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January 9, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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January 9, 2014

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January 9, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Los Angeles Community College District Program Management Office Master Planning and FMP&OC Policy and Procedures. January 9, 2014. Agenda. Objectives. Master plan types Administrative regulations & board rules LACCD board approval process

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Los Angeles Community College DistrictProgram Management OfficeMaster Planning and FMP&OCPolicy and Procedures

January 9, 2014


Master plan types

Administrative regulations & board rules

LACCD board approval process

Align long-range facilities master plan with education master plan

FMP&OC Process

Roll up to Program Master Plan

types of master plans
Types of Master Plans

Facilities Plan

Education Plan

Resource Plan

  • CA Community Colleges (CCC) master plan includes:
  • CCC 5-year construction plan includes:
    • Master plan summaries;
    • Capital improvement needs;
    • Project lists; and
    • New projects proposed for the next funding cycle.
  • Long-range (+/-30 year) master plan – CEQA

Facilities master plan updates require CEQA compliance

    • Environmental Impact Report (EIR) addenda
    • Negative declarations
    • Supplemental OR subsequent EIRs
  • CEQA compliance method affects timing
  • District administrative regulation B-24 adds to CEQA requirements
laccd rules and regulations
LACCD Rules and Regulations

Steve Veres, chair

Scott J. Svonkin

Ernest H. Moreno

  • Administrative Regulations
    • B-20 (permits)
    • B-24 (CEQA guidelines)
    • B-25 (zoning reviews)
  • Board Rules
    • Chapter II- Article VI
  • Facilities Master Planning and Oversight Committee (FMP&OC)
laccd rules and regulations1
LACCD Rules and Regulations
    • Go to Board of Trustees & About LACCD
fmp oc

Performance Audit

  • Provide policy guidance and program oversight
    • Master plans and EIRs
    • Sustainability and energy
    • Reports, policy compliance and briefings
    • Design concept review (more than $5 million)
    • Other related matters
facilities master planning goals
Facilities Master Planning Goals

Present standardized plans with uniform data

Align and optimize college facilities plans with educational mission and plans


Facilities Master Planning / Project Approval Processes

Material change is contemplated. College makes changes to draft master plan.



CEQA counsel/


Project approval

Master Plan/ EIR approval

Design team

CEQA counsel determines if CEQA process is necessary


College notifies its facilities director to update space inventory in Fusion & 5-yr. capital construction plan, if required

CPM determines if project budget is in excess of $5 mil

No further Board action required. Design team proceeds with design completion.


FMP&OC review and recommend MP update approval

CPM finalizes facilities master plan update


FMP&OC presentation & recommendation for approval of design concept

CEQA process required

CEQA process not required

CEQA counsel & consultant commence CEQA process in accordance w/CEQA regulations & Admin Reg. B-24

Board approval

Design team proceeds with design completion

Board approval

Board hearing

fmp oc master planning presentation
FMP&OC – Master Planning Presentation
  • FMP&OC MP update presentation template
  • Template highlights
    • Growth trends
    • Utilization and cap-load ratios
    • Geographic service area
    • Alignment with top program priorities
    • M&O costs
  • Alignment with baseline budget recovery and priority plan schedule
  • Contact: Magdalen Hron
    • magdalen.hron@build-laccd.orgor 213-550-6172
fmp oc project presentation
FMP&OC – Project Presentation
  • Conceptual design presentations with budgets in excess of $5 million
  • Additional requirements
    • Alignment with board-approved master plan
    • Alignment with budget recovery and priority plan schedule
    • Conformance with the state-required square feet (sf) per student ratio
        • #s of students served in the building
        • SF of classrooms
        • SF per student ratio
        • Comparison with the state requirement
    • Show impact on M&O costs, if any

FMP&OC Submittal Process



Preparation phase

College president & CPM initiate FMP&OC presentation date

CEQA counsel/




Consultant prepares board submittal package documentation and FMP&OC presentation

3 weeks prior

CPM submits FMP&OC package to PMO

2 weeks prior

FMP&OC presentation & recommendation for approval

CPM schedules presentation dry run(s) with president, consultants & PMO

PMO reviews & comments on submittal package and presentation

1 week prior

PMO schedules final dry run w/chief facilities executive, president, consultants & CPM

PMO submits package to district

2 days prior

PMO submits package to FMP&OC

CPM sends final documents and presentation to PMO



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