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Strong Eating = Strong Learning

Strong Eating = Strong Learning. Stephanie Dunavion Sherrie Jones Traci Johnson. Purpose.

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Strong Eating = Strong Learning

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  1. Strong Eating = Strong Learning Stephanie Dunavion Sherrie Jones Traci Johnson

  2. Purpose We believe school lunches should be better and more nutritious for our children. Some children only eat at school, so we need to make sure they are feed healthy, full filling meals. We want to teach school lunch personal and parents how to choose healthy foods for our children. Teaching our children to eat a balanced diet will help to reduce their chance of obesity, diabetes and other health issues.

  3. Lunch Today • Tuckerman • Meat Nachos • Lettuce & Tomato • Buttered Corn • Cinnamon Roll • Trumann • Hot dog on bun • Chili, Cheese & Slaw • Corn chips and cheese dip • Spiced Pinto Beans • Whole Wheat Spice Cake

  4. Obvious Problems • Fatty Foods • High Sugar Desserts • Few Fruits or Vegetables • Preparation of Fruits & Vegetables • Milk only option • Portions

  5. Facts • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the Healthy School Lunch Campaign • Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 • Academic Peformance • 1 in 3

  6. Allergies • Peanuts • Strawberries • Chocolate • Milk • Juice

  7. Portions • Higher grades should receive more • Closer to adult portions • All students receive the same amount now • Waste • No clean plate policies • Small students should receive amount they will eat.

  8. Stories • Third Grade boy in Utah • Chicago students attend school board meeting. • Hugh Jackman letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

  9. Helping Eat Healthy • Salad bar • Fresh fruits and vegetables • More cooking/Less frozen foods • Healthier preparations • Juice and Milk options • Portions • Cut out allergy related food • Offer education • Fun lessons • Students will pass information on.

  10. Other Side • Cost • Healthy food vs. Junk food • Extra lessons • Parent classes • Taste • Students will not eat • Lack of flavor

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