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EU Funding

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EU Funding
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  1. EU Funding For Law Centres Pamela Fitzpatrick and Flora Williams

  2. Considerations: • EU funding programmes run on a seven year-cycle • New cycle starts 2014-2020 (Europe 2020 Strategy) • Commission is looking to fund innovative projects that build on previously funded initiatives

  3. Funding opportunities from 2014 • Combating Crime and protecting rights • Investing in education and promoting creativity • Smart Growth and sustainable development

  4. Combating Crime and Protecting Rights • Crime and Justice • Domestic Violence and Discrimination • Migrants and Refugees • Heath and drug prevention • Employment and Social Inclusion

  5. Domestic Violence • More than 430 million Euro over 7 years • Funding targeted at: • Promoting and protecting the rights of the child • Protecting women from violence • Promoting the implementation of the principle of non discrimination • Encouraging the exercise of the rights deriving from the citizenship of the Union

  6. Domestic Violence What will be funded? • Developing training for professionals working with vulnerable children • Enhancing children’s understanding of rights • Raising awareness of gender based violence • Identifying gaps in provision of specialist support services • Fighting hate speech and discrimination • Promoting equality between men and women

  7. Migrants and Refugees • 3.9 billion Euros • Funding awarded to projects: • Promoting the integration of third-country nationals • Contributing to the implementation of the Common European Asylum System • Developing and implementing resettling programmes • Supporting sustainable returns

  8. Migrants and refugeesWhat type of projects will be funded? • Delivering training to third country nationals • Supporting third-country nationals to access public services • Improving reception conditions and asylum procedures in Member States • Improving legal and social assistance available to asylum seekers • Supporting empowerment of and acquisition of skills by refugees

  9. Health and Drug Prevention • 500 million Euro available • Funding targeted at: • Protecting the EU from cross border health threats • Helping Member States to respond to economic and demographic challenges facing their health systems • Improving the health of the EU citizens • Preventing and reducing drug demand

  10. Health and PreventionWhat type of projects? • Identifying cost-effective prevention measures addressing health risk factors • Developing guidelines to improve access to and quality of healthcare • Promoting healthy aging across the life cycle • Raising awareness of the problems caused by drug use

  11. Employment and Social inclusion • 815 million Euros available • Funding targeted at: • Contributing to the implementation of EU law • Improving social protections systems • Facilitating the transition from unemployment and education to work

  12. Employment and Social Inclusion What will be funded? • Improving the provision of quality childcare • Developing partnerships between training providers, educational institutions and employers to provide quality traineeship • Improving quality of employment guidance services • Increasing career progression opportunities • Developing evidence based policy

  13. Investing in education and promoting creativity • 19 Billion available • Help young people gain more and better skills • Enhance teaching quality in the EU • Promote youth participation n society

  14. The Role of LCN • Set up a European Funding Support Network for Law Centres who are interested in participating in European funded projects

  15. Considerations • Projects may not always directly relate to face to face legal advice but could be e.g. Training or PLE on social welfare issues such as discrimination. • Law Centre must be prepared to contribute match funding • Law Centre must be prepared to deliver project outputs and all reports e.t.c

  16. LCN will provide: • Training and run workshops on relevant topics • Give regular updates on EU Funding opportunities as they arise • Provide support to individual Law Centres who may wish to go it alone • Devise appropriate projects with input from Law Centres

  17. To join the European Funding Support Network or for more information, please contact: • Flora Williams or Pam Fitzpatrick • Tel: 07590050898 or • Tel: 0208 863 4355