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Fashion Styles

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Click the box above. Watch the Recap of Fashion Week. Sketch your favorite design of the season. (sketch of body in folder). Fashion Styles. V. Shipley. Intro Bellwork : .

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fashion styles

Click the box above. Watch the Recap of Fashion Week. Sketch your favorite design of the season. (sketch of body in folder)

Fashion Styles

V. Shipley

intro bellwork
Intro Bellwork:
  • “As you probably already know, fashion styles come and go. “Just when I get used to something new and start to wear it,” one person said, “it’s out-of-date.” In contrast , many people love the quick fashion changes. They look forward to wearing something different and don’t mind spending money on the latest fashions.”
  • What do you think? Do you like the pace of change in fashions, or would you like it to be slower? Why do you think people have different opinions on this questions?
what is fashion
What is Fashion??
  • Fashion: particular style that is popular at ta given time.
  • Style: characteristics that distinguish one particular item of clothing from another.
    • Ex: Jeans are a specific style of pants.
  • Classics: certain styles stay in fashion for a long time.
    • Simple
what is fashion continue
What is Fashion?? (Continue)
  • Fad: Very popular for only a short period of time.
    • Less expensive
    • Return when found by another generation
  • Avant-Garde: French expression that means ahead of fashion.

Click box to the left.

Popular Fad in 1960’s

retro vintage
Retro & Vintage
  • Retro-Styles of earlier time come back into fashion.
  • Vintage-Fashions from an earlier time.