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Peppy the Panda The Third PowerPoint Presentation
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Peppy the Panda The Third

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Peppy the Panda The Third
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Peppy the Panda The Third

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  1. Peppy the PandaThe Third Pep-Pep Peppy Vs. Ethan-The Dancing Caterpillar

  2. Ethan One day Pep-Pep Peppy was practicing his hip-hop moves when a inchworm came over and said “You’ve got some good moves, but I could do better.” Peppy said “Really? Is that a challenge?” the inchworm said “Yeah, I’m an Australian, we have better moves than you Americans!” Peppy said “If your such a brave traveler, then why don’t you tell me your name?” The inchworm said “I’m Ethan- the dancing inchworm.” Peppy said “My name’s Peppy-or Pep-Pep Peppy. You’re on!”

  3. The Judges While they were planning the dance-off the next day, they both decided they needed judges. Their first judge was American song artist Justin Beaver, who was voted best dancer in Australia (even though Ethan claims he was second place finalist). Their second judge was the inventor of the Cha-Cha slide, Mr.C The Slide Man. Their third judge was the director of High School Musical, Kenny Ortega.

  4. The Dance-Off After many days of practice Pep-Pep Peppy and Ethan decided they were ready for the dance-off. Ethan went first. He popped and locked and did his signature move: the worm. Then came Peppy, he did the librarian, the lawnmower, the shopping cart and, for his final move, he did the moonwalk.

  5. Peppy’s Score The first person to be scored was Pep-Pep Peppy. Justin Beaver admitted that he was an admirer and yelled “10!” Next, Mr.C The Slide Man said that Peppy was a dancing specialist then yelled “10!” Peppy was so happy, but he still hadn't heard from Kenny. Kenny said “I have never seen as bad dance moves as yours. I mean the librarian! Are you kidding me?!” Mr.C The Slide man and Justin Beaver both booed. They were on Peppy’s side, almost his defenders. Kenny yelled “2!” Peppy’s total score was 21.

  6. Ethan’s Score Justin Beaver quickly yelled “1!” Mr.C The Slide Man yelled “1!” Kenny said to Ethan “I loved it! You are one of the greatestdancers I have ever had the honor to judge! Moi! 10!” Ethan said “Thank you.” Ethan’s total score was 12.

  7. Pep-Pep Peppy’s Win Peppy was so happy he won, he laughed in Ethan’s face and yelled “Thank you! Thank you so much!” Then he added, rather angrily “Except you Kenny, you’re STUPID!” he took his ‘#1’ trophy and left screaming “USA! USA! USA! USA!” Then he returned home, and when Mama Panda asked him about the trophy he told her a story about a mean Australian inchworm and a cool, hip-hop dancing panda.

  8. Peppy loves you for staying his loyal fans! Make sure the pandas don’t become extinct or Peppy can’t make any more stories!