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Stop the Pop. By:Lizhao Li and Stanley Help:Phusanisa and Astrid. Summary.

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Stop the pop

Stop the Pop

By:Lizhao Li and Stanley

Help:Phusanisa and Astrid


The fast food and soda change Yupiks and American people life,The menus in school same with fast food restaurants menus are the same, american children became hungry and the lunch not Healthy. Some People want to stop the soda machine at school.

The change in kasigluk alaska
The change in Kasigluk,Alaska

There are no cows and potatoes.Kasigluk was part of the U.S,Yupik children were required to attend school for 9 month a year and eat fast food for lunch,Because Kasigluk no cow and potatoes, all food is frozen food, all take from U.S.

Does soda is good for your health or not
Does soda is good for your health or not?

Soda is bad for your health, will effect to your skull and teeth by break your teeth and decayed tooth. Also will make you have Baby Bottle Syndrome,cause the upper teeth to rot away into black nubs, fat and Hypoxia.

What is pop why do some people call pop
What is Pop?Why do some people call pop?

Pop is Soda.because when you open the soda, will make the pop sound, so why people call "pop".

What is mcschool
What is McSchool?

The menus in school cafeterias have come to resemble the menus at fast food restaurants, less vegetable and not healthy


Trajan Langdon Visited Children at schools, and gave out free T-shirts.

Edwin Allgair providing dental care to the children.

Kristina Clark want to rid the soda machine, so she find the answer to tell the truth to the principal.

Mary Kapsner give money to school and she make a plan to the soda company.

Fact of the story
Fact of the Story

The school menus same with fast food restaurants.

Soda will make your toothless and baby bottle syndrome.

Some school use soda machine to get money to pay uniform,student travel and book.


The picture show the "No Soda sign"

The negative school cafeteria, the lunch not healthy.