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Geography. Santa Fe is in which state?. Arizona New Mexico Colorado California. Geography. Which capital belongs to the non- contiguous region?. Sacramento Tallahassee Honolulu Richmond. Geography. Which group of famous cities would you find in the Northeastern part of the

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Santa Fe is in which state?

  • Arizona

  • New Mexico

  • Colorado

  • California


Which capital belongs to the non-

contiguous region?

  • Sacramento

  • Tallahassee

  • Honolulu

  • Richmond


Which group of famous cities would

you find in the Northeastern part of the

United States?

  • San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle

  • Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit

  • New York, Boston, Pittsburgh

  • Atlanta, Washington D.C., New Orleans


What United States city is known for

their steel plants?

  • Pittsburgh

  • Detroit

  • Chicago

  • Philadelphia


If you were an African American in the

1920’s, where would you live in order to

have a better standard of living?

  • Montgomery, Alabama

  • Nashville, Tennessee

  • Boston, Massachusetts

  • Atlanta, Georgia


The textile industry in the United

States is associated with what area?

  • New England

  • Pacific Region

  • Detroit

  • Los Angeles


What states are located in the

southwest region of the United States?

  • Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire

  • Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

  • Alaska, California, Hawaii

  • Maryland, Delaware, Virginia


Which group of cities is located in the

southwestern region of the United


  • Honolulu, Juneau

  • Atlanta, New Orleans

  • San Antonio, Santa Fe

  • Boston, Philadelphia

Westward expansion
Westward Expansion

Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce Indians

toward Canada, but finally decided he

must -

  • Enjoy life on a reservation

  • Surrender to the army

  • Live in Mexico

  • Continue to fight

Westward expansion1
Westward Expansion

What led to the collapse of the cattle

drives in the west?

  • There was no way to get the cattle to the east.

  • There were too many cattle for the open range.

  • The creation of the transcontinental railroad.

  • Sheep ranchers took over the open range.

Westward movement
Westward Movement

After the Civil War, what two valuable

minerals were discovered in the West?

  • coal and silver

  • copper and coal

  • gold and coal

  • silver and gold

Westward expansion2
Westward Expansion

What was the result of prospectors

moving to new mining sites?

  • Homesteads

  • Boom towns

  • Indian reservations

  • Ghost towns

Westward expansion3
Westward Expansion

How did the invention of barbed wire and the steel

plow influence the westward movement?

  • It allowed people to move to more challenging environments.

  • It improved tobacco farming in Virginia.

  • It improved railroad construction.

  • It allowed farmers to plant more crops.

Westward expansion4
Westward Expansion

Due to low rainfall on the Great Plains,

farmers adapted their techniques by

using which of the following?

  • Sod homes

  • Dry farming

  • Railroads

  • Barbed wire

Westward expansion5
Westward Expansion

What form of shelter did settlers use

because of the scarcity of trees on the

Great Plains?

  • Teepee

  • Grass hut

  • Log cabin

  • Sod house

Westward expansion6
Westward Expansion

What new invention allowed wheat

farmers to harvest their crops more


  • Steel plow

  • Windmill

  • Barbed wire

  • Railroads

Westward expansion7
Westward Expansion

Which best describes the features and

climate of the Great Plains?

  • Flatlands that rise gradually from east to west.

  • Land eroded by dust storms and water

  • Low rainfall

  • All of the above

Westward expansion8
Westward Expansion

What reason caused people to expand


  • Opportunities for land ownership

  • Transcontinental railroad

  • Gold and silver

  • All of the above

Westward expansion9
Westward Expansion

What physical feature of the Great

Plains made the land ideal for raising


  • Abundant trees

  • Flat open prairie

  • Large rivers

  • Rolling hills

Westward expansion10
Westward Expansion

What motivated the government policy

of forcing all Native Americans onto


  • A desire to protect their way of life

  • To give them voting rights

  • To get more land for settlers

  • To punish settlers for stealing land

Westward expansion11
Westward Expansion

The idea of Manifest Destiny meant


  • Native Americans had an equal claim to the lands in the west.

  • Slavery should be allowed in the west.

  • No more European colonies would be allowed in America.

  • The United States had the right to expand to the Pacific Ocean.

Westward expansion12
Westward Expansion

Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull played a

part in the _____?

  • Battle of Little Big Horn

  • Civil War

  • Sand Creek Massacre

  • Spanish American War

Westward expansion13
Westward Expansion

The completion of the Transcontinental

Railroad in 1869 contributed to the

settlement of what region of the United


  • Northeast

  • Southeast

  • Western Rocky Mountains

  • Non-contiguous

Westward expansion14
Westward Expansion

What was the impact of the westward

movement on the Native Americans?

  • Reservations

  • Gold

  • Homestead Act

  • Civil War

Westward expansion15
Westward Expansion

Buffalo in the west were on the verge

Of _____?

  • Being domesticated

  • Extermination

  • Set aside for Indians

  • All of the above

Westward expansion16
Westward Expansion

Which of the following was a provision

of the Homestead Act?

  • Gold

  • Transcontinental Railroad

  • 160 acres of land

  • Cattle drives

Westward expansion17
Westward Expansion

Which of the following men fought in

the Battle of Little Big Horn?

  • George Custer

  • Teddy Roosevelt

  • Chief Joseph

  • Abraham Lincoln

Westward expansion18
Westward Expansion

The Transcontinental Railroad helped

to link the following?

  • Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean

  • Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean

  • Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean

  • Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean

Westward expansion19
Westward Expansion

An Indian reservation is?

  • Hunting ground for all Americans

  • A national park for Indians

  • Land set aside for Indians

  • Land set aside for buffalo

Westward expansion20
Westward Expansion

The Homestead Act of 1862 helped

the development of the West by?

  • Granting land for the construction of the transcontinental railroad

  • Allowing slavery to spread through the territories

  • Providing free land to settlers

  • Placing Native Americans on reservations