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Strong Partnership

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Strong Partnership

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  1. Strong Partnership Green Path Program for Study at the University of Toronto • Green Path has ten partner schools, like your school, in China • Green Path started in 2005 and has many successful graduates

  2. Green Path Prepares Students to Study in Canadaand Provides them with an Outstanding Education Four-Year University Education Summer Academic Preparation Program

  3. Graduating Green Path Class at end of Summer Preparation Program

  4. Green Path Summer Academic Preparation Classes All-day English language instruction in first summer prepares Green Path students to fully participate in university experience. Classes are small (20 or smaller) with lots of student-teacher interaction and class participation.

  5. Toronto • Largest city in Canada • 5.5 million people • 48 per cent of Toronto’s population born outside Canada • One-third of Torontonians speak a language other than English at home • Diverse and Harmonious

  6. The University of Toronto The University of Toronto is Canada’s #1 university with more than 180 years of tradition, innovation and excellence.

  7. Why Choose the University of Toronto? Harvard #1 Oxford #6 Yale #10 U of Toronto #16 Tokyo University #20 Carnegie Melon #37 University of Minnesota #47 University of Sydney #50 Rutgers. #100 Times Higher Education, University Reputation Rankings 2011

  8. U of T Is Excellent in All Fields QS World University Rankings 2011 • Toronto is one of only 9 universities ranked by peer-reviewers in the top 21 in all fields: (along with Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkley, UCLA, University of Tokyo and the National University of Singapore). • Ranked No. 9 in Natural Sciences • Ranked No. 11 in Arts and Humanities • Ranked No. 14 in Engineering and Technology • Ranked No. 16 in Life Sciences • Ranked No. 17 in Social Sciences

  9. University of Toronto – A global Leader Newsweek Rankings of Best International Schools (outside of USA) 2011

  10. One of the Best Library Systems in the World The U of T library system is second only to Harvard’s in number of new acquisitions and is ranked in the North American ‘top 5’ with 20 million volumes in 31 libraries.

  11. Great Grads - Great Contacts - Future Leaders Each year over 10,000 students graduate joining over 500,000 living U of T alumni in 174 countries .

  12. Great and Respected U of T Graduates Norman BethuneSurgeon & Medical InnovatorMD 1916 Mark RowswellDashan BA 1988

  13. One University System - Three Outstanding Campuses Scarborough St. George Mississauga People Features 18 faculties and schools 42 professional programs 75 PhD programs 74 research centres and institutes 20million+ library holdings 80,000 students 10,000 international students 14,000 graduate students 10,000 faculty and 11,000 staff 500,000 living alumni worldwide

  14. Three Campuses of Equal Academic Excellence • All three campuses offer U of T degrees. • Each campus has been selected to specialize in particular areas: • Engineering is only offered at U of T St George. • Forensic Science is only offered at U of T Mississauga • Co-op programs and the Green Path program are only offered at U of T Scarborough

  15. Competitive Tuition Fees 低廉的学费及 & Living Expenses 生活费

  16. U of T Scarborough

  17. Computer Science & Mathematics BSc Biological Sciences BSc Physical & Environmental Sciences BSc English BA Psychology BSc Management BBA Humanities BA Social Sciences BA Philosophy BA U of T Scarborough Offers 130 Degree Programs Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Arts

  18. Home to U of T Co-op Programs 75 Co-op options in Computer Science, Science, Business and Arts. • Co-op work is paid. • Average annual payment in business …co-op $37,000. • Some Co-op placements pay less. Students graduate with a 4-year honours degree and gain 8-12 months paid Canadian work experience.

  19. Over 500 Partner Co-op Employers

  20. A Great Place for Learning

  21. Working With Professors

  22. Learning in the Great Outdoors

  23. Green Path Success Chuan Liu Law School, Cornell University Post Graduate Studies Molu Shi: Ph.D Program in Physics , MIT Mengchen Ye: Ph.D Program in Human Genetics and Molecular  Biology, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University. Yueqin Jiang: Master of Financial Mathematics, Oxford University Jobs in the Business World Feifei Wang: Full-time Financial Analysis at Royal bank of Canada Jing Zhu: Full-time Financial Analysis at TD securities Canada Zhe Zhou: Full-time Financial Analysis at TD securities Canada

  24. Green Path students academic performance at UTSC

  25. 05,06,07 Green Path graduates Distribution

  26. Timeline September Application Submission to Partner Schools 1st week of October Notification of Qualified Examinees Mid-Late October English Exam November Notification of the Conditional Offer of admission 10 days to notify UTSC of your acceptance Early February Notification of the official Admission to UTSC 九月向合作學校递交申請表格 十月的第一周通知合格考生参加英文考試 十月中下旬考試 十一月发放预录取学生名单, 學生必须在10天內确定是否接受录取 二月上旬颁发正式录取通知书 Early June – Mid August Summer Academic preparation program 6月初 - 8月中旬绿色通道英文学术课程 Pay Summer Program Fee CDN$11,800 缴纳绿色通道英文学术课程费用$11,800