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Complete Garb Sets

Complete Garb Sets

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Complete Garb Sets

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  1. Complete Garb Sets July 2013

  2. Why Not Go The Whole Nine? Indulging in your love for Tudor costumes can be super fun and extremely addictive. For a lot of Tudor enthusiasts the fun comes from mixing and matching items to create a complete Tudor costume look. While it can be fun to mix and match, it can also be very difficult to find all the right pieces you need in order to complete a look. By getting your hands on a complete set, you can save yourself the time and effort of having to piece an outfit together. Especially if you are trying to do so by a deadline.

  3. The Gypsy Wench A sassy gypsy wench outfit is sure to steal the hearts of any man lucky enough to come across her. Gypsies had the ability to be both beautiful and mysterious. Embody their essence by falling into their garments. This look will be complete with a twill bodice, a black contessa chemise, two gathered peasant skirts, two satin sashes, and a black leather ring belt. This completed outfit will bring out the sexy side of the Tudor era.

  4. Privateer Tall, dark, and handsome. The privateer is a swashbuckler that knows how to get his hands dirty and woo the ladies at the same time. Made of cotton muslin and featuring elastic cuffs the Buccaneer shirt really sets this outfit off. Black cotton trews with a drawstring waste always work best for the Buccaneer look. Best case scenario the trew will have side-slit pockets and tie cuffs. A ring belt and braces in black leather will bring the aesthetic full circle. If your set comes with a Tudor flat cap then that’s a definite bonus!

  5. Country Wench Be a stunningly lovely country lass! A popular look amongst the ladies, indeed! The garb in its entirety comes with a twill bodice, two gathered peasant skirts, a decorated Celtic chemise, and a black leather ring belt. Topping the outfit off with an optional capitano hat would really serve in giving the outfit a robust and detail oriented flavor.

  6. Renaissance Noble Man Become the talk of the town by transforming into a renaissance noble man! This set is made up of a drop yoke shirt, the duke’s doublet, black trews, and a satin sash. For added effect consider both the Capitanohat as well as a classic rapier sword. All of these element combined come together to create a very solid and noble aesthetic that will have others wishing that they had the same outfit.

  7. First Mate Wench Be the perfect first mate wench in this stylish and romantic garb. A cotton twill bodice, 100% cotton classic renaissance shirt, cotton harem pants complete with a drawstring and front pockets as well as a little sass make up the entirety of the First Mate Wench set. Consider topping off the look with an optional flat cap. This is a look that is modest, yet very cute and attractive. The first mate wench is a woman that should be adored and respected.

  8. The Sailor Become a brave sailor, face the wicked seas, drink rum, and live free! A classic renaissance shirt made of 100% cotton with ties for the wrist and neck is a simple yet essential part of this outfit. Draw string sailor’s pants with front pockets are effective in creating an authentic look that echoes back to the Tudor era. To finish the look off a sailor’s vest that features cotton twill and reinforced grommets will punctuate the rest of the outfit.

  9. In Closing These are a few looks that can be obtained in their entirety so that you do not have to scramble around to find each and every piece in order to pull off the costume that you want. By doing so, you will save a lot of time and energy so that you can focus on the fun side of things!

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