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Second Generation Immigrants in Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Second Generation Immigrants in Education

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Second Generation Immigrants in Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Geordarna poulten. Second Generation Immigrants in Education . In the following essay…. I will try to help unravel the ups and downs that second-generation immigrant children face. .

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in the following essay
In the following essay…

I will try to help unravel the ups and downs that second-generation immigrant children face.


How does education effect children of immigrant families and how do those families of immigrant children in turn effect their education?

  • What resources do they and don’t they have to take advantage of to create a means of upward mobility?
  • How do the children perceive their status and what kinds of influences effect them most.

“ Education is both the biggest individual challenge facing children of immigrants as they grow up and the most important institutional sorting mechanism that will send them off into different life trajectories.” - Unraveling the Race-Gender Gap in Education by Nancy Lopez

factors that effect a child s ability and achievement
Factors that effect a child’s ability and achievement:
  • Family
  • Individual talent
  • Language
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Districting around Second Generation Immigrants forces their children to go to schools that are not considered the “good” schools
  • Underpaid teachers and not enough resources help to form a downward spiral effect for students
school buildings
School Buildings
  • No Books
  • No resources
  • Run down buildings
  • Dark and damp
  • In need of TLC
a cartoon implying that muhammed is a 2 nd generation immigrant

the assimilation process
The assimilation process
  • Incorporation into US society
  • Neighborhoods lived in
  • Social and cultural capital available in the neighborhood
  • Mastery of English written and spoken
  • Why education is important
  • What can be done
  • Respecting cultures