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NCAA Title Game PowerPoint Presentation
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NCAA Title Game

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NCAA Title Game - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NCAA Title Game

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  1. NCAA Title Game

  2. In the first ever head-to-head matchup of undefeated teams in the NCAA championship game, University of Connecticut defeated Notre Dame 79-58 to win the NCAA women's basketball championship Tuesday night in Nashville, Tennessee. Shabazz Napier scored a game-high 22 points to lead the Huskies. The victory makes Connecticut the second men's and women's teams in history to sweep their Division I tournaments—joining the 2003-04 UConn teams. It was a pure team effort from start to finish. This is Geno Auriemma's fifth undefeated season and his third in his last six seasons at the helm. Only John Wooden (10-0) has a better record in national championship games than Auriemma (9-0). He's now passed longtime rival Pat Summitt for most national championships for a women's coach in history.

  3. In Other News • The Army's new regulations on hair stipulate hair "must be of uniform dimension, small in diameter (approximately ¼ inch), show no more than 1/8 (inch) of the scalp between the braids.“Dreadlocks "against the scalp or free-hanging" are banned. "Unkempt" or "matted" braids and cornrows are also considered dreadlocks and "are not authorized," according to the regulations that were updated this month. Some African Americans are calling it racial bias. • Since 1941, comic book fans have followed the exploits of teenaged Archie Andrews and his friends. This July, they'll find out how he dies. "Life With Archie" #36 hits stores on July 16, and CNN can reveal exclusively that it tells the story of how Archie sacrifices himself to save a friend. The 37th issue one week later will end the series. • Searchers picked up fresh signals that officials hope are locator beacons from the data recorders of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The Australian ship Ocean Shield had first picked up the underwater pulses Saturday. But then, for the next three days, nothing. On Tuesday, the ship once again reacquired the signals. That's four signals in the same broad area: two on Saturday; two on Tuesday. All of the signals are within 17 miles of one another. • Oscar Pistorius, on trial for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, is undergoing cross-examination at the hands of the prosecutor trying to prove that the former Olympian killed her intentionally. • ust three days after being inducted into the company's Hall of Fame, iconic WWE superstar Ultimate Warrior died Tuesday of unknown causes. He was 54. Circumstances surrounding the situation are still under investigation. Born James Brian Hellwig, Warrior was among the most memorable and long-lasting characters in WWE history. • A New York judge Tuesday vacated the conviction of a man who spent nearly a quarter of a century behind bars for a Brooklyn slaying that occurred while he was vacationing in Florida. onathan Fleming, 51, was found guilty in 1989 in the death of Darryl Rush in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and served the next 24 years and 8 months in prison. He was released Tuesday afternoon. Fleming has always maintained he was on a family trip to Disney World in Florida when Rush was shot to death early on the morning of August 15, 1989, in a dispute over stolen money. After years of reviewing documents and re-interviewing witnesses as part of a joint investigation between his attorneys and the Brooklyn district attorney's Conviction Review Unit, it was determined that the only evidence tying him to the crime was an alleged witness who later recanted her statement.