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The Problem

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The Problem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comic Book Collecting in UW Libraries’ Special Collections Final Project Part A Prepared for INFX 543 by Chloe Horning. The Problem.

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The Problem

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Comic Book Collecting in UW Libraries’ Special CollectionsFinal Project Part APrepared for INFX 543by Chloe Horning
the problem
The Problem
  • UW Libraries Special Collections was recently given a large donation of (about 6,000) comic books. This is the first time that SpecColl has collected comics and a new organization system is needed to manage them.
  • Current plans for organization involve the creation of a fully keyword searchable flat file. However, as the collection grows, a relational database will allow users to perform more sophisticated queries.
  • The “Series” field exists to help accommodate crossovers, title changes, etc.
  • I plan to use three “Publisher Codes”: DC (D.C. Comics) MV (Marvel Comics) and SI (small and independent publishers).
revisions to initial design
Revisions to Initial Design
  • I have radically altered the structure of my database since reading the initial comments that were posted on the class message boards. Since it is the nature of comic books to have multiple authors, illustrators, concept originators and colorists , I added a “Creators” table, which has a many to many relationship with the “Comic Books” table. In fact, the “Publisher Imprints” and “Series” tables now have this relationship with the “Comic Books” table as well, because I need to accommodate for the fact that comic books often contain “crossovers” between series, imprints, or even publishers.