road map by arash jalali n.
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Road Map by: Arash jalali PowerPoint Presentation
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Road Map by: Arash jalali

Road Map by: Arash jalali

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Road Map by: Arash jalali

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  1. Road Mapby: Arash jalali

  2. Getting A Good Start Win ! Company Logo

  3. Preview • Why should you have a plan? • Why do many people not have one? • What ought to go into a decent plan? • When you have plan, then what? Company Logo

  4. The Recipe for a DoneBusiness suggest that you devise and then follow a ROAD MAP Company Logo

  5. The Road Map to your DoneBusiness Company Logo

  6. Now why should you devise a Road Map? So You Can WIN! Company Logo

  7. Now why should you devise a Road Map? So YOU Get to Where You Want to BE ! Company Logo

  8. Expect 40% Less ! Without a Road Map……… Company Logo

  9. For your Road Map to be of Value you Must… • Be clear what you want • Have an intense desire to win • Be organized & well financed Company Logo

  10. ZHave enough capable buyer in your universalTell them what you do And You Must… Company Logo

  11. And You Must… • Apply Appropriate strategies to • Promote your offering • Convert interest to sales • Fulfill need satisfactorily • And keep it going and going Company Logo

  12. And You Must… • Measure all appropriate thing and keep it score • Income • Expense • Profite • satisfaction, yours and customers Company Logo

  13. And You Must… • Have support the people who sincerely care about you • Peers who supply valid and reliable perspective • Who you call on when you Need an ear Company Logo

  14. How do you you win a sailboatrace? Company Logo

  15. Get a good start! Company Logo

  16. Flawlessly execute wining strategy • And you might get to take home a nice trophy Company Logo

  17. This doesn’t come easy Company Logo

  18. Winning Begins With A Good Start! Company Logo

  19. Your Road Map to a Done business will generate a string of monthly Game plans…the successful of execution of which transform your enterprise Company Logo

  20. “Starting of right matters! Company Logo

  21. devising your road map takes thinking, working with numerical fact, figures and projections Company Logo

  22. And yes yes you do need to write it!

  23. You begin with an analysis of where are you now, Then you describe where you want to be next Next Company Logo

  24. We will help you to do This Company Logo

  25. Then you can just go and do it Company Logo

  26. There may be many thing to Start doing. And old thing to Stop doing Company Logo

  27. You want the changes you make to generate positive result Company Logo

  28. planing is not just about number and the facts Company Logo

  29. Company Logo

  30. you also should consider that have nothing to do with number… like your feeling and those of your family member Company Logo

  31. what impact will the change you make have on your family member? Will be away from home more or less that you were before? Company Logo

  32. XxxHome time …. Vs … office time? Company Logo

  33. The obvious solution! A home office Company Logo

  34. AAlbert worked here ! Company Logo

  35. You can be crystal clear !! Company Logo

  36. Keys to creating your Done Business Road Map Company Logo

  37. Keep it simple! Company Logo

  38. No Matter where your plan to go. You gottaStart Company Logo

  39. Road Map Questions • Goals? How much $$ do you expect ? • What about incomes, expense and profits? • How will you improve your marketing? • What system do you create and by when? • What about time spent working and stress? • What obstacle you need to overcome ? • What’s missing ? Company Logo

  40. A mission Statement describe your… Company Logo

  41. Benefited of purpose drive Business & Life Company Logo

  42. Describe your….. Purpose Company Logo

  43. What is your Vision for your Business Vision describe your future Direction. Where you want to go from Now Company Logo

  44. Where you Going? Company Logo

  45. Purpose & Vision unleashed You gotta your power to get all your want Image of achievement Company Logo

  46. Image of achievement Picture of what you want Company Logo

  47. Is your business,what the main thing you want to accomplish next? What it would it be like if you did that? Company Logo

  48. Rocksare structure that you need to successes Company Logo

  49. Offerings People Attitude Marketing Delivery Profits System Which Rocks you need to Attention Company Logo

  50. Which Routine need some attention? Company Logo