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Action Planning for Change

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Action Planning for Change. What is Action Planning?. Map that helps you to reach your goals; Process that builds knowledge and skills; Set of principles and practices of basic planning to move ideas into action; Tool for identifying resources to achieve success;

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what is action planning
What is Action Planning?
  • Map that helps you to reach your goals;
  • Process that builds knowledge and skills;
  • Set of principles and practices of basic planning to move ideas into action;
  • Tool for identifying resources to achieve success;
  • Action Plan to accomplish goals.
action plan map
Action Plan Map?

What does Action Planning Look Like?

► A group process where you and your peers will meet

together to identify a community-wide need/issue;

► Your group prioritizes types of projects or activities that will have impact and lead to community success;

► Your group identifies resources needed such as space, cash, in-kind contributions, materials, and assistance; and

► Your group evaluates your group process, the action plan, and the impact/success of your project.

action plan details the plan
Action Plan Details: The Plan

Step One:

Identify community issue or concern your group wants to work on.

The lack of formal leadership training for neighborhood community council officers minimizes their access to resources and ability to function more effectively in serving the community. (Salt Lake NHS)

step two identify steps to achieve success
Step Two: Identify steps to achieve success.
  • In Elkhart, the results we hope to achieve include neighbors gaining knowledge about each other’s cultures and building relationships with people different from themselves. We would like to highlight the assets (schools, churches, and youth) of our community and present our Quality of Life plan for the neighborhoods.
step five create a fundraising plan
Step Five: Create a fundraising plan.
  • Elkhart: Funds will be raised through a food contest entry fee and through business and organization sponsorships.
step six identify resources and assets available for the project
Step Six: Identify resources and assets available for the project.

Goshen: Residents will be working closely with a local garden center business owner. He will donate additional gardening resources such as materials for raised beds and seedlings. He will also offer his expertise. Boys and Girls Club will also offer expertise and staff time.


In Chamberlain Neighborhood, residents anticipate a range of good results, including a heightened awareness of healthy food and environmental stewardship. Residents also expect an improvement in the appearance of their existing garden, since more people will have "ownership" of the space; and perhaps most important, relationships between neighborhood youth and adults will be strengthened.

sample plan 1
Sample Plan #1
  • Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) (Parks, Greenspace and Gardening)

The Center for Planning Excellence, in partnership with Old South Baton Rouge Garden Alliance will create a youth gardening program. The program will target youth between the ages of eight and twelve, and will provide them instruction on how to grow and sell their own crops. In addition to developing knowledge of horticulture, the students will learn basic construction and marketing skills.

sample plan 2
Sample Plan #2
  • STEPS Coalition* (Economic Development)

The second STEPS Coalition team will promote the creation of quality employment opportunities along the Gulf Coast. The “Economy Jobs that Pay” initiative will specifically focus on bringing more clean energy and green collar jobs to the area. Once team members convene interest groups and other relevant stakeholders, they intend to conduct a market analysis to identify where the investment is currently being directed. The group will then reach out to local officials to work to advance their cause. STEPS expects its efforts will ultimately result in 50 workers entering into a workforce/entrepreneurial database targeted for first source hiring.

wendall s chicken noodle soup
Wendall’s Chicken Noodle Soup

Ingredients for a good Action Plan

  • Goals.
    • what do you want to get out of the action?
    • Is it felt and understood by those involved?
    • Is it achievable?
  • Division of labor & timeline.
    • Does each activity or tactic in the action build on the previous one?
    • Are we all clear on how much time it will require to complete the particular tactic/activity? 
  • Roles
    • have we spelled out all the responsibilities needed to accomplish these tasks?
    • Does everybody have something that contributes to the activity?
    • Do the assignments allow for each person to learn something new or different?
  • Evaluation built into each activity
    • Does each activity have opportunity for regular feedback from participants?
    • Is there a note-taker for the evaluation feedback?
    • Do we focus on both what went well and what could be better?
for further information or questions

For further information or questions

James Johnson, Director

SUN Consulting and Associates

33 Sunset Rd

Limerick, PA 19468

610 420-0284

Wendall Chin

Pacific West Division, SUN Consulting and Associates2463 Truman AveOakland, CA510 381 0697