票的付款人是谁,金额多少,汇票是即期还是远期。 跟单文句:汇票应附有哪些单据、各需几份、货物的名称、品质、数量、重量、包装和价格。 分批装运及转船:说明是否允许分批装运和转船。 装船期限及信用证有效期文句 开证行负责文句:确定开证行的付款责任。 开证行对议付行或代付行的提示文句,要求议付行在议付或代付时应注意办理的事项。 附加条款:如保兑条款、限制船只国籍条款,限制航程条款、履约保证条款等。

  40. 3. Kinds of L/Cs sight L/C term L/C =time L/C =usance L/C revocable L/C -- irrevocable L/C confirmed L/C -- unconfirmed L/C transferable L/C -- non-transferable L/C revolving L/C -- non-revolving L/C divisible L/C -- indivisible L/C clean L/C -- documentary L/C L/C without recourse -- L/C with recourse automatic revolving L/C -- non-automatic revolving L/C Cumulative revolving L/C -- non-cumulative revolving L/C

  41. 4. The usual procedures for Checking an L/C 1.信用证的种类及条款与合同一致。 2.信用证中的两个主要当事人,即开证人和受益人的名称必须准确无误。 3.信用证中的合同号码是否正确。 4.信用证是否有效。 5.信用证金额应与合同规定一致。 6.付款是即期还是远期。 7.信用证有效期、交单期及到期地点是否充裕。 8.货物或商品的说明必须与合同一致。 9.装运港及目的港必须与合同一致。 10.有关保险的规定应与合同一致。 11.信用证中是否存在其它不合理的要求。

  42. Specimen Letters for Analysis (4)

  43. Language Points • discrepancy n. 异样;差异 ,不一致 • 如果单价与总金额之间有出入,应以单价为准。 In case of any discrepancies between unit prices and total amount, unit prices shall govern. • 请核查原有的成本估算表与实际帐单之间的差额。 Please check the discrepancies between the original estimate of the cost and the actual bills. • more or less 溢短装条款;或多或少 我们一个一个地检查,发现每个都有不同程度的渗漏。 We examined them one by one and found that each of them was leaking more or less. • 折扣或多或少能给我们一些鼓励,能使我们更加努力地推销你方的产品。 Discount will more or less encourage us to make every effort to push sales of your products.

  44. Language Points • 根据合同规定,付款条件应为即期信用证而不是即期付款交单。 instead of 代替, 而不是 As stipulated, payment is to be made by sight L/C instead of sight D/P. • 所报价的茶叶应是一级茶叶,而不是二级茶叶。 The tea offered should have been first grade instead of second grade.

  45. Chinese version of Letter 4 执事先生: 收到你方第8888号信用证,谢谢。但是发现信用证与第0112号合同不符,差异如下: 信用证: 合同: 1) 不允许转船 1) 允许转船 2) 3、4月份等量装运 2) 不迟于4月1日装运 3) 无溢短装条款 3) 允许5%的溢短装 为了能顺利地完成装运,请立即对你方的信用证作必要的修改。 谨上,

  46. Specimen Letters for Self-Study Letter 5

  47. Language Points • examination n. 检查;检验 • examine v. 检查;检验 • upon examination 一经检验就… • on examination 一经检验就… • after examination 经过检验后… • 经销商允许厂家随时检查他与零售商的账户和合同。 Distributor shall permit examination by the producer at any time of such accounts and any contracts with his retailers. • 经审核发现你方信用证有与合同规定不符的地方。 Upon examination, we have found there are some discrepancies in your L/C. • transshipment n. 转船 • 货物必须在伦敦转船。 The goods will have to be transshipped at London.

  48. Language Points • partial shipment 分批装运 • part shipment 分批装运 • direct steamer 直达轮船 • direct sailing 直达船 • infrequent 稀少 • few and far between 稀少 more often than not 常常;多半 • with regard 关于 • with reference • as regards • regarding • as to • about • in connection with • referring to • Respecting • in respect of

  49. Language Points With regard to the point you have just raised, we will have it investigated. • 关于合同中的第三条款,我们已通知银行开立信用证。 • 关于你方刚刚提出的问题,我们将进行调查。 As to Item 3 in the contract, we have instructed our bank to open the covering L/C. • 关于你方五月十八日的要求,我们遗憾地通知你们,你方价格太低。 In connection with your request of May 18th, we are sorry to tell you that your price is too low. • Kindly let us hear from you regarding the possibility of shipment to be made in June. 请来信告知你方能否在六月份装船。 • 关于装运时间,我们希望十月份交货。 In respect to the time of shipment, we want the goods to be delivered in October.

  50. amend v. 修改 Language Points • amendment n. 修改;修改书 • amendment advice = advice of amendment 修改通知书 • 协议书的措辞需要修改。 The wording of the agreement calls for amendment. • 请对信用证速作修改。 Please rush the amendment to the L/C. • 请将信用正上的金额修改为“允许5%上下幅度”。 Please amend the amount of the L/C to read“5% more or less allowed”.