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Llancaiach Fawr

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Llancaiach Fawr. Monnow Junior School Newport South Wales. Llancaiach Fawr. We Are Learning To:. Understand more about how Stuart people lived Compare and communicate our ideas Think about historical sources and how they are used. Teachers’ Notes. Llancaiach Fawr. MAIN MENU. Food War

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Monnow Junior School


South Wales

Llancaiach Fawr

We Are Learning To:

  • Understand more about how Stuart people lived
  • Compare and communicate our ideas
  • Think about historical sources and how they are used
Teachers’ Notes

Llancaiach Fawr










Llancaiach Fawr Manor,



CF46 6ER

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Llancaiach Fawr


  • At Llancaiach Fawr, two meals would have been served during the day.
  • Dinner 10am-12pm, the biggest meal of the day.
  • Supper 4pm-6pm, a smaller meal.
  • Colonel Prichard and his family would have their breakfast served to them in their private rooms.What did they eat?
  • Lots of meat!
  • They also ate food that was less familiar today
  • (herons, sparrows, crows, thrushes and gulls to name a few!)

When I make a crow pie, I keep the legs on the bird to stick out of the top. It’s easy for Colonel Prichard to hold on to when he’s biting off the meat!

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more food
More Food!
  • Lots of fish would be eaten, including eels and carp.
  • Servants would grow lots of fruit and vegetables near the house.
  • Each meal time would consist of several different dishes, with lots of strange combinations. Savoury dishes would be served at the same time as sweet food.

Rules of dining at Llancaiach Fawr

  • Do not stretch for any dish out of reach!
  • Taste any dish offered to you!!

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Llancaiach Fawr


Charles I became King in 1625 and soon began to quarrel with members of parliament. Parliament was unhappy with his demands for more money. As things became worse the country split into two different groups – those who supported the King and those who supported parliament. In 1642 the English Civil War began.

Colonel Edward Prichard gave his support to the King and the Royalist cause. However, by the summer of 1645 he had changed his mind and became a parliamentarian.

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Llancaiach Fawr


Whatever clothes a mother wore, her daughters wore a smaller version. Dresses were made from lace, satin and had wide sleeves.

Little boys were dressed in the same clothes as little girls to trick the devil into thinking they were girls, so they would be left alone.

When boys were seven, they were given their first suit or ‘breeched’.

Clothes were dyed using roots, vegetables, berries and flowers. A dyeman/ woman knew which made which colour.

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Llancaiach Fawr


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Life in the country

In Stuart times, most people lived in small villages in the country rather than big houses like Llancaiach Fawr. Poor people lived in simple cottages with thatched roofs and earthen floors. The whole family lived in small rooms with a bed and straw mattress behind a curtain at the end of the room.

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more homes
More Homes!

Llancaiach Fawr

  • Rich families often liked to show how wealthy they were by building very big houses. Sometimes they liked to have their initials or coat of arms carved in stone on the front of the house.
  • Many more materials were used to decorate inside the house. Stone and marble were carved to make grand fireplaces and plaster was used to decorate the ceilings. The walls of many rooms were covered with dark panels and decorated with tapestries.

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Llancaiach Fawr


Edward Prichard was born in 1610. He had many interests including reading, chess, hunting and backgammon. Although he believed in the King he came to think that his majesty was being ill advised. He was a man of strong principles who disliked cards and objected to gambling.

Mary Prichard was born in 1615in Briton Ferry. She married Colonel Prichard in 1634. She suffered from poor health for much of her life and disliked living in Gelligaer because of the cold. Her hobbies included sewing and writing letters. She gave birth to four children, but the two boys died at an early age.

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Llancaiach Fawr


There were lots of different jobs in Llancaiach Fawr. Here are just a few:

The Stewart (Samuel Thomas) – He helped Colonel Prichard with his work. He was also responsible for looking after the house, the estate and all the people in it.

Valet (John Bolitho) – Colonel Prichard’s servant who helped him dress and who looked after his clothes. He would often go away with colonel Prichard on trips.

Agent (Steffan Mathias) – He made sure that all the tenants living on the Colonel’s land paid their rent. He would also help out with court cases.

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more jobs
More Jobs!

Head Cook (Sionni Mawr) – He would cook food for the household and any visitors. He did not cooks for the servants, this was the under cook’s job. He had lots of servants to help him.

Ladies Maid (Gwellian Goch) – She was lady Prichard’s servant who helped her dress and would spend the day with her. She went with Lady Prichard on journeys.

Nurse maid (Sarah Parry) – She looked after the children, dressing them and teaching embroidery and scriptures.

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Llancaiach Fawr


The Prichards believed in the angel of death. They thought that if you lay flat in bed, then the angel of death would think you were ready to die – so they would sleep upright.

In Stuart times, it was common to blame mishaps on witches. For example, if their crop failed one year – it must have been a witch casting an evil spell on them! They went looking for old women because they thought that if someone lived for a long time, they must have magic powers. One way to test to see if an old woman really were a witch was to put her on a dunking stool. If she was dunked into the pond and she drowned, she was innocent. If she lived, she was a witch.

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Llancaiach Fawr


  • Just like children today, children in Stuart times enjoyed playing with toys.
  • How do we know this?
  • From paintings from the time
  • From writers of the time
  • They enjoyed playing with balls and cups, hobby horses and they played outdoor games including hopscotch and leapfrog, games you may enjoy today!
  • Boys were encouraged to enjoy adult activities like their fathers such as fishing, sword play, hunting and archery.

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more on childhood
More on childhood!

What happened to the children?

  • Mary Prichard died when the girls were young. She had already made arrangements for her children. She sent one away to be raised by an older female relative and the other to live with an aunt and uncle.
  • There were four children born to Colonel Prichard and his wife.
  • Thomas and Lewis died very young, Jane and Mary grew up at Llancaiach Fawr.

Did children go to school?

  • Jane and Mary did not go to school. They stayed at home and learned practical skills, like making cheese, butter and medicines. They also learned how to spin, sew and cook. They learned how to speak a foreign language as this was seen to be important for all wealthy families.
  • If Thomas and Lewis had survived, they would have gone to a Grammarschool.

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teachers notes
Teachers Notes.

Many of the activities given are prepared for use on the Smart board but some will require extension activities or further resourcing.

Homes – this activity is most relevant when a visit to Llancaiach Fawr has already been undertaken.

Beliefs – This activity needs a range of sources covering superstition and the attitudes of the people of the time to witchcraft.

Clothing – This activity needs a range of sources on Stuart clothing. Each group will need an A4 ‘cut out’ man-model’, craft and art equipment

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What is above the fireplace?

How is this different from your kitchen?

What can you see in the picture?

Is this a rich person’s bed?

Why did they have curtains around the bed?

(Think about warmth)

I would not like to live here because…

I would like to live here because…

What ‘materials’ can you see in rooms in your home?

What ‘materials’ can you see in this room?