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Vanished By: Meg Cabot

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Vanished By: Meg Cabot - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vanished By: Meg Cabot. PowerPoint by: Marie Rangel. An FYI before the PowerPoint. The actual name of this series is 1-800-Where-R-U but they changed it into what is now called Vanished.

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vanished by meg cabot

VanishedBy: Meg Cabot

PowerPoint by: Marie Rangel

an fyi before the powerpoint
An FYI before the PowerPoint
  • The actual name of this series is

1-800-Where-R-U but they changed it into what is now called Vanished.

  • There’s 2 books in this series (both called Vanished) but in those two books there’s something different. Both books have two books inside of them.
  • The names of the four books in the original series are called: When Lighting Strikes, Code Name Cassandra, Safe House and Sanctuary.
  • I’m going to only talk about the first two books in the series (Or should I say the first book called Vanished)
characters jessica mastriani
(Characters!) Jessica Mastriani
  • Jess is a sixteen year old who lives in a small town in Indiana. She never draws too much attention to herself because she doesn’t like the attention. She’s a simple, ordinary girl who wants to make it through high school. You can say she’s one of the rebellious girls because she get’s into detention a lot. She’s not. Everything stays normal until one day she gets struck by lightning. (Narrator and protagonist of this story)
ruth jessica s best friend
Ruth (Jessica’s best friend)
  • Ruth is a not a very out going, crazy girl. That’s why she’s friends with Jess. She more of a orchestra geek.
  • Ruth has been Jessica’s best friend since they were little. Since Ruth isn’t very happy with herself, she tries to get her and Jess to be more healthy. Because of her, Jessica got into the whole “when lightning strikes” thing.
sean o hanahan the missing boy
Sean O’Hanahan (The Missing Boy)
  • Sean is an eleven year old boy who Jessica knows about. His one of the kids that you see pictures of in the back of milk cartons. Jessica finds him because of the power she got when she was struck by lightning (Kind of a GPS for finding missing children). As you get farther into the first book, you can see that Sean is a stubborn kid at first but he gets soften out by Jess as she helps him.
other characters
Other characters
  • Rob Wilkins: The sexy senior that Jessica has a crush on.
  • Mike Mastriani and Douglas Mastriani: Jessica’s older brothers.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mastriani: Father and mother of Jess.
  • Special Agent Johnson and Special Agent Smith: Two of the few FBI personnel that are after Jessica and her power.
  • No. That was the problem. I hadn’t thought . I hadn’t thought about anything at all. Once I’d figured out that my dream was true – that Sean Patrick O’Hanahan really was alive and well and living in that little brick house in Paoli– I had acted, without the slightest bit of further consideration.

And now, because of it, a little kid was in more trouble than ever.

Oh, yeah. I’d been touched by the finger of God, all right.

The question was, which finger?

why i love this book
Why I love this book
  • I love this book because I like the idea of getting powers that help you find missing children just because of lightning. It’s like come on, who doesn’t want powers like those.

I give it 5 stars!  - Marie

why should you read this book
Why should you read this book?

1. It’s a great story.

2. If you like stories with a different plot twist than others, you should read this.

3. It’s funny.

4. In my opinion, Meg Cabot is an awesome writer. She doesn’t disappoint anyone with her books.

5. Just because you should. Its good to take a risk and do something different.