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Engage Builder Review Engage Builder by Sam Bakker

Engage Builder by Sam Bakker is basically a video engagement tool with many advanced features to increase engagement, conversions & Optins,...

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Engage Builder Review Engage Builder by Sam Bakker

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  1. INTRODUCTION Videos and streaming media have become quite important in sales and marketing. We see videos everywhere like on television or on the Internet. People use video for a different purpose such as: entertainment, advertisement, presentation, and so on. In fact, videos are so important to any online entrepreneurs that even bloggers are advised to include at least one video within their content. The video is viewed as the most effective way to transfer the message to the others. When people explain messages by text, video is faster more than 50 times, unbelievable. Because of this advantage, people have a tendency to use video to replace the position of the text. But we have major problem, the human attention span is quite short lasting as low as 6 seconds to a maximum 9-10 seconds. After this, the viewer will probably be already bored or interested. And the question is how to create interested video? Give them something to take action on WHILE the video is playing. That's exactly what Engage Builder is designed to do. OVERVIEW Sam Bakker et al Vendor:

  2. Engage Builder 2016-03-31 11:00 EST $37 - $67 Click Here HUGE BONUS Product: Launch Date: Launch Time: Front-End Price: Sale Page: Bonus: WHAT IS ENGAGE BUILDER? Engage Builder by Sam Bakker is basically a video engagement tool with many advanced features to increase engagement, conversions & Optins. Because attention spans of viewers tend to be very short, this product is designed to allow them to have an engagement with the video while it is playing. In fact, users or viewer can use Engage Builder to not only do normal things like create opt in forms, Call to Actions and text messages on the video itself, but also to create dynamic page content outside the video. This product is a great choice for making Blogs, web pages, membership sites & squeeze pages. FEATURES OF ENGAGE BUILDER With this software, you can easily generate opt-in forms create CTAs and messages within your videos just like YouTube marketing works. But this is not the only advantage you have from the many features in Engage Builder. You can also create interactive elements outside the video yet still

  3. within the page. While opt-in forms are already popular with online users, on-page engagement elements are new and sensational. This video engagement tool is specifically designed to increase conversions, opt-ins and online engagement. The first package is Front End. This package is the basic plan of Engage Builder. In this package, you will receive: 1.Use Any Video:It allows you to use videos from YouTube, Vimeo or your own MP4 files. It doesn’t limit you that you must use available video files of Engage Builder. You can use any video you want even if they are necessary for your job. 2.Video Overlay:This feature means that you can place images, text, buttons & optin forms over your videos to make it science and easy to understand. Adding symbols on your video will increase the interaction between producer and audiences.

  4. 3.On Page Content Display:You can watch your video whenever you want. This function is the basic feature that all video must have because audiences always look for the convenience when working. 4.Intelligent Playback:Bear in mind that where you left off in the video and gives you the option to resume or start the video over. 5.Intelligent Reveal:If you are watching a video and you must stop it for any reason. When you come back and want to visit it again, you must start and find the place where you stop. It costs your time. Coming to Engage Builder, it will save this place for you automatically to make sure that when you come back, you can continue right away. 6.Drag & Drop Builder:You can easy to work with Engage Builder thanks to Drag and Drop feature. All you need to do is drag what you want and drop on where you need. It is so simple. 7.Content Locking:You can use “Lock” feature to display content to force the user to engage with your videos and “Unlock” button to content at any point of the video. 8.Intelligent Pause:Different from other type of video, Engage Builder provides you with intelligent pause feature. You have not to pause you video when you open other tabs. Once you open new tab, you video would be paused automatically and immediately. 9.Unlimited Players:You do not create one or two engagement players. You are allowed to create unlimited engagement players. You are not under any restriction. Provided that you need, you can create until it is enough for you. 10.Robust Video Settings:If you find that controls make you feel uncomfortable when working with video. This setting of Engage Builder includes loop video, hide controls and auto play for you. 11.Intro & Outro Videos:Intro and Outro is necessary with each video. If you don’t know how to make them, let this softwaredo it for you instead, you can add Intro & Outro videos to an existing video. Add content engagements to any intro & outro video. 12.Email Integrations:Engage Builder integrates with 10 Email Autoresponder services. This allows you to respond your audiences when they comment on your video. Besides, if you want other choice, you can use raw HTML code.

  5. 13.Content Animation:Content Animation always makes audience exciting when watching. It is the fact. Therefore, Engage Builder comes with over 12 different content animations which can be used for each “Engagement Point” for you to choose. 14.Robust Styling Options:Creating a personalized style for your video is necessary. This softwareprovides you Robust styling for each “Engagement Point” including typography and element styling. 15.Reporting:Report feature also includes in this advanced product. You can report on video engagement time. SHOULD YOU BUY IT? The Engage Builder review will be able to give you all the detailed reasons or the general reasons as to why you should buy the Engage Builder, which are as follows: Using this player, you can be able to control how the viewers of your videos are able to view, as well as engage them in various things as they view the video. Ability to enable viewers or users to view the videos that you want to convey: Using this software, you can be able to engage your viewers in videos such that they are able to watch your videos fully and get the message. It is also easy to interact with your viewers. You can be able to use any video on this software, so you do not need to look for a specific video website.

  6. Ability to choose from over 12 different content animations: You can easily be able to choose from a variety of content animations to use for your videos that the viewers can see. Ability to resume over a video even if your computer turned off abruptly, such as during OTO 1 (Premium Plan) This plan has everything you get in the basic plan and: Video Search: Search YouTube in app Save Searches: Ability to save videos that you have searched for (in app) later use. Push To Facebook Tab: Ability to push your engagement to a new or existing Facebook Tab. Reporting: Report on engagement time for each player. Compare time engagement across multiple videos and date ranges. S3 Integration:Integrate your own S3 account… upload & use MP4 videos OTO 2 (Enterprise Plan) This is a high end edition of Engage Builder that contains everything you get in the above plans. White Label Solution: White Label the app with numerous custom settings. Integrations: Ability to integrate with JVZoo & PayPal. User Management: Ability to add/edit Users. Enable/Disable user access & set the Plan level.

  7. CONCLUSION Engage Builder by Sam Bakker probably gives anyone who are advertisers or video developers/makers everything you need to make professional and eye-catching video. This aims to increase engagement and interaction with viewers or audiences, compared to others sites like Video or YouTube. You can easily use this product for different purposes, including learning or boosting viewer’s interest in the product you market at a reasonable price. Hope this Engage Builder Review help you make wise decision to purchase this amazing product and gain its benefits. DON’T FORGET MY BONUS Step 1: CLEAR YOUR COOKIES to makes sure you will receive bonus for this purchase! click here to see how. Step 1: Directly purchasing on my site. Step 2: Check your email and forward the receipt to my address: shinepham@digirecom.com and don’t forget choose 5 Bonus here. Exclusive bonus will be mailed directly to your Email within 24 hours.

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