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Doing Business in T&T PowerPoint Presentation
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Doing Business in T&T

Doing Business in T&T

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Doing Business in T&T

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  2. Supportive Government Policies Facilitate Doing Business in T&T The two-island nation of Trinidad & Tobago is trying to put the entire focus on its economy to bring sustained growth and development to the nation. For this purpose, they intend to attract more businesses from other nations around the world. In order to attract export-oriented businesses from both foreign direct investments and local investors, special, economic, tax free zones have been set up. The government is working to give an impetus to the current state of the industry by giving certain exemptions and concessions to companies that plan on Doing Business in T&T.

  3. There are two types of free economic zones that exist in Trinidad and Tobago. The first one is the multi-user free zone. In this zone, there are more than one approved free zone operators. The second type is the single user free zone. This is done in order to facilitate the setup of the company when multi-user free zone space is unavailable or too small; or when an enterprise requires a particular location for operation. At present, there are 16 various tax free, duty- free business and investment zones operating in Trinidad and Tobago.

  4. With this drive, the government seeks to bring in more businesses; which will in turn create employment opportunities for the locals. This would enable them to learn new skills and technologies, share and transfer complex knowledge and make optimal use of the locally available raw materials & other resources. The setting up of businesses from abroad would bring in more foreign exchange and better stability in the country’s foreign trade. It will definitely help to develop an open, competitive and market-driven economy for the country.

  5. Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Company Limited Albion Court, 2nd Floor West, 61 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies (868) 625-4749 / 623-8363