Eig global energy partners
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EIG Global Energy Partners. ACCELERATE OIL + GAS The Brazillian Oil & Gas Development & Investment Expo-Forum. May 2013. EIG Global Energy Partners(“EIG”). Among the leading institutional providers of capital to the energy sector globally

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Eig global energy partners

EIG Global Energy Partners


The Brazillian Oil & Gas Development & Investment Expo-Forum

May 2013

Eig global energy partners eig
EIG Global Energy Partners(“EIG”)

  • Among the leading institutional providers of capital to the energy sector globally

    • Singular focus on energy and energy-related infrastructure throughout its 31-year history

    • Broad offering of capital to industry (senior debt through equity)

    • Global investment focus

  • Global investment platform

    • Operate from Houston, Washington D.C., London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Seoul & Rio de Janeiro

  • Strong and consistent 31-year track record; the longest in the industry

    • 15 funds, 290+ portfolio investments

    • Invested $15 billion in energy globally

    • Demonstrated investment performance through multiple commodity and business cycles

  • Note: Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

    Eig global energy partners

    EIG Historical Investment Activity

    EIG Office Locations

    EIG’s Global Investment Platform

    Integrated Technical and Investment Team

    • EIG is led by CEO R. Blair Thomas, and Co-Presidents Kurt Talbot (CIO) and Randall Wade (COO)

      • The three principals have an average of 17 years with EIG

    • Experienced team with significant technical expertise

      • 36 investment professionals

      • 11 with engineering backgrounds, averaging 22 years of industry experience

      • Investment experience in 33 countries on six continents





    Hong Kong

    Rio de Janeiro

    Hong Kong

    Washington, DC





    Stephen Suo, Ex. Dir.*

    Will Thierbach, Ex. Dir.

    R. Blair Thomas, CEO

    Derek Lemke-von Ammon, MD

    Wallace Henderson, MD

    Jerry Stalun, MD

    Brian Gilmore, SVP

    Andrew Ellenbogen, VP

    Simon Hayden, VP

    Niranjan Ravindran, VP*

    Brian Boland, AVP

    Patrick Songsanand, AVP*

    Mark Bilali, Associate

    Kurt Talbot, CIO*

    Randall Wade, COO

    Curt Taylor, MD*

    Patrick Hickey, SVP*

    Richard Punches, SVP

    Clay Taylor, SVP

    Margaret Franks, VP

    Ali Kouros, VP*

    Dan Plate, Associate

    Chris Tuohy, Associate

    Tony Schultz, MD*

    Andy Zhmurovsky, SVP

    Nick Woolrych, VP*

    Ken Lee, AVP

    Kevin Lowder, AVP

    Jean-Daniel Borgeaud, MD*

    Walid Mouawad, VP

    Hoshrav Patel, Associate


    Daesung Jung, SVP

    Kevin Hyun, VP

    Timothy Shin, VP

    Rio de Janeiro

    Kevin Corrigan, SVP



    Eig global energy partners

    EIG Historical Investment Activity

    EIG Office Locations

    EIG Team

    Portfolio Administration and Corporate Governance

    • Deep team providing best-in-class service to EIG fund investors

      • Randall Wade (COO, Co-President) leads a team of 33 dedicated professionals

      • Expertise with regards to legal, compliance, tax, accounting, finance, capital development and limited partner reporting

      • SEC Registered Investment Advisor with regulated affiliates in the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong





