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Principal & Counselor: Partners in Success

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Principal & Counselor: Partners in Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Principal & Counselor: Partners in Success. School Counselor: Frank Phinney, M.Ed., LPC Principal: Dana Nolan, Ph.D. Walker Freshman High School. Partners in Success. ASCA National Model:

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principal counselor partners in success

Principal & Counselor: Partners in Success

School Counselor: Frank Phinney, M.Ed., LPC

Principal: Dana Nolan, Ph.D.

Walker Freshman High School

partners in success
Partners in Success

ASCA National Model:

Professional School Counselors(PSC) collaborate with many stakeholders to ensure a quality school counseling program.

Administrators provide support for the organization, development and implementation… encourage counselor and teacher cooperation… recognizes importance of [each participant’s] role in implementing the school counseling program.

partners in success1
Partners in Success
  • Emphasis on student achievement challenges the notion that principal's are the sole leader in a school (Janson, 2008).
  • Janson (2008) also noted additional research that indicated that a leadership model that empowers and utilizes the skills and knowledge of all professionals on a school campus serves as a catalyst to improve student achievement (Halverson, 2003; Leithwood, Seashore Louis, Anderson, Wahlstrom, 2005)
partners in success2
Partners in Success
  • Chata & Loesch (2007) indicated that research reveals the effectiveness of a school counseling program is largely determined by the principal's provision of support.
  • This serves as the basis for ASCA recommendation of principals and PSCs working as a team toward the common goal of assisting students’ in all areas where they may need assistance (Chata & Loesch, 2007).
partners in success potential barriers
Partners in Success: Potential Barriers
  • Mallory & Jackson (2007) indicate some potential barriers as follows:
    • Training: before ASCA…
    • Inappropriate duties: lack of understanding of professional competencies of PSCs
    • Perception: Communication is necessary
partners in success breaking barriers
Partners in Success: Breaking Barriers
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Adherence to Professional Standards
  • Contribute to School Environment

PSCs must learn how to discuss student development and provide data to support their assertions (Hardesty & Dillard, 1994).

partners in success top ten
Partners in Success: Top Ten

At Walker Freshman High School we have gone to great lengths to ensure the PSC is directly involved in a leadership role and a collaborative partnership with the administrative team.

School Counselor Magazine (Nov/Dec 2006), Covington & Grant provided a Top Ten List of why PSCs should be involved in leadership activities.

partners in success wfhs top ten
Partners in Success: WFHS Top Ten
  • Visibility
    • “Presence” is Fundamental
    • Teachers, students and parents have to see you as leader
  • Availability
    • Counselor as advisor rather than chairperson
    • Engage in efforts directly related to student achievement
partners in success wfhs top ten1
Partners in Success: WFHS Top Ten
  • Extension of Leadership Team
    • Shared Philosophy and Passion = Buy-In for Entire school!
    • PSCs when in partnership with Administration can have dramatic impact
  • Knows the Trends
    • Front Lines – knows student perceptions
    • Communicates to administration student concerns
    • Assists new teachers with effective strategies
partners in success wfhs top ten2
Partners in Success: WFHS Top Ten
  • Big Picture Perspective
    • Solution-Focused approach to problem solving
    • “Changing Climate” partnership ensures we assist our students & their families access resources
  • Decision-Making Skills
    • Assimilate information, process information and make decisions on the data
    • Data-Driven decision-making – influence school policy, learning strategies, etc.
partners in success wfhs top ten3
Partners in Success: WFHS Top Ten
  • People Skills
    • Inherent in who we are as counselors: communicators and listeners
    • Principals are bombarded with information and request to see them… serve as first line of defense!
  • Coordination and Follow-Up Skills
    • Do this every day for our students…
    • Apply these skills globally: school improvement plans and presenting data to stakeholders
partners in success wfhs top ten4
Partners in Success: WFHS Top Ten
  • Leadership Skills
    • PSCs by position are seen as leaders within the school and community
    • Utilize this to develop and nurture other leaders
  • Principals Need Our Help
    • Roles and Expectations are ever-changing
    • Principals need leaders willing to step to the task… Gone are the days of the “Counselor in a Closet!”
partners in success3
Partners in Success

Contact Information

Frank Phinney, M.Ed., LPC

Dana Nolan, Ph.D.

Walker Freshman High School

13443 Burgess Avenue

Walker, Louisiana 70785