a european methodological model of hiv prevention in men who have sex with men msm n.
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A European Methodological Model of HIV Prevention in Men who have Sex with Men (MSM): PowerPoint Presentation
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A European Methodological Model of HIV Prevention in Men who have Sex with Men (MSM):

A European Methodological Model of HIV Prevention in Men who have Sex with Men (MSM):

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A European Methodological Model of HIV Prevention in Men who have Sex with Men (MSM):

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  1. Responsible and safer places where men have sex with men.…Everywhere Responsible and safer places where men have sex with men.…Everywhere A European Methodological Model of HIV Prevention in Men who have Sex with Men (MSM): Everywhere Progress and Update from - INSERT PARTNER ORGANISATION AND COUNTRY Social AIDS Committee - SKA The Everywhere Project is co-funded by the European Commission (Executive Agency for Health and Consumers)

  2. Social AIDS Committee (SKA) activitycoversdifferentareas of HIV prevention Main activities: • Training Center • Advocacy program • SKA Street • SKA Street – sex workers • SKA Plus – HIV infected MSM • „Bez Pytań” („No Questions”) – Internet outreachinpartnership –Lambda Warsaw • Everywhere Project • Mental Health & HIV/AIDS program • VCT Center • E-counselling

  3. SKA Street - streetwork program intheframe of Social AIDS Commitee OUR OBJECTIVES: • to improve the access to information and counseling on HIV/AIDS • minimize harm to health and to prevent HIV dissemination • distribution of condoms and lubricants to reduce the risk of STI’s and HIV transmission • giving information to reduce the risk of infection (leaflets, consultations at office and outside meetings • promotion of voluntary and free of charge testing for HIV • psychological interventions in crisis situations • personal development of program clients participating in Personal Development Seminars • givingsocial and legal assistance • informationaboutotherhelpful services TARGET AUDIENCE • streetworkactivities target people engaging in risky sexual behavior, especially those providing sexual services in the streets, backyards, brothels etc. • outreach work at gay clubs in Warsaw • we invite:•  women and men•  young adults•  MSM (men having sex with men)•  young people with promiscuous behavior (having numerous sexual contacts with accidental sexual partners)•  partners of those groups mentioned above

  4. May 2008 – Preparing and attendance of the TC SKA advocacy officer on the Everywhere Project in Madrid first meeting. May 2008 - The TC SKA advocacy officer took part as an external expert in the WHO-Europe seminar in Slovenia , followed by an NGO meeting. Both events were occasions to spread the information about Everywhere and receive positive feedback about how to use the potential of such a program. The NGO meeting ended up with a Ljubliana Declaration following some principles present in Everywhere curriculas. May 2009 - Meeting of the SKA/Everywhere Project Working Group. Meeting attended by all SKA project workers interested in contribution to the activities planned. SKA is an organization working on HIV/AIDS prevention in MSM environment since 1996 (outreach project- SKA STREET). We have encouraged all our teams to contribute to Everywhere while Partyworking in gay clubs. Our target is to select gay clubs and meet the owners to present Everywhere and agree for their involvement in the project. The meeting was followed by email and phone conversations regarding planned activities (i.e:budget planning, fundraising for SKA own contribution, co-ordination of creation of the list of businesses and others) Ouractivitysince May 2008 (1 of 2)

  5. May 2009 - Initial selection of the businesses for MSM population. Searching for gay clubs, saunas, hotels, travel operators and others. (So far we’ve selected 7 businesses). May 2009 - Meeting with our web page administrator. Request for visualization of the Everywhere Project logo and putting a link to the Everywhere web page. Working on approach of the promotion of the Everywhere Project though the SKA web page. May and June 2009 - Meeting with the official from National AIDS Centre (Polish Ministry of Health agenda for HIV/AIDS issues). Presentation of the Everywhere Project targets and looking for a field for co-operation. Encouraging NAC official to joining our efforts towards bringing businesses for MSM population to the Everywhere action. Examining chances of financial engagement of NAS to the SKA financial contribution to the Everywhere. July 2009 - Meeting of the reporting team. Preparation of the interim report. Discussing all previous and current activities plus planning future agenda. Ouractivitysince May 2008 (2 of 2)

  6. Activities planned for the next period • September 2009- Producing final list of business covered by Everywhere action in Poland, including gay media. Meeting business owners and establishing their way of engagement and forms of activity. • Ongoing from September 2009. Dissemination of Everywhere materials: guidelines, posters, leaflets to the target groups. • September 2009- Presenting Everywhere Project to NGO’s working with the MSM population. • Ongoing from October 2009- Dissemination of Everywhere results trough NGO’s network and SKA webpage. • November/December 2009. Publishing articles and reports on Everywhere in local and national medias. • December 2009- Presenting Everywhere Project and it’s outcomes at the International AIDS Conference “People Living with HIV in family nad society” in Warsaw.

  7. Problems occured during project realization • Problems encountered: • Confusion regarding delay of the project and reimbursing of our cost when preparing interim report. No more problems so far. • How were problems resolved: • Problem was solved during phone conversation with Everywhere project manager available for consultation. No more problems so far.

  8. THANK YOU! Program SKA Street ul. Wspólna 65a, 00-687 Warszawa,, Phone: (+48) 22 629 15 89 Project Co-ordinator: Izabela Pazdan mobile: +48 602 713 414