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Scholars’ Mine Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Scholars’ Mine Update

Scholars’ Mine Update

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Scholars’ Mine Update

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  1. Scholars’ Mine Update ITCC Open Forum 3/15/2013

  2. What is Scholars’ Mine • The Institutional Repository for Missouri S&T • Stores and provides open access to the scholarly digital resources of the university community • Faculty publications • Graduate student works • Departmental publications • Conference proceedings • Preserves intellectual output

  3. Platform Migration • Announced at February ITCC (2/13) meeting that migration would occur between 2/21 and 3/8 • Completed successfully

  4. Why Did We Migrate • Originally developed in Documentum • Documentumwas problematic • No batch processing • No mass updates • Slow and cumbersome processing created continued delays • Any changes or customization required programming

  5. Why Did We Migrate • Replacing Documentum with TerminalFour provided an opportunity to address these issues • We did not choose TerminalFour because • TerminalFour would require extensive customization • Concern about what would happen when the campus changed content management systems again in the future • Declining IT and Library recourses needed to continue supporting a TerminalFour based repository • Better options were available that were specifically designed for institutional repositories • We chose to join the other UM campuses in a system wide repository known as MOspace.

  6. MOspace • Hosted in Columbia by Library Systems • Platform supported by a staff of 3 • Governed by Merlin Digital Projects Committee (MPDC) • Missouri Education and Research Libraries Information Network (MERLIN) • Collaborative projects across all the system libraries (catalog, electronic resources, etc.)

  7. MOspace • DSpace based repository • Was developed by MIT and HP • Used by over 1300 educational, government, private and commercial institutions • Directory of Institutions using DSpace- • Freely available as open source software • Continuous development by the community of users • Largest community of users and developers worldwide • Can manage and preserve all types of digital content

  8. MOspace • Our peer institutions using DSpace include: • Georgia Tech - • MIT -

  9. Current Status of Scholars’ Mine • Exists as an independent community within MOspace • Our own branding, community structure and content • Our own governance and policies • All preexisting URLs are automatically redirected

  10. Current Status of Scholars’ Mine • The ability to view content by laboratories and research centers is currently unavailable • This content is under review and will be re-indexed to ensure accuracy • Functionality provided by campus IT which uses Scholars’ Mine content required redevelopment • Estimated completion by IT is mid-April • The customized search tool and people search (Office of Sponsored programs) • Faculty Web pages • Paper listing is currently static • The link for “Scholars’ Mine Paper Listing” has been removed • The link for departments and labs has been removed • Questions about this can be addressed to Lance Callaway (

  11. Moving Forward • One of the major problems with the Documentum based repository has been our inability to provide complete lists of faculty publications • With this new platform and it’s added functionality we can begin to address this problem • Through the Spring and Summer we will be conducting a review of faculty publications and add citations for missing publications • As this process progresses we will be contacting Departments and individual faculty directly

  12. Moving Forward • To ensure adequate and effective faculty input we are expanding the role of Scholars’ Mine Faculty Advisory Group • This group meets once a semester to aid in planning and to provide advice, comment, and criticism • The ITCC now has direct representation in this group

  13. Moving Forward • In late Spring or early Summer the DSpace platform will be updated • Additional functionality will be available • Details on this functionality will be provided at a later date

  14. Demo Time •