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  2. What was the XYZ Affair The XYZ affair was a diplomatic incident that almost lead to a war with U.S.A and France. When John Adams sent three US diplomats to make peace with France, instead the minister of France sent 3 agents called X, Y, and Z to deal with the US. X, Y, and Z demanded o total of 10million 250thousand dollars.John Adams did not like this, so he started attacking French ships.

  3. Who did it involve? It involved our 2ndpresident, John Adams, our diplomats the minister of France at the time Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, our 3 diplomats, Charles Pinckney, John Marshall, and Elbridge Gerry. It also involved the 3 French agents, X, Y, and Z.

  4. When did this Affair happen? The XYZ affair happened in 1797-1798’ It happened while France were at war with Britain.

  5. How did this affair start When the French attacked American ships, John Adams reacted in the way that he sent 3 diplomats to make peace. Instead the French agents X, Y, and Z demanded a bribe. They demanded $10 million loan, a $250,000 personal bribe to French foreign minister Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, and a formal apology for comments made by U.S. President John Adams.

  6. How did the Affair end? John Adams could not take this bribe, so he started to attack French ships. This lead to the undeclared war between France and USA called the Quasi war. The affair worsened the relationship between the US and France.

  7. What do you think would have happened, if John Adams reacted differently? John Adams reacted by sinking French ships. This lead to the Quasi War. I think one of two things would happen. 1. I think that the French would keep asking for bribes, and we would keep paying them. Eventually we would go bankrupt. 2. I think that John Adams would find another way to not pay the French, but not go into to much fighting.

  8. Who were X, Y, and Z X, Y, and Z were agents for the minister of France. They were later identified as Jean Conrad Hottinguer, Pierre Bellamy and Lucien Hauteval.

  9. What did the American citizens think of this affair, how did they react? American citizens were furious with this affair. Their opinion was that the French think the we are weak and will not stand up for ourselves. They made a slogan that said "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute"

  10. THE END THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!  Xyz affair Shounak vale