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french tap pattern and cut n.
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French TAP pattern and cut PowerPoint Presentation
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French TAP pattern and cut

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French TAP pattern and cut
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French TAP pattern and cut

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  1. FrenchTAP pattern and cut

  2. Existing jacket and pant type TAP 47, TAP 51, TAP 52, TAP 53, TAP 54 and TAP 56 In first TAP47, after it is modification. So you can find this write: TAP47/51 TAP47/52 etcTAP for troupe aéroportée ( paratrooper) The number is the years of establishment by type, not the year of the build of the clothes.For camouflage, collectors have put name for the different pattern.Existing: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1, D1, D2, D tropical, E1, F1 and F2The drawing are slightly different between the different patterns.B1 B2 is an inversion of the color (green and brown)D1 D2 have the same drawing, just colors are different; D tropical had a color in more like as B2 F1 F2 have the same drawing, had drawing smaller for F2 All pattern have 3 colors (the background green, green and brown drawing) + the add of the green and the brownB1 and B2 have 4 colors + the add of colorsB1 2 green, B2 2 brownTAP47 have only pattern A1TAP51 have only pattern B1TAP56 have only pattern F1 or F2Pattern F2 only on TAP56 The pattern B1 B2 and C1 was produced for IndochinaThe B1 for a short time because soldiers don’t like the colors

  3. Following drawing take from “la gazette des uniformes HS N°14 and 17

  4. TAP47

  5. TAP51

  6. TAP52

  7. TAP53

  8. TAP54

  9. TAP56

  10. Drawing and pictures following are take from militaria magazine N°9 and all pictures point to the same place of the pattern

  11. A1 A2 A3

  12. B1 B2

  13. C1 D1 D2

  14. E1 F1 F2

  15. Drawing director

  16. Drawing secondary

  17. TTA47 "toutes armes" or "modèle général", "modèle allégé"47 is the year of introducing"modèle général" jacket 4 pocketsThe "modèle allégé" is a modification of the TTA47 but I have not find information for the introducing of the model The pant is identical for the 2 modelsI don't know why many people put another number after the year of TTA47For the TAP47, it the year of modification ( see my website)TTA47 was used until beginning of the year 80, the product of the "modèle allégé" was stopped after the Algérian warAfter Algerian war, only used in Africa by French troop because the camouflage was prohibited in FranceFor the garment build after Algerian war, they have a stamp on the top of the shoulder