Not what you imagined huh
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Not what you imagined, huh?. Allison Key. An ad about teenage pregnancy . i. Background.

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Not what you imagined huh

Not what you imagined, huh?

Allison Key

An ad about teenage pregnancy



  • This ad is one of Candie’s Foundation ad’s promoting teenage abstinence. This foundation tries to shape the way young people think about teen pregnancy and parenthood. Neil Cole, head of the Candie’s fashion line, launched this program to inform teens how devastating teenage pregnancy really is. These high media ads are shared with organizations all around the country. Teens that view these ads are more likely to view teen pregnancy as negative and stressful.

Ask yourself
Ask Yourself….

  • How did the designer use proportion?

  • Why did the designer use the dominant color of pink?

Ask yourself1
Ask Yourself….

  • Why did the designer put Fergie beside this ad?

  • What stands out to you first?

Ask yourself2
Ask Yourself….

  • What images are the main focus?

  • What do you think is the main purpose of this ad?


  • Proportion: The artist used proportion by putting a small white crib on a black background. He proportioned this by adding words and a large detailed picture to the side.

  • Text Color: This ad, for the most part, targets teenage girls. Pink is a very girly color and will catch any girls eye. Also, it is a contrast from the black background.


  • Detail: This artist places Fergie by this ad to appeal to readers more. A viewer may not know what the foundation is, but they know who Fergie is. They did this to attract more attention.

  • Focal Point: The first thing that stuck out to me was the small, white crib against the solid black background. It was just different than the rest of the picture.


  • Focus: The picture of Fergie and the baby crib are the main focus because of the use of light colors against dark.

  • Purpose: The main purpose of this ad is to get the message to teens that teen pregnancy is, basically, devastating and expensive. It also says that if a makes a mistake one night, by making a dumb decision, that it changes their life and it is not going to be how they planned it to be.


  • This picture has logical and emotional appeal. It has logical appeal because by saying that it’s not what teens expect for their first “crib,” we have to use our knowledge to know it is speaking “teenage slang” to mean house.

  • This picture also has emotional appeal because it basically frightens the viewer seeing how much a child cost and it conveys the idea that having a teenage pregnancy is devastating.



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