how to become a uber driver how much does n.
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What is Uber SELECT? How to Ride in Uber PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Uber SELECT? How to Ride in Uber

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What is Uber SELECT? How to Ride in Uber - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is UberSELECT? Check out the details here. UberSelect is the one of Uber's premium car service and referred to as mid-tier luxury ride.n

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What is Uber SELECT? How to Ride in Uber

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how to become a uber driver how much does

How to become a Uber driver? How much does a

UberPop driver earn? And again, what are the

requirements to become a driver?

If you are looking for a job, you might want to know how to become a Uber Driver .

But let's start from the beginning going to analyze what it is like how Uber works, and then

take a look at how its services are declined.

How does Uber work?

Uber is a smartphone application that connects users and drivers.

When a user needs a driver to accompany him , open the application and view all the cars

available around him on a map.

By entering the destination of the race, you can know the rate quote and know in advance

what you will spend . At this point, with a click contact the driver, who will see directly on

your mobile phone location and route.

As you can see, using uber is easy.

From the point of view of the UberPop and UberBlack drivers , the situation is even


once you have downloaded the uber partner

Once you have downloaded the "Uber partner" app to your mobile phone (or taken over

your Uber smartphone), working is very simple.

You can decide in full autonomy how and how much to work : when you want to work, open

the app, from the availability and start receiving calls.

When you're finished or no longer have time, put the application offline.

Obviously, the more time you spend online, the greater your travels and consequently your


If you have not yet tried Uber as a user, you can decide to do it now with Uber Rating 20

€ Credit Tribute and start getting an idea of the service, completely free.

what is the difference between becoming

What is the difference between becoming a UberBlack driver or UberPOP driver?

UberBlack is intended for professionals with a NCC license and a luxury sedan , who decide

to offer their services through the Uber platform ;

UberPop is instead intended for "normal" people who decide to share their car and give

steps to other users of the community.

These are two categories of different services , dedicated to different targets.

What are the requirements to become a UberPOP driver?

Have a driving license for more than three years, with at least 15 points;

Own a car registered for no more than ten years, with at least 4 seats, 4 doors and in good


Not having had a recent license suspension;

To have an immaculate criminal record;

Having more than 21 years

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