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Become a Love/Avon Army of Women Supporting Partner armyofwomen PowerPoint Presentation
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Become a Love/Avon Army of Women Supporting Partner armyofwomen

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Become a Love/Avon Army of Women Supporting Partner armyofwomen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Become a Love/Avon Army of Women Supporting Partner armyofwomen

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  1. Become a Love/Avon Army of Women Supporting Partner

  2. Army of WomenPARTNER PROGRAM Help us reach our goal of one million women and we will help you reach yours Be one million strong with the Army of Women

  3. The Mission of the Army of Women (AOW) • To recruit one millionmen and women of every age and ethnicity, including breast cancer survivors, women who have never had breast cancer and women at high-risk for the disease, to partner with breast cancer researchers and directly participate in the research that will eradicate breast cancer once and for all. • To challenge the scientific community to expand its current focus to include breast cancer prevention research conducted on healthy women. • To move breast cancer Beyond a Cure.

  4. ABOUT THE ARMY OF WOMEN • The Love/Avon Army of Women is an initiative of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, thanks to a generous grant from the Avon Foundation for Women. It was launched on October 1, 2008 on the Today Show. Over the past 25 years, billions of dollars have been raised to advance treatment and early detection of breast cancer, but researchers still do not know what causes the disease.  • The Army of Womenempowers men and women with a new opportunity – a simple but revolutionary call to action for one million people of all ages and ethnicities to join the “Army of Women” and consider serving as research volunteers to help scientists understand the causes of breast cancer – and how to end it once and for all. 

  5. What is the Army of Women (AOW)?

  6. Goals of the Army of Women • Encourage healthy women and survivors to take the next step and participate in research. • Encourage men with breast cancer and those at high risk to take the next step and participate in research. • Educate women about the research process. • Get women invested in the concept of research to find the answers. • Forge a partnership between women and researchers to end breast cancer.

  7. Goals of the Army of Women • Increase the amount of research focused on the cause and prevention of breast cancer. • Shift research from animal models to women when possible. • Accelerate research by providing researchers access to a pool of ready volunteers. • Encourage researchers to study clinically important questions.

  8. How it WorksArmy of Women Members

  9. How It WorksScientist

  10. How It WorksScientists • Scientists contact the Army of Women when they need women or men for their breast cancer research studies. • All research studies are reviewed by at least two members of the Army of Women Scientific Advisory Committee. • If the committee agrees that the study is appropriate for the Army of Women, a call to action is created. • All the Army of Women studies have IRB approval and are funded by a major breast cancer funder, such as Avon Foundation for Women, Komen or the National Institute for Health.

  11. Army of WomenWho are they? In December 2008, The Army of Women surveyed all of its current members at the time in order to develop a snapshot of their demographic and breast cancer history. • 107,638 women responded and completed the survey within 72 hours Who is in the Love/Avon Army of Women? • Ages 18-100 • All ethnicities • Representation from every state • Women with a range of risk factors • Over 80% “Healthy” women and 20% breast cancer Survivors

  12. Army of WomenHave you seen us on TV? • Today Show, NBC Nightly News, ABC World News, the View, Good Morning America • AARP Prime Time Radio, Bulletin • Oprah Magazine, Women’s Health, Real Simple, Glamour, Ladies’ Home Journal, Woman’s Day, Reader’s Digest, Prevention to name a few • To see a complete list of our media coverage, please visit

  13. Army of Women Launched Research Projects to Date • 36 “call-to-action” e-mails sent to the Army of Women • 17 closed to enrollment after successful accrual • 1 global study, 16 national studies and 19 regional studies • Over 44,000 women registered to enroll in studies • Types of Studies • Studies asking for women to answer questions online, to give blood or saliva, and to obtain certain medical information. • To see a complete list of our open research studies, please visit

  14. Army of WomenWhat We Do For You Exposure + Networking + Community = Army of Women Supporting Organizations

  15. Army of WomenWhat We Do For You EXPOSURE YOUR ORGANIZATION • YOUR logo (shown in black and white only) and link to YOUR site on our Supporting Partners page • Dedicated blog highlighting YOUR organization in the monthly update that would reach the entire Army of Women database (329,000+ women and growing daily) • A Facebook message and regularly scheduled tweets announcing our partnership and promoting YOUR organization • Enable YOU to share videos on our YouTube channel • Chance for YOU to guest-blog on the Army of Women website about YOUR upcoming projects and recent successes on the Army of Women website

  16. Army of WomenWhat We Do For You • Potential opportunity to network with our other partner organizations during monthly webinars hosted by The Army of Women. • Sample topics: Taking Advantage of the Holiday Season, Improving Your Workplace Health, Working with Non-English Speaking Populations, PR for Non-Profits • Potential opportunity to utilize online portal where all Army of Women members (326,000+ members and growing daily) and other partner organizations will have the abilitiy to communicate with each other and post news. • Features will include: Comprehensive events calendar, spotlights and feature stories on highlighted organizations, discussion boards, blog, video archive, and more! Networking

  17. Army of WomenWhat We Do For You A program and a space dedicated to bringing together organizations in an effort to cross-promote and learn from each other! Community

  18. NOW 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,000 Army of WomenWhat You Do For Us ONE Million Help us reach ONE MILLION

  19. Army of WomenWhat You Do For Us Online and Social Media Promotion • Include the Army of Women logo and link to directly on your homepage. • Use Twitter and Facebook to regularly tweet or send messages about study recruitment and other Army of Women updates. • If you have a YouTube channel, include one or more Army of Women videos on your YouTube channel.

  20. Army of WomenWhat You Do For Us Press • Send out a Press Release announcing our partnership. • Place a print Army of Women PSA (provided by us) in your publication announcing your support of the Army of Women. • Your organization must have a monthly/quarterly newsletter or regular email communication with members where it is possible to mention, in a prominently placed position, your support of the Army of Women.  Your organization must send a mention of the AOW in at least 3 newsletters/e-blasts.

  21. Army of WomenWhat You Do For Us Events and Organization Promotion • Your organization must be an organization that holds an annual meeting with at least 500 attendees (or hosts similar event (s) with similar reach). You must invite the Army of Women as your guest and provide a tabletop or booth to promote the cause. • Share a list of events your organization is attending and agree to promote AOW in addition to your organization at your event. • Be willing to consider sharing your list of partners with us and be open to potentially introducing our cause to your partners. • Share the Army of Women print and video PSAs with your members. • If applicable, allow Army of Women representatives to come present at your offices (or local meetings) regarding AOW.

  22. Army of WomenPartner Program Mutual promotion = Mutual Success

  23. Army of WomenPartner Program Be ONE MILLION strong with us.