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  1. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES Mrs. Harbaugh Storm Grove Middle School 8th Grade American History

  2. Forward • Welcome to Mrs. Harbaugh’s class. • I am here to teach; you are here to learn. • I will do my job; you will do yours, and we will together use this year wisely and beneficially. • Positive attitude is the key of success. Let’s keep it all the time.

  3. WHY DO WE HAVE PROCEDURES? • A procedure is the way that we do things. • To do things right, we have to follow some simple procedures, for example: • To open your locker, you have to select your combination as directed by the lock manufacturer. • To cook a delicious meal, you need to follow the steps in the recipe. • To place a call on your phone, you need to dial the number in the right order. • So, to be successful in learning, you need to follow some simple procedures.

  4. ENTRANCE • Make sure you have all necessary materials for the class. • Enter the classroom quietly. • Go directly to your assigned seat. • Get ready for your work.

  5. Right After THE BELL RINGS • Immediately have your ISN ready for class • Record WAR, WOW, WIO • When you finish, wait quietly for the next direction.

  6. During Instruction • No pencil sharpening, talking, or whispering. • Don’t write anything during instruction. You will be given time for taking notes. • Ask permission to speak by raising your hand. • Ask questions related to the subject. Other questions which are not related to the subject can be asked after instruction. • After instruction, make sure you understand the concept. If not, ask questions by mentioning which part you didn’t understand.

  7. While You are working • Make sure you read or listen to the directions about your work and understand them. • If you didn’t understand, ask help from other students sitting around you. If they also don’t understand, ask to the teacher to explain it. • If you are asked for help, be polite and kind and offer your best. • Talking to each other should be no louder than a whisper. The person sitting on the other side of the room should not be interrupted by your noise. • Respect each other and be friendly. • Use your time wisely. Put forth your best effort to finish your work on time.

  8. Keeping your ISN: (Megan help Here ) • You should have a composition notebook which will be used only for Civics. (Use pen or pencil to write in your ISN. • The first page should be the title page. Write your full name, period, and school name on it. • Always write the bellwork number and day before each ISN entry • Each day, include the date. • Keep your ISN clean and organized. • Your ISN will be collected and checked from time to time. Turn it in on time when you are asked. • Take good care of your ISN. Do not lose it.

  9. IF THE TEACHER RAISES Her HAND • Stop whatever you are doing at that moment. • Face the teacher and wait silently. • Notify any classmates who haven’t noticed that the teacher has raised his hand. • No talking or whispering. All of your attention should be given to the teacher.

  10. After you are done • Check your work and the directions one more time to see if you missed anything or did something incorrectly. • If the assignment is to be turned in, do so in the blue baskets on the cabinet. • Start enrichment (Read your book, take AR test, FCAT Explorer, Tumblereadables, etc.)

  11. Dismissal • Clean your work area and take all garbage to the trash can. • Wait for Mrs. Harbaugh to dismiss you. The ring of the bell does not dismiss you. • After you get permission to leave, gather your belongings and leave quietly.

  12. When you are tardy • Stand by Mrs. Harbaugh’s desk. • Inform her of your excuse or give her your tardy pass. • Go to your seat after you are given permission to do so. • You will not be excused from any work you missed. Get the assignment from a classmate and do it at home.

  13. WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT • Get the assignments from a classmate and worksheets, if applicable, from the blue basket with your class period. Do the work at home. • If you missed a test because of your excused absence, inform Mrs. Harbaugh and arrange a time to make up the test.

  14. Class Room Rules • School-wide classroom rules are posted on the wall: • Bring all necessary materials to class. • No gum, food, or drink allowed. • Always act and speak in an appropriate way. • No unified dress, no class. • Cell Phones must be out of sight and turned off • Always bring your agenda/planner to class. • No backpacks; string bags only

  15. Consequences • 1sttime offenders will be reminded of the rule.  • 2ndtime offenders – a phone call home to parent.  (Defiance) • 3rdtime offenders - after school detention including a call home. • 4thtime offenders – ODR/Referral