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Tap Tap Duel. a location-based music game system. By. Truc Truong Trung Tran Sami- Pekka. INTRODUCTION. Tap Tap Dual is a game based on user ’s indoor position .

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tap tap duel

a location-based music game system

  • Truc Truong
  • Trung Tran
  • Sami-Pekka

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  • TapTap Dual is a gamebased on user’s indoor position.
  • Gamersarerewarded for checkingdefinedindoorpositionsand trophiescanbeusedfor gaming purposes (upgrade items, challenge other gamers)



Player(Location Visitor): Players are users who want to kill some time on-the-go with music game. Every player can get rewards for checking-in at indoor or outdoor locations. They can use those rewards to power up their characters, challenge other players in music battles and acquire the rank of Master Duelist.Vendor(Location Owner): Vendors are users who want to attract Players to their locations. Every Vendor can add/edit information, indoor checkpoints and rewards for their own locations.Administrator(System Moderator): Administrators are users who want to attend to Vendors. Administrators can create Vendor accounts and add/edit locations with the same authority as Vendor.

User Groups Definition

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Use Case Scenarios

  • Use Case Name: Check-In Indoor Location
  • Initial State: Player logged in at Home view
  • Normal Flow:
    • Player presses Check-In button
    • Outdoor location detected
    • Indoor location detected
    • Show Indoor checkpoints and related information
    • Player select their current checkpoint
    • Show Available Reward message
    • Player presses Collect button
    • Show Reward Collected message
    • Hide all messages
  • End state: Reward collected and redirected back to Home view
  • Activities going on at the same time:
    • Check for outdoor location when Check-In button is pressed
    • Attempt to determine whether Player is inside or outside an Indoor location
    • Access 3rd party indoor location database for available check points IDs
    • Add Check-In record when Collect button is pressed
  • What Can Go Wrong:
    • Internet connection drops when Player presses Check-In or Collect button
    • Check-In data sent to server fail the validation process (i.e. Player trying to hack the game)

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high level overview

When players press on Check In button

the devices with detect if the indoor location service is available or not

If it is available then it will show the location and also make a query to the database to show information about the place so that users can select checkpoint

If the indoor location is not available then the it will show the outdoor position so that users can select location

After users choose the right location, the system will return the message with given rewards to the users

If the users confirm it, they can get their rewards. When the database receive that information then return the message to the users

Message will be dismissed.

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high level overview1

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main modules functionality
Main ModulesFunctionality
  • Authentication
  • Location
  • User Management
  • Check In, Character and Music Game

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functional requirements
  • Authentication
  • Location
  • CheckIn
  • User Management
  • Character
  • Music Game

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non functional requirements
  • Usability: In order to get the system easy to use it is better to simply the user-interface as simple as possible. Trying not to scram to users too many useless functions such as advertisements or anything
  • Reliability: In order to make the system more reliable, it is better to do as many tests as possible before claiming any Reliability of the system
  • Efficiency: To produce a specific result effectively with a minimum amount or quantity of waste, expense, orunnecessaryeffort


Accessibility, Availability, Backup data, Documentation, Scalability, Quality

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game interface

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thank you