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John McCain

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John McCain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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John McCain. Background. Issue. The War Hero. McCain was shot down over Vietnam, spent more than five years in a prison camp Uses his heroic tale as an example for his courage and mental strength His story appeals to veterans, but brings him also sympathies from ordinary citizens

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John McCain




The War Hero

McCain was shot down over Vietnam, spent more than five years in a prison camp

Uses his heroic tale as an example for his courage and mental strength

His story appeals to veterans, but brings him also sympathies from ordinary citizens

He wrote a moving account of his Vietnam-experiences which became a bestseller

A booksigning tour ensures frequent media attention

john mccain on crime
John McCain on Crime
  • 1st Amend. not a shield for hate groups
  • Pro-death penalty; more prisons; increased penalties
  • Ban cheap guns; require safety locks; for gun show checks
  • Supports ban on certain assault weapons
  • Voted against Brady Bill & assault weapon ban
john mccain on juvenile crime
John McCain on Juvenile Crime
  • Guns are a problem, but so are violent web sites & videos
  • Media Responsibility Act requires video & music labeling
  • Youth Violence Prevention Act restricts guns for kids
  • Violence in media caused Littleton shootings

John McCain on Foreign Policy

“assertive multilateralism“

increase defense spending

supported NATO intervention in Kosovo, argued for ground troops at the time

wants to engage with China, guard Taiwan, but still allow China to enter the WTO

supports free trade, pro NAFTA and GATT

for open immigration

john mccain on drugs
John McCain on Drugs
  • Stricter penalties; stricter enforcement
  • Restrict methadone treatment programs
  • $1B for detection equipment for more border interdiction

John McCain on Fed. Budget

  • favors balanced budget (constitutional amendment)
  • cut subsidies
  • increase spending for
  • Education (K-12)
  • Law enforcement
  • Military & Veterans Benefits
  • Border Control
  • decrease spending for
  • NASA
  • Welfare
  • eliminate spending for Arts funding
  • budget surplus should be used for Social Security, Medicare, tax cuts, debt reduction
john mccain on tax reform
John McCain on Tax Reform
  • Cut taxes by eliminating loopholes & corporate welfare
  • Cut marriage tax, inheritance tax, & earnings test
  • Tax code should favor savings, marriage, & small business
  • Taxes should be flatter, lower, and simpler
john mccain on social security
John McCain on Social Security
  • Allow workers to invest privately

John McCain on Values

Wants to give government back to the people

against the „corrupt system of campaign financing“

wants to give an example to fight the growing cynicism, especially among young people

john mccain on civil rights
John McCain on Civil Rights
  • Opposed to video gambling, but leave it to states
  • Flying Confederate flag should be left to states
  • Indian gambling OK; lottery is not
  • Supports Amendment against flag-burning
  • We don’t need laws against Spanish language & culture
  • Affirmative action OK for specific programs, but no quotas
john mccain on technology
John McCain on Technology
  • Technology can hasten end of haves vs. have-nots
  • Permanent ban on Internet taxation
  • Get more government documents on-line
  • Internet access, with filters, at every school & library
  • No government control over computer encryption

The Maverick

  • McCain claims that in his political career he always acted in accordance with his values. Which not necessarily means that he is always in accordance with his own party‘s position on a certain issue.
  • Examples:
  • Campaign Finance Law
  • “wasteful spending“
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Gun Control

Appeals to voter groups:

Veterans and people in the military

Middle Class (tax cuts)

Lower Class



Has problems with his temper

Alienates congressional Republicans and ultra-conservativeswith “maverick“ actions


McCain‘s TV ad

Let‘s have a look...