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Innovation Process The Power of Collaboration. This Powernoodle Solution was developed with Powernoodle Expert: Henk Korevaar, F- fectis.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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this powernoodle solution was developed with powernoodle expert henk korevaar f fectis
This Powernoodle Solution was developed with Powernoodle Expert: Henk Korevaar, F-fectis

Henk Korevaar is the author of a dozen books on topics such as team-building, project-management, costs and effects of (IT) projects as well as innovation modeling.

His special areas of expertise include:

  • Innovation processes design and implementation in corporate, government and educational environments.
  • Professional development and change management workshop design and facilitation worldwide for groups of up to 200 participants.

Henk Korevaar

Dispenser of enthusiasm and facilitator of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing networks.

what s going on
What’sgoing on?

Workplace developments:

  • Employees using ICT tools more and more
  • Growing demand for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Employees want to access data 24/7
  • Work is not limited to office or workspace
  • Trafifc jams and commuting times becoming more and more onerous
  • Cost of office space is getting higher
  • Percentage of time office space is in use is declining
what does that lead to
What does that lead to?

There’s a new terminology to describe the workplace:

  • New Way of Working
  • FlexibleWorking
  • NomadWorking
  • Smart Office
  • Smart Work Centre
  • Meeting Plaza
  • Flexible Office
where could this change take us
Where could this change take us?
  • Misunderstanding
  • Miscommunication
  • Misguided expectations
  • Large investments in ICT, office space, training
  • Low return on investments
  • Dissatisfied employees (and bosses..)
  • Failedprojects
  • Empty offices
  • Unused IT
our challenge
Our Challenge

Changes to structure of the workplace and the IT facilities require people to become more flexible and collaborative in how they work and communicate.

Everyone is expected to develop new competencies to better achieve individual and team goals.

Flexible working, smart working, workplaceinno-vation, telecommuting.

What is the name for this?

New Ways We Work.

our solution
Our Solution?


It helps groups, teams and individuals activate their creativity and make collaborative decisions in a well structured, goal-oriented interactive process.

Groups visualize all possible options, filter and evaluate them and make decisions. This leads to prioritized action, achieving tangible results and effects.

the ultimate goal
The Ultimate Goal

Make maximum use of the lessons learnt by organisations that have successfully implemented a “new way of work’.

  • Allow staff to work independent of time and place, where possible.
  • Ensure employees and their managers have agreed to a well-defined set of SMART-defined goals.
  • Provide the technical and physical infrastructure and support.
  • Implement flexible working relationships and contracts.
the focus
The Focus

Bricks = physical workspace and environment

Bytes = all technology

Behavior = the way people do their work, the culture of the organisation

Organizations need to look at their entire operations to understand where change needs to occur.

New Ways of Working models make new use of technology, but they are not only about IT.

how may we help you an example
How may we help you? An example.

Company A decided that implementing a ‘New Way We Work’ will help achieve its strategic long-term goals.

Management was committed to making these changes in close collaboration with employees.

Powernoodle was selected as the collaboration tool tohelp guide decision-making throughout the whole company.

The company installed a team of in-house ‘ambassadors’ to take the lead in changing the culture of the organization. These ambassadors identified what, how, and when elements of the workplace needed to foster the desired changes on ‘the ways we work’.

To be successful they needed input and ideas from all employees.

the implementation challenge
The implementation challenge.

The team of in-house ambassadors took the lead in changing the culture of the organization.

This group also acted as the communication liaison between employees and management.

They implemented ways to:

  • Understand and support what ‘New Way We Work’ really means
  • Seekandaskfor input and ideas from all employees
  • Keep clear communication flow between employees and management
how did powenoodle help
How did Powenoodle help?

The ambassador’s collaborated through Powernoodle and then used it to gather input and feedback from employees.

  • They added as many ideas as they could in the Brainstormstep, and made lots of comments on other people’s ideas. This created a rich and honest dialogue.
  • All ideas were categorised under one of:
    • BRICKS (meaning all elements that have relation with the physical workspace)
    • BYTES ( IT sytems or technologies)
    • BEHAVIOR (everything that related to the individual competencies of the staff)
and next
And next?

In the Rating step, the ambassadors considered every idea and rated each idea based how much it would:

  • lower cost
  • improve quality
  • improve productivity
  • decrease travel time and cost

if adopted the idea under the New Way of Working model.

and what was the result
And What was the Result?

A clear and comprehensive report that showed all the elements of ‘New Way We Work’ including its anticipated effect on the company’s Bricks, Bytes and Behaviors.

It clearly demonstrated that these three elements need to be in balance in order to have ‘The New Ways We Work’ become a success!


The result of these Powernoodle sessions –an Action Plan with carefully assessed priorities compiled from input across the company.

what did the company experience
What did the company experience?

After implementing the ‘New Way We Work’, the company assessed the overall impact:

  • Higher productivity
  • Fewer miles traveled
  • Less time needed for transportation
  • Fewer and more effective meetings
  • Optimal use of available working space
  • Flexibility and accessibility (24/7)
powernoodle help and support
Powernoodle Help and Support

For more information, other examples and practical directions, you can:

  • Watch the Powernoodle Organizer Training Series videos.
  • Log in and visit the Help section.
  • Contact us at
  • Join the user groups online.

Henk Korevaar


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