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Veggie Oil Alternatives at UVM PowerPoint Presentation
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Veggie Oil Alternatives at UVM

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Veggie Oil Alternatives at UVM

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  1. A survey was sent to several College and University Recycling Coordinators… Veggie Oil Alternatives at UVM UVM’s Waste Veggie Oil Past UVM’s Waste Veggie Oil Future: Tapping a Potential Resource Prior to 2002: trucked to upstate New York, finally usage unknown 2002-2005: Arrangement with Baker Commodities Inc.- “converts animal by-products and food waste into…high-protein ingredients for livestock feed and pet food, and tallow, a valuable ingredient in soaps, paints, cosmetics…” 2005-Ealier this year:Arrangement witha small scale biodiesel producer operated by a former UVM Chemistry professor in Winooski, Green Technologies LLC. Now closing and moving business. (Erica Spiegel, Waste Veggie Oil Update Powerpoint, 2011) Off-Site Vehicle Bio-Diesel Fuel Off-Site Industrial Biofuel Currently, 45-gallon drums are used to store UVM’s Waste Veggie Oil at loading docks outside UVM Dining Halls On-Site Power Generation • …with a purpose of determining the “highest and best” potential use of WVO as a resource. • Examples of progressive approaches: • Q: How is the oil used following pick up and why did your school choose this method of WVO disposal over other methods? • A: Lasell College- Our WVO is used to make biodiesel for bioheat by Mass Biofuel, and a portion of it is donated to heat the Pine St. Inn in Boston (homeless shelter). • A: Auburn U.: All the oil is converted to Biodiesel; the WVO recycling program started out as a small biodiesel research project which grew into a full recycling program. Draft findings