    Hong Kong

    Rio de Janeiro

    Capital Development & IR

    Finance, Accounting & Tax

    Administrative Team

    Legal & Compliance


    Pritpal Aujla, CFO

    Phil Abejar, SVP

    Bryant Cohen, SVP

    Christine Best, VP

    Ruairi Grant, VP

    Jonathan Hui, AVP

    Sarah Koulanjian, AVP

    Huey Siow, AVP

    Paul Clatterbuck, Analyst

    Malin Henriksson, Analyst

    Albina Kuzmenko, Analyst

    Carly Wasik, Analyst

    Derek Lemke-von Ammon, MD

    Renee Davidovits, VP

    Zohra Mayet, Analyst

    Miriam Oakley, Coordinator

    Angel Dunn

    Joni Estrada

    Amanda Hansen

    Samantha Hartzman

    Tatiana Levin

    Ada Liu

    Iris Peoples

    Jade Turpin

    Katherine Veale

    Robert Vitale, General Counsel

    Carla Vogel, CCO

    Ben Vinocour, Associate Counsel

    Brian Maxted, Associate Counsel

    Terria McGee, Analyst

    Human Resources

    Portfolio Analytics & Valuation

    Allison Grace, SVP

    Rebecca Wegand, Coordinator

    Niranjan Ravindran, VP*



    Eig target energy markets
    EIG Target Energy Markets

    EIG actively invests globally throughout the energy and resource value chain





    Gas to Liquids


    Gas to Electrons






    Reserve-based Development

    LNG Tankers

    Gathering Systems

    Production Payments

    Specialty Tankers

    Processing Facilities

    Forward Oil Sales

    VLCC Vessels

    Gas Storage



    Production Platforms


    LNG Regasification Terminals

    Drill Ships


    Gas Sales, Pipelines,


    Processed Gas

    Gas-Fired Power Plants,

    (methanol, fertilizer, DME)

    Drilling Rigs

    Electricity T&D


    Eig history
    EIG History

    As of December 31, 2012

    Eig global energy partners

    EIG Investment Breakdown - $8.0 Billion (2008-2012)

    Investments By Sub-Sector

    As at December 2012, In $ Millions

    Investments By Country

    As at December 2012, In $ Millions

    Eig global energy partners

    EIG Investment Breakdown - $8.0 Billion (2008-2012)

    Investments By Ranking

    As at December 2012, In $ Millions

    Eig current portfolio in brazil
    EIG Current Portfolio in Brazil

    Totaling Nearly US$ 700MM in:

    • SeteBrasil

    • - construct and own 29 UDW drillships to assist Petrobras explore & develop pre-salt reserves

    • TransportadoraBrasileiraGasoduto Bolivia-Brasil S.A. (“TBG”)

    • - 27% ownership stake

    • Manabi Iron Ore Project

    • - preterred shares investment


    Historical competitive landscape
    Historical Competitive Landscape

    • The competitive landscape of energy-related financing opportunities has changed dramatically since the 1980s

    • EIG has been a constant and has successfully invested across multiple cycles

    Competitive Landscape

    Annual Deal Flow

    Franchise Players








    Term Sheet






    Hedge Funds and Public Markets

    Patient collaborative approach to partnering and investing
    Patient, Collaborative Approach to Partnering and Investing

    Tenets of EIG´s partnership philosophy:

    • Long-term approach

    • Collaboration and teamwork to solve any difficult issues that arise

    • Seek to create value for key stakeholders – company, employees and investors

    • Consideration and assessment of environmental impacts of each investment


    Disciplined value oriented investment approach

    Keys to EIG’s Investment Style

    Disciplined, Value-Oriented Investment Approach

    • We seek:

    • Bottom-up internal technical analysis

    • Investment underpinned by physical assets with long useful life and strong cash flow

    • Hybrid debt: secured by shares or assets

    • Structured equity: preferred or commonequity supported by physical assets and contracts

    • Yield enhancement and inflation hedge through equity participation

    • Active management of investments through covenants and board participation

    • Self liquidating structures with meaningful prepayment premiums


    Eig global energy partners


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    In these materials, unless otherwise provided, (i) all investment performance data is calculated as of December 31, 2012 , (ii) all IRRs do not reflect the payment of fund expenses, management fees or carried interest, if any, (iii) all publicly traded investments are valued at the applicable closing price as of December 31, 2012 and (iv) all unrealized private investments are valued at fair value, as calculated by EIG in good faith as of December 31, 2012 .

    Projected values are based on current market conditions and a variety of assumptions which may change significantly. There can be no assurance that unrealized investments will be ultimately realized for their projected values or that significant losses will be avoided. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.