wal mart has competition with classy dressers n.
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Wal-Mart has competition with classy dressers PowerPoint Presentation
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Wal-Mart has competition with classy dressers

Wal-Mart has competition with classy dressers

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Wal-Mart has competition with classy dressers

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  1. Wal-Mart has competitionwith classy dressers 1

  2. To our relief, the bikini was added upon arrival in America. This outfit was designed by the Sho-ur-kuchee tribe in South America.

  3. The camo look really makes this outfit difficult to see at the park.

  4. Nothing says “sexy” like a good fitting shirt when shopping.

  5. Matching gloves and shoes, a touch of real class.

  6. The mystic wizzard was finally seen in public in the daylight.

  7. His outfit was designed by Semore Butts. The over the shoulder fanny pack give it some flare.

  8. Good thing she wore the leg warmers, otherwise this outfit would be a total flop.

  9. A discrete use of the tongue to indicate the size of it. We definitely appreciate the use of a lot of extra material in this outfit.

  10. Wearing her little sister’s bikini was probably not a good decision, however it does create the illusion that there is a single, vertical crack.

  11. A purse, cell phone and a thong. This outfit warrants long hair, perhaps long enough to reach the knees.

  12. Somewhere a Polar bear is missing two feet.

  13. The blue starfish sets this outfit apart from all the other look-a-likes. Her mom is so proud of her!

  14. Golden Boy has arrived to save the day.

  15. This outfit is just too cool for words.

  16. Let’s see, tank top, sunglasses, over-flared slacks, ski goggles, water bottle. Yep, she is ready to hit the slopes.

  17. This outfit would really be chic if he were also wearing roller blades.

  18. Thank goodness not all of her dress is see-thru. Her top reminds us of a Jack-In-The-Box, just ready to pop out.

  19. I didn’t know material came in a width that wide. The outfit does give her a bouncy look.

  20. Here’s a classic example of the use of “Fake’um out fur”. A lot of guys would trade their thongs for an outfit like this.

  21. Nothing looks more manly than wearing a cellphone and sunglasses case around your waist. The backpack shows he is a real man’s man.

  22. Not too showey, and not to discrete. This outfit is perfect for a stroll in the summer on the street.

  23. At the end of a rainbow you’ll find a…

  24. OH MY !!! I’m speechless.

  25. This outfit speaks for itself. Listen, you can hear it saying, “Those boots don’t do it.”

  26. The world is still safe. Spiderman lives on!